We weren’t concerned that Grover Cleveland, FDR, Eisenhower and Kennedy had mistresses, that Mrs. Roosevelt, LBJ and both Bushes swung both ways, and we shouldn’t care about politicans’ sex lives unless the law is broken. Had we been obsessed with this irrelevant issue, we would never have had FDR, LBJ, Eisenhower or GHWB in office, and we would have lost some fine leaders. We wasted a lot of money on Bill Clinton’s sex life. Why do we let ourselves care about things that aren’t important? Give me a president without a sex life and I will give you Richard Nixon, Gerald Ford and Jimmy Carter. Get the picture? Great leaders tend to be oversexed. It’s part of what makes them great. So let’s just accept it like grownups and move on. Lincoln literally came from Little House on the Prairie, for God’s sake, and he had mistresses.

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  1. The first known Human to take
    The first known Human to take over the known world “played on both teams” I give you Alexander II, known as The Great. Then there’s DiVinci, Michaelangelo, Cellini, and others…… Who cares what team they played on, unless they were hypocrites? And why bash them for it: Hetero guy…. That leaves more Woman for you to exploit; Women…. they save you the “trouble” of being admired by men (whether they would want to touch you or not) or being exploited. My point is this: We are all human, and thus have all the traits that prove that we have feet of clay. Or time would be better used if we quit bitching, and “live and let live.” In stead of wasting time and money attacking those of a different orientation or opinion, spend them on helping hungry, sick, or downtrodden people!!

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