I never expect good reviews, so it’s always a relief and an amazement when one comes along. Look at this, from the Library Journal:

"Strieber has reached people around the world through his best-selling fiction (The Hunger), nonfiction (Communion), and the movies adapted from those books (The Day After Tomorrow). He famously claims that throughout his life he has come into contact with UFOs and extraterrestrials. With this book, he attempts to connect a lifetime’s worth of those experiences into a cohesive whole. In doing so, he explains his belief that crop circles, cattle mutilations, UFO sightings, alien abductions, near-death experiences, and implants are legitimate phenomena that should be further investigated. Strieber now believes that there are dimensions of reality that exist beyond current perceptions and that these phenomena are part of those alternate realities. No matter your beliefs, Strieber’s writing has impact—even 25 years after he first commanded readers’ attention with Communion. VERDICT Everyone interested in UFOs, other dimensions, or the mysteries of life will want to read Strieber’s new work. He may be wrong and (according to skeptics) he could be crazy, but he certainly presents stimulating ideas."

How about them apples! Now, if only the stores start stocking it, maybe it will find a life.

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  1. I worked as a librarian in VA
    I worked as a librarian in VA when I first found your book Communion–recommended it to all our patrons back then…now I live in New York, no longer a librarian, but have ordered many of your newest books, including Solving the Communion Enigma and The Key and LOVED them both–you never disappoint, Whitley. As an experiencer, myself, I know what you write is real and it rings true to my very core, and your writing style is wonderful and captivating. Keep writing…please never stop. Thank you for sharing so much with all of us experiencers and non experiencers- and bringing “thinking” and “food for thought” back into this world that has become so dull, robotic and what seems to me, much less introspective and observant.

  2. I just retired from a Medical
    I just retired from a Medical Library here in Indiana. I worked there 30 years and am very familiar with the Library Journal having borrowed articles from it for patrons!!! I have read, bought and borrowed all of your books Whitley and own movies that your books were eventually made into because they were so good!!! Bravo for you that the Library Journal gave you a good review on your latest book – you deserve it!!!

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