This is going continue to be one hell of a winter in the northeast, unfortunately. This is because temperatures in Greenland are way too high, due to the massive loss of sea ice in the arctic last summer. At the same time, a weakening Gulf Stream has enabled very cold air to flow south across Canada much more freely. These imbalances are potentially extremely dangerous, especially in the spring, when warm air from the south will collide with the cold air over the middle continent, with dramatic results.

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  1. We’ve been digging out here
    We’ve been digging out here outside of Phialdelphia. It’s the 6th winter storm and we’ve already surpassed snowfall inches for the SEASON. The last storm produced ‘snow thunder’ which I heard depsite the quiet of snowfall. I believe that the North east will suffer the worst of Global Climate issues. It’s a corridor of megaopolis cities from DC to Boston. And the old ice age maps pretty much have the NE US covered in ice. Although here in it’s infancy It’s been great for skipping work ,sledding & snowboarding! I do think you better have a working fireplace for the coming years, as it becoems more difficult to keep the grid up. A lot of homes & apts have only electric baseboard heat & no alternative wood fireplace. Hunker down time!

  2. I feel like I’m walking
    I feel like I’m walking through snowy hamster habit-trails or snow mazes on sidewalks in and around Boston suburbs! We’ve had 5 feet of snow so far (more than our annual average) and looking at more to come, including another “big” storm on Wed next week… in addition to the high you’re talking about, I caught something from a caller on last night’s C2C that the dispersant used in the Gulf for the BP spill has caused the oil to kind of hover in the mid-depth of the ocean and has an additional small but significant effect on slowing down/confounding the normal flow of the Gulf Stream… sounded a little weird, but a quick internet search yeilded some pretty interesting results. And photos of the UK buried in snow! This is MESSED UP! Meanwhile, any word from William and the tour in Egypt? There was one interview on this Gulf Stream change that Russia stopping grain exports to several of these areas of the Middle East b/c of their own weather problems last year may be the “seeds” of these escalating protests. Fascinating.

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