In his newJournal,Whitley writes: “September, 2004, has been a terrible monthon planet earth. We have suffered one of the greatestsequence of storms in recent memory, with devastation fromthe United States to China to Bangladesh?Billions of dollarsand hundreds of lives have been lost. It will get worse andworse and worse, unless we act at once. Leaders who ignorethis problem are not leaders at all. History will see themfor what they truly are: undertakers.”

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September, 2004, has been a terrible month on planet earth. We have suffered one of the greatest sequence of storms in recent memory, with devastation from the United States to China to Bangladesh.

As I am writing this, the death toll in the United States is close to a hundred. At least 600 people have been killed in Haiti, 64 in Grenada, and Grenada has been ruined as a country, with every hotel on the island damaged or destroyed, the electrical system destroyed and the nutmeg plantations entirely destroyed. Both of Grenada’s major industries, tourism and nutmeg farming, are ruined.

In Bangladesh this September, at least 800,000 people have been stranded by floodwaters and are living in waist deep water because they have no other place to go.
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Microquakes continued to swarm in a remote area along theNevada-California border on Sunday, September 19. As of9:00PM Pacific Daylight Time, over three hundred microquakeshad been recorded in the area.

The quakes are taking place along a fault line that is notedfor being seismically robust. Numerous microquakes wererecorded in the same area in 1980, but not on the scale thathas occurred over the last few days.

The quakes are also occuring within a volcanic area.However, there is noevidence that these quakes are related to volcanic activity.

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After the Chinese began to enforce a one-child-only policy,in an attempt to stem overpopulation, Chinese parents begancommitting “gendercide” by abandoning or aborting theirdaughters. Family planner Gu Baochang calls it “the largest,the highest, and the longest” gender imbalance in the world.This is a time bomb that is getting ready to explode, asmillions of young Chinese men face a future without thepossibility of marriage.
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