Much of the media and the government are acting as if the UFO phenomenon started in 2004. Therefore, the idea that the objects that have been observed by Naval pilots might be man made technology of some sort actually seems believable to some people. But it started long before that. Maybe even before we ourselves were here. In fact, what happened when we did begin to notice it in the 1940s was not that it was starting, but that it was increasing its visibility. Prior to that, we had always seen it as mythology. Now, we began to see it as technology.

In 1947, General Nathan Twining circulated a classified memo (later released under the Freedom of Information Act) stating that “the phenomenon reported is something real and not visionary or fictitious.” He went on to describe “extreme rates of climb” and other characteristics that precisely match the recorded capabilities of the objects in the released Naval footage. So, if an earthly foreign power has such craft now, then they also had them in 1947.

General Twining was Chief of Staff of the Air Force from 1953 until 1957, and Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff from 1957 to 1960. Even though the public was being carefully taught to laugh at UFOs at that time, as was still true until recently, the fact that he’d written that memo in 1947 doesn’t seem to have hurt his career at all. And yet, in the same year, Project Sign was started, which later became Project Blue Book. The purpose of these projects was to make a public show of investigating the phenomenon, while eventually debunking the whole thing, as was done with the Report on Project Blue Book that was released in 1969.

The truth is known now, just as it was in 1969 and 1947, as General Arthur Exon, who was a witness to the Roswell debris and biological materials that were transported to Wright Field in July of 1947, told me in 1988:  “Everyone from Truman on down knew that what we had found was not of this world within twenty-four hours of our finding it.”

Fantastically, the decision was made to hide this epochal, world-changing discovery. That was almost certainly the worst decision in the whole long history of mankind.

And people wonder why conspiracy theories like Q-Anon are so popular. The reason is simple: the government conceals and it lies, and people know this. As they have no baseline of truth except that they cannot trust their own government, they fall easy prey to any unproven claim that happens along. Thus we have huge segments of the US populations who have become victims of bizarre conspiracy theories. Of course they have: they know that there are indeed real ones, so it makes the false ones, made up, for example, by foreign powers seeking to divide the American people, all too easy to believe.

What has happened here is that a flawed system of classification has been used to hide things that should never have been hidden, not from the beginning, and the presence of a nonhuman intelligence (or apparently nonhuman) is probably the single most important of the matters that has been wrongly classified. If there is evidence that things “not of this world” are here, and it would seem that such evidence has been in our hands since 1947, its concealment has always been wrong and this error must be corrected. And not just with a few hints. It must be completely corrected.

The extent to which this whole affair may be known behind closed doors I cannot say, but our knowledge of it is certainly not confined to videos of unknown objects taken by the military in the past few years. A typical example of how deep this might go is a document called “the Majestic-12 Operations Manual.” Its provenance is hotly disputed, and the fact that whether or not it is an authentic document cannot be determined is outrageous. This has happened because too much information is withheld from the public, with the result that we cannot make a rational decision.  To read the document and its history, click here.

And what of the photos that astronaut Gordon Cooper took of a landed UFO at Edwards Air Force Base in 1957? He was no liar. He described the images to me personally. He sent them to the Pentagon as ordered and they have never been seen again. So where are they?

These are just two small examples of what must be, given all the sightings and other encounters that have reached the public space, a very extensive record. And what of the metal and biological material found at Roswell? General Exon told me that he personally saw both. Col. Jesse Marcel made a video about the metal he had roughly tested before sending it to higher headquarters. Where is that metal now? And the biological materials? Both men said what they said in contemplation of their advancing age and their uneasiness about the moral choice that keeping such secrets involves. The same goes for Gordon Cooper and many others.

The reason that it is wrong to hide what we do know for certain is that this knowledge so profoundly changes our understanding of our world that no motive to conceal it can be compelling enough to justify such an act. It is knowledge that belongs to every single human being in the most fundamental possible way: because we are human.

