A Yale University study shows that older gamblers arehealthier than non-gamblers of the same age. They have lowerrates of alcoholism, depression and yes, even bankruptcy.

Diane Scarponi quotes epidemiologist Rani Desai as saying,”There’s this whole concept of healthy aging?that folks whocontinue to remain engaged in activity, especially in thecommunity and in social activities, stay healthier longer,so I think this is a reflection of that. It’s not thatgambling makes you healthy, it’s that gamblers are healthier.”
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Benwrites in our latestCommunionLetter: I’m a college student in upstate New York who hadan experience with a UFO when I was 10…I saw a neon orangeoval craft rise up. It moved at lightning speed until it washovering 3 to 4 feet over our road. I had this feeling thatwhatever this was, was watching me. I got the feeling it waswaiting for my dad to be out of the picture to presentitself.

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Health experts have been dreading the day when the Asianbird flu virus mutates, allowing it to be spread from personto person, and not just between poultry and people. Now theWorld Health Organization says it suspects “human-to-humantransmission” of bird flu occurred in northern Thailand. Ifthis is confirmed, it will be the first case and will meanthat the flu will undoubtedly spread rapidly throughout theworld, just as SARS did.
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At 3:00PM PDT on September 26 the US Geological Survey Cascades Volcano Observatory issued a Notice of VolcanicUnrest for Mt. St. Helens. This advisory was issued becauseof pattern of earthquakes that are consistent with movementof magma within the volcano.

A swarm of very small, shallow earthquakes that began on themorning of September 23, peaked on September 24, thensubsided on Saturday morning, and it was initially thoughtthat they might be due to rainwater seeping into hot areaswithin the volcano.

Since then, however, the swarm has change to include morethan ten large earthquakes, the most in a 24-hour periodsince the October, 1986 eruption. These quakes are of a typethat suggests the involvement of pressurized water andsteam, and possibly magma.
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