He doesn’t understand the esoteric or energetic meaning of 33, but he does see its significance. I’m going to lay it out in a talk for Unknowncountry soon. It’s time we all understood why 33 is such an important number. http://www.secretsinplainsight.com/

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  1. I have wondered about the
    I have wondered about the 40-day time segment. It shows up in the desert monotheisms but also in other native cultures. Perhaps a carry-over from earlier, like the “nine-day wonder” based on a Babylonian week? The 40-day period is supposed to be the time needed to break an old habit or assert a new one; it is the yardstick for 40-day retreats in Islam and Christianity. It’s 12 days longer than a moon – what to make of that?

  2. I would welcome any input on
    I would welcome any input on the nature of masonry, which is so incredibly beaten down as something “satanic” by countless groups, when all I’ve ever been able to discover is that they’re a group of brick layers that form local clubs. (?) And of course the 3 and/or 33 gig. WHY is masonry associated with BOTH enlightenment AND “evil?” What biblical references, if any, are there? Christians seem to insist masonry is simply “of the devil,” but with little explanation that is worth anything (but tough when I’m neither christian nor a “devil believer.”) And apparently The Master of the Key supported, or at least referenced masonry, as apparently do the Visitors. Confusion abounds.

  3. Here is another one (several)
    Here is another one (several) in plain sight. We took this photo in Loretto Chapel in Santa Fe, New Mexico. Before this photo was taken, I knew that some really cool things would appear. Go here for my twitpic:


    And here for more photos that we took that day:


    That window at the top has an ‘M’ right in the middle that you cannot see in the photo. This is a really great place to visit, and it is right here in the U.S.A. in one of its the oldest cities.

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