 The Pentagon, according to press reports, is saying that it has no evidence that the objects in the tapes that have been released starting in 2017 originate with aliens. If this is actually true, then fine. But given a 74 year history of demonstrably lying about this subject, and the fact that this has obviously been under study in secret since the days of Generals Twining and Exon, how can we know? It has also hinted that they may be of foreign origin, which is entirely absurd.

As it has been officially released under the Freedom of Information Act, there is no question of the authenticity of the Twining Memo, which would mean that craft that defy gravity and can exceed the speed of sound without generating a sonic boom and can do all of the other things that have been observed from the 1940s on, cannot belong to another country such as Russia or China.

Because of its generational habits of concealment, we cannot trust our own government. How can we know that anything it says is true? Obviously, we can’t, and that will include what it releases to us on June 29, assuming this happens.

As to their being the possessions of an earthly foreign power, in all this time, the UAPs have not made the slightest effort to do anything in furtherance of the interests of ANY earthly power–except the common man. All they have done is create the theater in the sky that has become a fixture of modern life, shadow Russian, American and other military craft, and threaten nuclear weapons facilities. And–and this will have to be faced, too, at some point–entities apparently associated with them haven’t just crept into people’s bedrooms in the night, they have established complex ongoing relationships with many of us. They have left a clear message with people: your planet is in trouble and you need to rebalance its ecosystems if you are going to survive. In other words, they have policies: they don’t want nuclear war and they do want a stable environment. The motive behind such policies is clear: They want us to survive.

Such policies look nothing like those of China, the world’s biggest polluter, or Russia, a loopy kleptocracy that can hardly even be thought of as a coherent state, or the United States government, which has become so entangled in lies that it is barely recognizable as an institution that was founded to be “for the people.”

They lie for one reason: these things are not just real, something that appears to come out of them is ending up in our bedrooms in the middle of the night and doing things that we don’t understand and that are difficult and provocative, and they can’t do a single thing about it. Nobody–apparently–knows whether or not these encounters are dangerous, and from my own experience, I would say that, insofar as they completely overturn one’s understanding of life and reality, they are initiatory. But is that all they are? Have people died during such encounters? Disappeared in their context?

Because they will not reveal a single thing that they know about them, and there must be some information, surely, we cannot draw a rational conclusion.

Whether the encounters are dangerous or not, they would appear to be helpless to control, channel or prevent them. They would rather conceal their helplessness than admit that they cannot fulfill the most basic responsibility of any government, which is to protect the people that it serves.

And don’t think that the proposed US Space Force has much of any chance of affecting this situation, especially if they plan to try to shoot down UAPs. Nobody has any right to present armed resistance to such a thing without the public being fully informed. The reason is simple: if this is done, then the relationship between our entire species and our world is going to change. We need to be able to participate fully in any such decision, and not just the population of one country. The entire world needs to be able to intelligently assess the situation and contribute to the decision.

If we are going to go to war with another world, this entire world has the right to know that and understand why. (I might say that the US Space Force might well have nothing to do with any of this. But because of all the secrecy, that cannot be known.)

Members of the public (like this one) who dare to research this matter and worse, to report on contacts with the presence behind it, are often accused of being the unintentional founders of a new UFO religion. There is certainly one emerging, but not from that direction, and not a myth-based religion at all, but a strange new sort of religion: a secular religion. The new UFO religion is being created by those who keep the secrets. If they are planning armed resistance, then its priests are not consecrated to a conventional deity at all. These priests are soldiers consecrated to the god of war, and their religious rituals are battles. They are Don Quixote to the UFO community’s desperate Sancho Panza, going off tilting at the windmill of the phenomenon, but with very real and very expensive lances and entirely unknown consequences.

We the people certainly do not want them galloping out into space on our behalf and shooting at aliens that they claim not to know even exist, then leaving us to face them in alone and unprotected in the middle of the night, for even if they aren’t dangerous now, they are likely to be then.

