How many thousands of letters we have received from people who have had experiences like this. I have. It must be a great part of what the close encounter experience is about. But if so, then why the dark side? Maybe it is needed for balance. Certainly, it is there. Or that’s what some of it LOOKS like.

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  1. I like Richard Dolan but
    I like Richard Dolan but there was nothing new in this video except for the way overdone video effects. Richard Dolan deserves credit for his first ground breaking book on UFOs and the National Security State but he has been dining out on that for way too long. Let’s have some new updated information please and perhaps without the cheesy video effects (unless this was intended as tongue-in-cheek and if so, to what end I ask – there are plenty of detractors creating videos like this already to help undermine the credibility of UFO investigation and information).

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