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China's 'Quantum Satellite' to Provide Hack-Proof Communication Network

On August 1, China launched their Quantum Experiments at Space Scale (QUESS) satellite from the Jiuquan Satellite Launch Center in the Gobi Desert. This satellite, a joint Austrian-Chinese collaboration, is intended to facilitate long-distance experiments in quantum optics, to allow the development of secure quantum-encryption communications and...
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Russia Plans to Develop a Quantum Teleporter Within 20 Years

While it probably wouldn't have to do with Star Trek's 70th anniversary, researchers that are part of a state-backed strategic development program in Russia say they plan to develop a quantum-based teleportation device within the next 20 years.

While such a miraculous device might sound like it's a long way from being developed,...
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Physicists to Teleport a Living Creature for the First Time

A team of physicists have put forward an ambitious new plan to put the principle of quantum superposition, where an object can exist in two places at once, to work on a subject that has not been attempted before: they plan on doing this with a living microorganism.

Researchers have been steadily increasing the scale of the subject...
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Quantum Leap: Scientists Achieve Teleportation Over 15 Mile Distance

Traveling for some is a pleasure but there are times, such as during the daily commute, when getting from A to B is just a tedious and often laborious necessity.

We look with envy at our futuristic cartoon and film heroes who simply teleport from place to place, disappearing in one location and appearing just seconds later at their...
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Star Trek Travel by Tractor Beam

Teleportation may be on its way. New technology utilizes a beam of light to attract objects (you and me?). Instead of boarding a plane, we'd pay to have someone at our destination turn on a gigantic lamp. A real-life "tractor beam," of the kind "Scotty...
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Teleportation: One Step Closer

For the last ten years, theoretical physicists have shown that the intense connections generated between particles as established in the quantum law of "entanglement" may hold the key to eventual teleportation of quantum information--and human beings?

Once considered impossible, in 1993 a team of scientists calculated that...
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Star Trek Travel May be Possible

It may turn out to be possible to actually build a warp drive to achieve faster-than-light travel (the way people traveled in TV's Star Trek).
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Teleportation is Real

A Chinese team of researchers have teleported a qubit (a standard unit of data in quantum computing) over 60 miles. In the Daily Mail, Mark Prigg reports that a group of European and Canadian researchers say they've beaten this coup by teleporting information from one of the Canary Islands to another, almost 90 miles apart.

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Become Entangled and Travel Instantly From Place to Place

Will "Star Trek" type travel--teleportation--ever become possible?

It's not yet possible for humans, but it IS possible with atomic particles which have...
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Quantum Breakthrough

Tired of the scan and the pat down? The type of teleportation that we all remember from "Star Trek" may soon be a reality (It may be the way UFOs fly, and with...
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Star Trek Travel Possible

Star Trek is no more, but most of us still long to be able to travel through teleportation, especially in these days of long lines and personal frisking at airports. Teleportation may be a reality sooner than we think, because scientists are taking it seriously.

Leonard David writes in that it all has to do with the quantum...

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Teleportation Works?But Not for Us

Scientists long scoffed at Star Trek style teleportation, but now they've changed their tune. While they don't think they'll be able to instantly move people from place to place, Swiss scientist Nicolas Gisin has been able to make small amounts of matter disappear down a telephone line in one laboratory and reappear in another, 180 feet away. "...

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