I’m taking it easy today, preparing for a minor surgery tomorrow. (Yes, I got cataracts, no, I am not yet an old fart.) http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9Q1gksqqhLU&NR=1

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  1. “But dear, you’ve got such a
    “But dear, you’ve got such a healthy Cherenkov-like glow since you’ve undergone those tests.”
    “Cold Cream Atomic Tests™: The results will blow you away!”
    I could go on, but the collective groan heard ’round the net could be deafening…
    Good luck with the operation tomorrow, Whit!

  2. atomic makeup — dont know
    atomic makeup — dont know whether to laugh or cry. But I was impressed w/all the info in the commercial. It actually told you something about the product! ~~~ you and Anne seem to be going thru the same thing my aunt and uncle went thru last fall. Best of luck! You are in my thoughts and prayers 🙂

  3. Whitley – rest, there is no
    Whitley – rest, there is no such thing as a minor procedure no matter what we tell ourselves. As a survivor of many, it is tiring so pls rest. The world will be brighter soon. I know with those who love us that it takes its toll on them also, so Anne pls also rest. All is well.


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