Announcements like this are the surest sign that change is on the way: Too bad the US has not been more decisive. Let’s hope that their loyalty to Mubarak doesn’t backfire like their loyalty to the Shah of Iran did. If we had stopped supporting the Shah six months before he left, there never would have been an Islamic revolution in Iran.

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  1. I guess it is good the USA
    I guess it is good the USA and for that matter President Obama is not more forceful since… Whatever happens should be auto determined by the Egyptians, so it has value for the country and the people commit to it (hopefully democracy).
    Obama is blamed for what he does and what he doesn’t do, regardless, so I think he is being cautious for a reason. You have many times accused the USA of interventionist policies. Although I mostly agree with you on this, I ask, are you changing your stance now? Because we cannot blame after the fact when things go wrong by conditions that cannot be controlled and turn the eyes away when the results are positive.

    Let’s see what happens. I am guessing that the US position will harden as the demonstrations continue and as the ruler delays his resignation from office, two good factors to consider.

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