Here’s the latest antidote to having fun: one-quarter of allJacuzzis are breeding grounds for deadly Legionnaire’sDisease.

Andy Coghlan writes in New Scientist that Jacuzzis are riskybecause the hot, swirling waters generate aerosols whichcarry bacteria into the lungs. Jacuzzis are tricky tosterilize because bacteria thrive at the relatively highwater temperatures. “This makes considerable demands on thedisinfecting and filtration systems, making it easy for thebacteria to develop and spread if the system is not properlymaintained,” says health inspector Suzanne Surman-Lee. Also,failing to shower beforehand, and bringing oils, soaps andlotions into the tub, all serve as nutrients for the microbes.

The secret of wisdom isgettingin the gap.

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Now that the magnetic pole reversal is in progress, somebirds are having trouble migrating and are ending up in thewrong places. They’re also leaving at the wrong time,because global warming is giving them false signals. It’sbecome important for scientists to understand how birdsnavigate.

Amanda Onion writes on that how migrating birdsfly for hundreds or even thousands of miles, often at night,to end up in the same spot year after year has baffledbiologists for years. Some birds orient themselves using thesun or Earth’s magnetic field, while others use landmarks onthe ground or even familiar smells.
read more does not publish political material, butwe are publishing this, John Mack’s last statement, out ofour great respect for a lost leader of the community ofclose encounter witnesses. Thiseditorialwas written for the Boston Globe, which has not yetpublished it.

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As a series of earthquakes continued around Mt. St. Helens,central California was struck by a 6.0 quake along the SanAndreas Fault, centered near Paso Robles. In recent days,the West Coast has experienced an exceptional amount ofearthquake activity, with a cluster of quakes near MammothLake, the continuing disturbance around Mt. St. Helens, andnow this new quake. There is no evidence that the quakes arerelated. It is believed by experts that the Mt. St.Helens quakes may indicate magma movement within thevolcano, although increased carbon dioxide emissions havenot been observed at this time.
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