I came across this photo of Hermann Goering in the dock at the Nuremberg Trials, and I was very struck by it. This was one of the most terrible human beings who ever lived, and what he was is captured with great power in this photo. The eyes speak defiance, inner sadness and dark knowledge. The lips attempt the smile of the innocent, which only reveals the guilt he actually feels more clearly.

He died in his cell after being slipped a cyanide capsule by a guard who had apparently been bribed, but a number of other Nazi panjandrums were hanged in prison. Hitler’s architect, Albert Speer, was among those who were detailed to clean up after the hangings, which were carried out in the gymnasium at Spandau Prison, which had been a school. He reported in his autobiography that there remained under the gallows a dark mark in the wooden floor, like a scorch mark, that could not be removed.

I have often wondered if this was left by their evil souls as they plunged downward out of the bodies. I have learned through my own and my wife’s life experience and much reading, especially in the literature of the ancient Egyptian religion, that a soul at peace with itself is light, and that our great task in life is to do good and to forgive wrongs against us so that we will die unburdened.

These men died bearing unimaginable burdens. As a group, the Nazi elite were probably the most evil human beings who have ever lived. I sense that Goering’s soul knew its fate, and I think I see that knowledge in this terrifying picture.

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  1. I generally don’t believe
    I generally don’t believe that our loving creator would throw one of his creations into the fire and torment known as Hell. Yet if there is a Hell, those Nazi SOBs are there.
    What I believe is that Hell for them is like the famous Twilight Zone episode “Judgement Night” where the Nazi uboat captain is on the British ship and gets to know his victims and experience and suffer their torment that HE caused over and over.

    Now that would be justice—those SOBs experiencing the suffering of everyone affected by that war that they caused.

  2. Ok, will try this again. Kind
    Ok, will try this again. Kind of creeped out right now…I just posted here and was finishing up when this whole screen jumped to another story, when I made my way back, my post had disappeared!

    What I wrote was that I saw a face of defiance and hubris. I saw a man who had no sense of shame or guilt, and that he had not attempted a smile of innocence but was being smug. He took the cyanide because he felt that it was beneath him to hang along with comrades that he felt were beneath him. I also said that he did not feel that a war had been lost to the allies, just one major battle. His body died, but not his evil essence, and the same with Hitler. They are just waiting for another opportunity. Goering knew this before taking the cyanide capsule.

    Now I will be defiant and save this posting before you make it disappear again, Mr. Goering!

  3. Wow, CL, looks like you hit
    Wow, CL, looks like you hit the nail on the head–and he knew it!

  4. Yeah, they did some evil
    Yeah, they did some evil shit. I’ll tell you what, though. The Nazis have nothing on the likes of General Custer. On that happy note, there have been more people enslaved, tortured under the Star of David — in this country alone — than anything the Nazis or Stalin combined ever did. That ilk of people has been printing the most hideously racist literature ever to surface on this planet for over a millennium, ripping people off by the billions and suckering them into proxy wars, to boot. And that is just a stone cold fact, regardless of what twisted fucks the Nazis turned out to be. It’s indisputable. Nuremberg is, however, and highly so. The trial data is not legit. The problem here is money and greed. The religious fanaticism, race baiting and political propaganda is a mind game created by people who don’t give two shits about anything but how they can exploit people to gain more wealth.

    1. To Cyris,
      And who exactly are

      To Cyris,

      And who exactly are these people you are implying are so much worse that the Nazis?

      If you mean the Jews as a whole…then I am going to have to disagree. If you simply mean the Rothschild family and their allies (who first used the so-called Star of David as their family crest before mainstream Judaism was foolishly led into adopting it), then no objection here.

      So please, let’s been distinct, tell us whom we are talking about.

      1. Rothschilds.
        Well… I

        Well… I referred to the US cavalry, didn’t I?

        But, as long as we’re at it, are you familiar with the Transatlantic slave trade?
        How about Lenin and Stalin? How about the fat bastards that set up the Haavara agreement and left the dissenters and the unfortunate to be executed or interned in Buchenwald and Treblinka, instead of moving on with the Stern Gang to Palestine and the undeniable ethnic cleansing taking place there, right now? The diamond trade? Good God. And, with WELL over 3.5 billion in US tax dollars going to support it? How many people died over oil in Iraq and opium in Afghanistan? Who fronted all of these movements? Who FINANCED Hitler’s movement?!

        If I meant Jews as a whole, I would have said MENORAH.
        Is that distinct enough for you?

  5. I think there’s an awful lot
    I think there’s an awful lot being read into a single photo in Whitley’s post. IMO, you have to know what this guy did to “see” all of that evil in a snapshot photo. I think if you clipped out his head and photoshop’d it onto a picture of a happy chef in a kitchen, you’d have a totally different impression, and wouldn’t be thinking, “defiance, inner sadness and dark knowledge.”

