Climate change is unfolding more aggressively now than anybody expected. The results of the storms of the past year is going to be poor harvests in many parts of the world. There will be hunger starting this spring in many places, and if we don’t get some respite this summer, there will be vast famine in 2012. Even in the United States, we could see shortages in our grain supply.

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  1. I see there is a strong El
    I see there is a strong El Nino predicted (or is it La Nina?) this summer which will make this summer one hothouse, when combined with CO2 emissions.

  2. Come to the Pacific northwest
    Come to the Pacific northwest US, because the effect of this particular weather pattern creates cool and cloudy summer days here as it did last summer. We had 6 days of 90+ which is double the record. The heat is short lived here. I suspect this coming summer will be very much like last. I am not convinced on the global warming issue, except that it is cyclic and we are in a time to record the event. Geology has given us this record, but scientist continue to make new discoveries about our planet. Yes, humans have accelerated the event, maybe by a couple hundred years. This would be the case if the Earth always had the same exact location in the galaxy and universe through all time. I think this is not the case and we could be surprised at any time of wild events created by ourselves or some other source out in the universe we a re not even aware of yet. we are definitely in need of better energy resources now if we are sustain the current global population.

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