According to some conspiracy theorists, the President wassupposed to make an announcement on Tuesday night that theworld was about to end. And the government supposedly shutdown awebsite that dared to break this news. Toutatis was going tobe captured by gravity and impact the Earth, ending all life. But as this is being written, Toutatis is passing byus without incident, the President has no plans to make asurprise announcement, and as for all the websites that werewhipping up Toutatis terror–well, the fun’s over, at leastfor a couple of hundred years.

No asteroid this large will come this close to the Earth forat least another hundred years, according to astronomers.Toutatis is, in fact, the biggest asteroid to come thisclose since astronomers have been watching them. read more

A moment ago, we received the shocking and tragic news that Dr. John Mack had been knocked over by a car in London and killed.

This is a tremendous personal loss for me and Anne, and for all who this sacred man helped. He was truly a man of courage, who put his reputation, his career and his livelihood on the line for the most scorned and derided group of people in the world: the close encounter witnesses.

I well remember the first moment I heard of John–Budd Hopkins told me that a Harvard psychiatrist had become interested in the abductee phenomenon. I said something like, “Oh, God, he’s going to kill us.” Budd said, to the contrary, he’s open-minded and taking the whole matter quite seriously.
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Children who attend day care or nursery school for at leastone year before going to kindergarten are 36% less likely todevelop a cancer known as Hodgkin’s lymphoma as youngadults. This may be because they develop stronger immunesystems from being exposed to other children early in life.Children from wealthy families are more likely to get thedisease because they have less interaction with otherchildren.
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A delegation from the Dalai Lama, the Tibetian religiousleader who escaped to India and now lives in exile there, isdiscussing his return with the Chinese government.

Jasper Becker writes in The Independent that Lodi Gyari, theDalai Lama’s representative in Washington, D.C., is hopefulthe Dalai Lama may be able to return, now that Hu Jintao ishead of the Chinese Communist Party. Jintao was partysecretary of the Tibet Autonomous Region from 1988 to 1992.One diplomat says, “For the first time you have a Chineseleader who knows Tibet.”
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