It was recently announced that Chinese officials haveadvised all climate scientists to view the Day AfterTomorrow film, inspired byTheComing Global Superstorm by Art Bell and Whitley Strieber.Now we’velearned why: China’s glaciers are melting so quickly due toglobal warming that they will disappear in 100 years,increasing floods in some places and deserts in others.

Jonathan Watts writes in The Guardian that China’s glaciersaccount for 15% of the Earth?s ice, because many of theworld’s highest mountain ranges are in that country. Recentfloods are already being blamed on the huge amounts of waterfrom melting glaciers. And when glaciers melt, they leavedeserts behind, where the ice once was.
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Harvard professor and psychiatrist John Mack was hit by acar and killed in London on Monday night, September 27.After meeting UFO researcher Budd Hopkins in Cape Cod, whereboth of them spent the summers, Mack became intrigued bypeople who claimed to have UFO abductions. He professionallyanalyzed many of these people and found them to be sane andmentally stable and thus became one of the first scientiststo take alien abduction seriously. His courage in riskinghis career by acknowledging the validity of the UFOphenomenon was highly valued and he will be greatly missed.
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In his latestJournal, Whitleysays goodbye to John Mack: “He was truly a man of courage,who put his reputation, his career and his livelihood on theline forthe most scorned and derided group of people in the world:the close encounter witnesses? He also leaves behind a greatunanswered question: what IS close encounter? It is up tofuture scientists to take up the challenge he left behind,and find the answers to the questions he asked with suchhonesty, fervor and eloquence.”

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Ben writes in our latest Communion Letter: I’m a college student in upstate New York who had an experience with a UFO when I was 10. I grew up on a 60 acre farm southwest of Rochester. In the winter of ’88 my dad and I were walking up from the barn to our house. It was December around 8 at night and it was dark. Right outside our driveway, my dad said he had to go check on the cows in the upper pasture.

Across the road was a plot of land with a hill and a gully on the other side, where I saw a neon orange oval craft rise up. It moved at lightning speed until it was hovering 3 to 4 feet over our road. I had this feeling that whatever this was, was watching me. I got the feeling it was waiting for my dad to be out of the picture to present itself.
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