New Dawn Magazine has done a fascinating interview with Graham Hancock. "There is a story not yet told about human history and prehistory. Could there be something missing in the story we tell ourselves about the past?"  "The Maya are not saying that the world ends on December 21, 2012. They are saying that a great cycle ends and a new one begins." And then he proceeds to describe that new cycle with great insight and clarity.
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New Dawn is doing some exciting stuff.

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  1. This Graham Hancock interview
    This Graham Hancock interview is excellent! Mr. Hancock is that rare individual with a great heart, as well as a great mind. He also owns up to his own shortcomings in ways that not only acknowledge his flaws, but also displays his ability to learn from his errors and be forgiving of himself and others.

    This interview was a breath of fresh air from a man who understands the interconnectedness and importance of everything in his life—the good, the bad, and the ugly.

  2. Hancock (and Bauval) has some
    Hancock (and Bauval) has some interesting theories about the ancient past. I recently found out they are incorrect: (part 1 of 5)
    His alignments only works for 3 out of many pyramids, the erosion on the sphinx is caused by salt in the limestone, his alignment in Bali is utter crap and to me the Yonaguni underwater site doesn’t look man made.
    I’ve recently seen a natural explanations for the Nazca lines (by a german archaeologist) although I can’t find the Youtube link. Believe what You want. There is enough to chose from.
    I bought “Fingerprints…” but haven’t read it yet. So many books to read 😉

  3. I love hearing Graham
    I love hearing Graham Hancock. He’s modest enough to fully acknowledge his sources, intelligent, truthful and has a genuine commitment to truth. He is also articulate, and a pleasure to listen to. A lot of what is said these days about ancient civilizations, ETs and true human history is highly imaginative, or just a reworking of old theories, but when Hancock speaks, I really listen. Thanks for sharing the New Dawn interview with us, Whitley. The interviewer gave Hancock all the room he needed to say what he wanted to say, without imposing his own perspective, which always makes for a super interview. I’ve been giving everyone I know the links to your website because the discussions here are REALLY IMPORTANT. Yes, as another poster wrote, ‘Believe what you want’, but there is such a thing as getting so stuck in one’s own perspective that the truth goes unnoticed.

  4. Great interview. Hancock
    Great interview. Hancock covers a lot of ground here, and he has a great way of expressing certain concepts. I enjoyed the discussion on the brain and whether or not consciousness is formed in it or simply used by it.
    “If you damage a TV set, the signal is still there,” is a great way to explain that.

  5. @Frek – there are TWO sides
    @Frek – there are TWO sides to every story… I know the program you speak of. It seem that this program (the one you linked on youtube) was heavily biased, so much so that both Graham and Bauval launched complaints against the makers. Below you’ll find info on the topic from Graham’s Wiki page. Having worked in video production I know that you can take raw material and cut it to favor one party and obliterate the other – independent of what the truth really is. So you may want to take that program with a (big) grain of salt. Graham has responded to most of those criticisms, and some responses were backed by other mainstream experts. Read the book, do the research and make up your own mind. Just ’cause it’s got “BBC” stamped on it doesn’t mean it’s the holly grail of truth (although Richard Dawkins would probably argue that point 😉

    “BBC 2’s Horizon TV series broadcast a programme, Atlantis Reborn, on 4 November 1999 that challenged the ideas presented by Hancock. It detailed one of Hancock’s claims that the arrangement of an ancient temple complex was designed to mirror astronomical features and attempted to demonstrate that the same thing could be done with perhaps equal justification using famous landmarks in New York. It also alleged that Hancock had selectively moved or ignored the locations of some of the temples to fit his own theories.”

    “Hancock claimed he was misrepresented by the programme, and he and Robert Bauval made complaints to the Broadcasting Standards Commission against the way Horizon had portrayed them and their work. Eight points were raised by Hancock, two by Bauval (one of which duplicated a complaint of Hancock’s).”

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