Dr. J. E. Hansen, head of NASA’s Goddard Institute for SpaceScience and their lead climate scientist, is warning that sea levels could rise fifteen feet over the next hundred years. He says that the scientific community’s fear of saying this publicly is threatening our ability to act before it is too late. Sea level rise will cause a continuous catastrophe starting much sooner, as one low-lying area after another is submerged, and storm surges become steadily more dangerous.

Hansen says, “I suggest that a ‘scientific reticence’ isinhibiting the communication of a threat of a potentiallylarge sea level rise. Delay is dangerous because of systeminertias that could create a situation with future sea levelchanges out of our control. I argue for calling together apanel of scientific leaders to hear evidence and issue aprompt plain-written report on current understanding of thesea level change issue.”

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