    Imagination is a powerful thing, but can lead us to false conclusions.

    I also feel like there is danger in judging the atrocity of the “other”. In many ways, they are us, and it’s impossible to know what we would do or be if we lived the same circumstances of their lives. Maybe most of the leaders of the Nazi party were inherently “evil”, maybe not, but certainly a lot of the people below thought of themselves as patriots (at least at first) and got sucked in deeper and deeper until they did the unthinkable. Look at all the atrocities our own soldiers have committed under the country that defeated the Nazis.

  6. I’m going to do some
    I’m going to do some cross-referencing here, because I feel it is important. When I say above that this page jumped to another story, it was also an answer to a question that I had on this page:


    Yes, just as I prepared to hit ‘Save’, this page jumped to the link above. Not only did it jump back to that page, it went back exactly to the spot where I asked my question about male violence. You can compare the time of each posting. Note that I mention, “His body died, but not his evil essence, and the same with Hitler. They are just waiting for another opportunity.” Evil, when given an opportunity, can infect just about anyone. I know that some on the other post may have viewed my remarks as sexist, which I am not. Evil can manifest in females as often as in males, but in different ways, and it may be in simply NOT taking action when evil presents itself by doing physical and emotional harm to others..or even as passive/aggressive energy, which can be highly destructive too (Think in terms of girls that harass another girl until she subjects herself to violence by committing suicide). I feel that each human being should strive to be in balance as to feminine and masculine energies (Yep, a hard task!) Males, probably due to their ‘Y’ chromosome may simply express evil in more physical ways. (If anyone wants to challenge this, go for it. It just seems that human history is full of men like Hitler, Genghis Khan, Julius Caesar, Attila the Hun, and Osama bin Laden, as well Pope Innocent III. )

    The other thing about my posting above is that something really strange occurred moments after I saved the post. I had something that I have never had before—a nosebleed out of nowhere. I do not feel this was a coincidence.

    I honestly don’t know why ‘A Photo of Ultimate Evil’ may have caused some unusual synchronicities for me, but the fact is it did. For some of us, a photo can act as a catalyst to connection on other levels of reality, regardless of what we do or do not know about the person in the photo.

  7. I learned a new word today.
    I learned a new word today. Panjandrum.

  8. As to the photo, I see
    As to the photo, I see nothing here but a man very content with his actions and no inner sadness to speak of. Most of the Nazi inner circle were undoubtedly psychopaths and incapable of understanding their actions on any empathic level. If they did understand – then even worse, because then there is no excuse whatsoever for their evil.

    And I agree with Cosmic Librarian that the taking of the cyanide was no more than the act of someone who thought it beneath him to be killed by anyone but his lofty self.

  9. @Pssqd: I think you are spot
    @Pssqd: I think you are spot on when you mention the lack of empathy. Empathy is part of the limbic system that defines mammals, but in its highest form (that we know of) is expressed in humans. Most of us can feel the suffering of others on an empathic level. However, I believe there are simply human beings born who lack this ability, or it’s very weak in them. How much of that affected the most atrocious Nazis I can’t say, but I suspect it played a role.

    This could be the danger of creating artificial intelligence along with any real power; the heartlessness of logic. “Too many people for the earth to support? Eliminate the least productive.”

    Perhaps lack of empathy becomes “evil” when actual suffering is the goal, the purpose of which is hard to fathom (like are hate and torture the balancing forces of love and empathy, where one cannot exist without the other?) I think it’s still a question whether evil is an active force in the universe or just a personified interpretation of more mechanical realities. All I know is I try to live mainly by 2 maxims, “Do unto others (etc.)”, and “There but by the grace of God go I”, (even if I have no real idea what God is.) Both of which depend on having empathy. I cannot say why it matters, but it does seem we are always faced with those choices of how to think, feel, and act in our lives.

  10. My original comment was
    My original comment was intended neither to critique the article or “rouse suspicion against all the Jews” or even the typical “anti-Semitic” baiting that accompanies such rhetoric, but to note and add a simple fact that is continually and deliberately being overlooked, beginning with the likes of General Custer.

    I mean people want to talk about the Bible and the “word of God”. The Bible is a fragmented history of a people who were frequently at odds with each other, to the point of vicious sectarian strife, civil war, outright anarchy and flaming chaos.

    The canonized Jesus story itself puts him at odds with the patriarch and the Roman usurpers, makes quite clear his position amongst them ….and, then, of course goes on to outline his religion as if he were one of them.

    What idiot would come on this site, of all places, with a username like Cyris, pay for a subscription and start ranting, under Whitley Strieber’s post on Hermann Goering, about what a bunch of evil bastards “all the Jews” were? That line of interrogation is an insult to human intelligence.

    Give unto Caesar. Seriously.

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