Things have been very active in our lives recently, after years of just very occasional strange events. A few weeks ago, I saw a UFO, a silver orb just as clear as you please in the early morning. A couple of days later, I discovered that 2 friends saw a series of orange orbs rising up out of Santa Monica Bay on that night or the next. Then there was a noisy visitation here last week which woke Anne up but left me with 2 hours of missing time.

Last night, Anne was awakened by a crash in the night. She couldn’t find anything wrong, but the next morning we discovered that the heavy glass sliding door that leads to our deck was off its rail, which has never happened before. The crash came from a plaque falling over on a bookcase in our den. Above that bookcase, hanging on the wall, is the oil painting of the ‘Communion face’ that was used as the cover of the original book. The painting was askew, as if somebody had grabbed it, then left it hanging off to one side.

We are constantly hearing breathing, sighs, taps, the sound of footsteps–it’s now very much like it was back when we had our old cabin in the late eighties.

This time, though, I’m not afraid at all, and neither is Anne. She’s not sleeping through everything, either, but rather hearing and noticing things. So far, no direct face-to-face exchanges, but I hope that will come, frankly.

This is a very sacred, intense time in our lives, and the deep holiness of love is very evident to both of use. We feel very blessed in our marriage, and in this extraordinary life we have been privileged to live, right on the frontier of the human future.

At present, the close encounter experience is ignored, scorned, laughed at and rejected, but, in fact, in the future it will come to the center of human life, and be recognized as the single most important human experience since man first looked up at the starry night in wonder.

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  1. Whitley, I remember this
    Whitley, I remember this quote from an old biblical movie. “Only when you have been sufficiently purged, can I enter in.” Perhaps YOU and ANNE have reached that place. If so, it feels like you both have certainly earned it.

  2. “…the close encounter
    “…the close encounter experience…will come to the center of human life, and be recognized as the single most important human experience…”

    Whitley, I listen to what you say and read your writing with immense interest and respect. But we don’t always agree. Your last line about the close encounter experience, I suspect, elevates what is a poorly understood and often peculiarly hostile experience, into something it is not. Birth, death, marriage, love and learning are, for me, among the most important human experiences. I think we know far too little about the Visitors or the close encounters to say what they truly are, much less to say that they are a vastly important human experience.

  3. Further seems much closer now
    Further seems much closer now than at anytime I can recall. Reading about Mr and Mrs Strieber’s proximity to the transformed doesn’t surprise me, rather it confirms what is happening my end too.

    I’ve been so tired these past months. Purposely working long hours to prove some vague point to myself and oh, the obsession with creating complex networks with computers. The code, the inter-connectivity, the ability to enjoy flashes of instant insight into complex problem solving that normally seems to unobtainable. All flows so easily and yet there is also the rather obvious presence of others around me.

    I lost a beloved Aunt last Christmas eve and another Aunt (her sister) in the last few weeks. I heard a phone ringing for four days after the latter Aunt passed and slowly, her voice calling my name has grown stronger and louder. Last weekend, I could hear her loud as day and toward the end of last week, whilst driving, very very tired, noticed a woman sitting in the passenger seat for a split second.

    Her form was mainly human but there was a difference, her body had a slightly armoured look.. that is… she resembled a machine, ever so slightly, as if her Human form had been improved somewhat. She looked straight ahead and I’m sure she helped me stay awake and avoid falling asleep. Her form possessed power… not brilliance as others describe, more an intensity of form that we lack in this bodily shell.

    Was it my Aunt? I’m not sure, I honestly don’t know. If it was that was one heck of a transformation in a few weeks but who knows. Gut instinct tells me that it was a protector: one who has protected me for so long, in spite of my stubbornness and pride.

    So, every time I read Mr Strieber’s accounts of the thuds, breathing and knocks going on at the moment, I know how they must be feeling.. free. Maybe my time to depart for pastures new is soon; I don’t know, but if it is, then I’m happy to accept the change. I had a second vision of a nuclear detonation here in Britain recently. The first one was three years or so back and was either East London or a town called Luton… not sure.. This recent vision was almost certainly Oxford or very near Oxford. I hope none of this happens, as Oxfordshire is such a luscious county.. what a disgrace such an event would be (especially just to revive economic dynasties).

    I apologise, I ramble, or maybe not. My heart, for what it’s worth is with Mr and Mrs Strieber, all their silent helpers and all those who have come to embrace UnknownCountry.Com and Dreamland as a way of life.

    Change is coming for all of us and it’s now, rather than sooner.


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