Leslie Kean has published an important article in the Huffington Post that illustrates the difference between the two groups who are seeking a more truthful response from the official world regarding UFOs. Steve Basset of the Paradigm Research Group, who was responsible for the White House petition demanding acknowledgement of an ET presence, has said that he expected the denial, and is using it as a "baseline" with the media, which can be pushed against with new evidence. Leslie makes the point that no official source is even close to acknowleging an ET presence, and a much different approach should be taken, that concentrates on confronting them with the best existing UFO evidence, not with demands that they are far from meeting. Her bestselling book UFOs: Generals, Pilots and Government Officials Go on the Record, was written in pursuit of this goal. She feels that Mr. Basset’s approach sets back the cause of official recognition of the phenomenon, rather than advancing anything.

To read Leslie’s Huffington Post story, click here.

To visit Stephen Basset’s Paradigm Research Project, click here.

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  1. The Huffington Post has lost
    The Huffington Post has lost any credibility with me since they have been taken over by AOL. It has become a cheap tabloid as far as I am concerned. I have a hard time taking anything they publish seriously anymore – no matter who the author is.

    Too bad. So sad.

  2. It’s entirely possible that
    It’s entirely possible that the UFO/ET reality will be unveiled whether the governments of the world want it to or not, as in Ryan Jones’ book “Specters.” Think of the public distrust that we’ll see if *that* occurs, with govenments still trying to deny deny deny when it is no longer possible for the public to believe the lies. What then?

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