It’s really me. Nobody has hacked Unknowncountry, and I’m the only guy who can post here.
so yes, the Whitley of the Whitley Strieber Society is really me.

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  1. Hi Whitley, I heard you on
    Hi Whitley, I heard you on Coast to Coast the other night describing the orb expereince on the photo and feeling the strong presence of your mother. I also saw my deceased mother inside of an orb about 3 feet from the bottom of my bed with three gigantic blue beings on or about 1/18/78–I really need to go to my journals to look this up. The wonderful feelings were profound. Also my younger sister saw our mother inside of a small glowing orb in her bedroom the evening of her death 7/28/73. She said that she could see her whole body standing inside of the orb- like a midget version of her and that she was trying to talk to her. The orb even came close to her body near her shouldar. This is the same sister who had dream after dream of aliens tunneling under ground and she had many dreams of being under ground with them in cities, offices etc. She has since passed away and had these dreams in the early 1980’s. Thanks for all you do Whitley, Love and Light

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