Okay, if this is true, all hell is going to break loose in a few days: http://coupmedia.org/planet-x-nibiru/nibiru-to-break-through-ecliptic-march-4th-2011-2302 (Don’t hold your breath.)

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  1. I’m not sure where this guy’s
    I’m not sure where this guy’s information comes from. According to Sitchin, Marduk (Nibiru is just the planet’s perigee position, and only takes on that mantle at the point-of-crossing) doesn’t cross Earth’s orbit to begin with, or even Mercury’s for that matter, but completes it’s perigee somewhere between Mars and Jupiter. Sitchin also calculates that Marduk’s perigee won’t happen for another 900 years.
    On top of that, this source claims that this gas giant/brown dwarf is currently 2.5 AUs from Earth, or about half of the distance between Earth and Jupiter when at their closest. This object would be *very* visible to the naked eye via reflected sunlight alone, and it would be broadcasting massive amounts of infrared radiation on top of that. Everyone would know it’s there.

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