The Republican party of the past, the Grand Old Party of patriots and business people, is gone. It has been replaced by a party of demented revolutionaries who will bring incredible suffering to every household in America and much of the world, and spark a backlash that will sweep Republicanism away entirely, and along with it much that has contributed to the prosperity and success of the United States.

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  1. This is the opportunity we
    This is the opportunity we have been waiting for. If we fight back it will be disastrous but if we Rebuild with Love and Let our “I AM” Lead us there will be and New earth that will be Beautiful beyond our current Knowledge. But this will not occur until we Bring down the current establishment with love They hate Love! Thank YOU Whitley for all you do to keep us informed and helping to Awaken the Masses! You are a brave and wonderful Man!!! “The Key” Changed me !!! Love and Blessings to All!!!

  2. The current deficits are
    The current deficits are unsustainable and are enslaving us and all future generations to the banksters. Democrat or Republican doesn’t matter, both parties represent the unsustainable federal government first. The debt based Fed is going to fail, quickly or slowly and take all of us along with it.

  3. I will not be surprised. The
    I will not be surprised. The Republican Party has been infiltrated by closet-Nazis and every other assorted scumbag under the sun. Though, they will be cut under by the sword of fire and gold.

  4. The republican party will
    The republican party will just try to blame Obama, if there is a financial collapse, they will never admit that they are responsible for any of this. They never accepted responsibility for the Bush mess. They will keep saying the same demented things and doing the same psychotic things no matter what happens, and they will keep blaming president Obama, and the Democrats for anything that goes wrong. There are millions of cognitively impaired hicks that will believe them. The republican party should have been forgotten about in the last depression. The fact that they have any political power at all is a testament to the gullibility, and foolishness of the American people. This is how civil wars start.

  5. In the end it’s about keeping
    In the end it’s about keeping the already powerful in charge, at any cost, and keeping the not already powerful under thumb. There are those who always did resent, not only the rise of a powerful middle class (made up of people they consider inferior and not deserving of what middle class-hood gives them), but also the demise of the system of kings, pharaohs, and emperors, the autocrats of old, and stratified static nobility. These same people also happen to be very powerful within the present world order. Is it any wonder they have acted to restore the “good old days” for themselves and their bloodlines (which they think superior)? We should beware too the possibility that what we think is lingering freedom is really nothing but a big flypaper op. I believe they will fail in the end. But what suffering and death awaits the many in the meantime?

  6. I’m not against a government
    I’m not against a government that does their job and benefits their constituents, but increasingly around the world governments are dropping the ball and are becoming dominated by fear mongering and special interest groups, and falling under the influence of shadow forces, manipulated by their own greed and their egos, and lust for power.

    I don’t blame Obama, as in the present system of government, the president is crippled by congress who are firmly in the grip of greedy special interest groups. As several American presidents have discovered, being president is not as powerful position as you might think. I’d say all of the corruption and graft is well below the level of the president.

    Governments hate the idea of love or “I AM” self determinacy by the people as it negates the need for government.

    Similar to how religions stacked high with rules and dogma dislike the notion of Gnosticism, or finding the god spark, the “I AM” or the divine wisdom within, as it removes their hold on power and themselves as the exclusive conduit to god. Any true religion who wanted to help people find the path to the divine, would joyfully celebrate people seeking and finding god, wherever and however they found it.

  7. Whitley, the probable end
    Whitley, the probable end result of this reminds me of the end of “The Secret School” where you describe your vision of you and Anne picking up pecans outside your home in the future.

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