The Ghost Rocket Phenomenon is one of the enduring mysteries of modern times, and now a group of Scandinavian investigators who obviously know what they are doing are planning to do a dive to find evidence of a recent one that was seen to sink into a lake. In 1946, dozens of these mysterious rockets were seen over Scandinavia, and fragments of some of them were found. They are one of the few proven anomalous phenomena out there, so this new attempt to gather evidence is really exciting.

There was a ghost rocket documented and photographed over Newfoundland as recently as 2010, and an extensive investigation by Canadian authorities determined that it was not a normal missile, and was, in fact, unknown. Unknowncountry published this story about it, that also goes into the Swedish phenomenon of 1946.

To watch the excellent preview of the planned investigation and documentary, click here.

Thanks to Steve Neill.

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