This news should shock the world, but it hasn’t even appeared in most media. In the US, we actually have a significant group of people who are claiming that CO2 isn’t a greenhouse gas. This is wilful ignorance and frank insanity. A large minority simply ignore the reality or consider it a political issue. Nature, however, doesn’t play politics. Nature is numbers and nothing can change that. Right now, we are on the brink of a precipice. The only thing that can save us is concerted international action, which is unlikely to happen. In fact, the whole climate that our civilization has counted on for its entire history could fall completely apart more or less at any time.

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  1. Incidentally, China has now
    Incidentally, China has now got a strong plan to cut emissions in place, and will reduce its emissions by twice as much as we plan to over the next ten years.

  2. ….my brother works as a
    ….my brother works as a music teacher in town and went on a field trip with parents and students. While passing a cow pasture one of the fathers remarked how he heard on the news that “emissions” from cows caused more damage to the environment than human caused emissions. He followed up that brilliant statement by adding, “There is absolutely nothing that man can do to hurt the earth, NOTHING! All this Global Warming stuff is liberal politics!” This is what we’re dealing with…its frightening and I don’t see any way around the ignorance of most people. They’re either too scared to face up to reality, or too stupid to do the math…either way its like talking to a pile of rocks.

  3. I agree Francesco, still I’ts
    I agree Francesco, still I’ts important to not give up, there is too much at stake..There are many millions though who accept and understand what’s happening with global warming. Right now all they need is a little leadership and direction, and they could well become a potent political force….

  4. I don’t have a URL for this,
    I don’t have a URL for this, but it is supposed to be from Ron Paul on May 25 of this year:

    If you’ve followed me this far and have thought about what you have been reading it should be obvious that, if similar natural and human engendered trends continue, we are moving rapidly into a global environment that is reconfiguring itself in ways that do not at all reflect the past. As mentioned, the unconventional sources suggest that all of this activity will dramatically increase during the rest of this year.

    The immediate question begged by all of this unpredictability is: What should we be doing? I talked about this in my lengthy presentation and I’ll write more about it here in the future, but let me give you the short version: your sense of security must come from within, not from anything or anyone outside. If you are to transcend what is on our horizon you must find that place of peace within yourself that disengages you from the familiar but disintegrating systems all around us. Your responsibility is only for yourself, no one else. If you commit to find this place of peace, you will find it – the larger, intelligent, loving reality will rally to support your sincere intentions.

    We are experiencing nothing less than the beginning of the end of a major era of human life on this planet. An amazing, wonderful experience is in front of us. A new world is being born.

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