The presence that is here, whether aliens or something else, has breathtaking power and extraordinary authority. It is not going to be “defeated,” if that is even an appropriate word to use, by a power that flies jets and, at best, can deploy a few (to us) exotic weapons in space, to what will likely prove to have limited and temporary effect, if any effect at all.

And what if they’re on our side? What if all the abductions and such are in support of our survival, and we don’t understand them any more than a terrified dog understands that the vet who is jabbing a needle into him is actually saving his life? What, even, if they are part of the human race in some way that we have entirely failed to grasp, and are trying to protect their children and sisters and brothers, and their human family?

We don’t know.

Or do we? If any human agency knows the origin and purpose of the abductions but is keeping that secret, then it is more than the crime of the century, it is the fundamental crime, the core crime against humanity, the great crime of history.

So far, too much of the media has been eager to give space to scary stories and absurd stories. They are still, in some quarters, trying to use old-fashioned debunking tactics.

One scientific “authority” has even explained that the UAPs are birds that are actually flying far slower than it appears. Apparently he is not aware of the fact that targeting radars carry extremely sensitive detectors that can measure speed to the hundredths of a kilometer. They have to, or the missiles they are guiding are going to miss. Another has dismissed the videos as “reflections on cockpit windows.” But we can safely ignore those clowns, I would think. All but the most credulous media will dismiss such puerile claims.

If the blatantly absurd idea that the objects might be the possessions of an earthly foreign power is going to become the new preferred explanation, the academy and the media, tacitly supported by the failure of the DoD to deny this, then they are going to collectively lose what shreds of credibility they still have with the public.

Some–hopefully not much–of the media is likely to run with such a story. They’ve been laughing at UFOs and witnesses from the beginning. They don’t want to be shown to be wrong. Most of them, though, are likely to embrace and start to explore the mystery as best they can.

Similarly, if scientists and academics admit that the UAPs are of unknown origin, they are going to find that their entire model of reality has blown up in their faces. A whole lot of them are actually going to welcome this. Science is at its best–and its most fun–when it has a mystery to tackle, and this one is a doozy.

Others would rather see their paradigm be preserved than face the truth, and you may be sure that they will make every effort to destroy colleagues who dare to do so, just as they did Dr. John Mack and others. These people are not the inheritors of Galileo. Far from it, they are the inheritors of Cardinal Bellamine, his chief inquisitor.

There is one thing that is new, and that might persist: the public, some and maybe even most of the media, and many scientists and academics are simply ready to face the truth: The UAP phenomenon has an unknown origin, may well be connected to the abduction reports, and originates either with a nonhuman intelligence of unknown origin or is an outcome of our humanity that we have not yet understood–or both. And yes, I don’t see the slightest contradiction there. Remember, always, the greater of the mysteries: we don’t know what WE are.

This enigma is certainly worth studying, and we have the skills and equipment to do so, as I plan to discuss in depth elsewhere, possibly in a new book. We can approach this in an organized manner and, with enough talent and budget, form a stable factual foundation for further study.

After all, the presence behind the phenomenon is complicit in the secrecy, is it not?  They come by stealth into our homes and our lives. They do not land, say, in a public space like the middle of a baseball game or on the White House lawn.

Seeing this from their perspective, what I observe is two things: they may be respecting our authorities’ fear of them by keeping the secret, and/or they may be acclimatizing us and also waiting for us to catch up to them so that their appearance will not colonize us culturally, which would refocus our entire world toward them and their knowledge, and destroy our own willingness to innovate and be independent.

I think that this concern was probably a serious one 10 years ago or even 5, but we know too much now, at every level. If they show up publicly tomorrow, we are not going to become supplicants at all. We are going to see their presence as a tremendous and exciting challenge at every level.

It’s time that the truth be admitted: we don’t know what the UFO/UAP phenomenon is, but we DO know that it is not the result of operations by any conventional earthly power, and we also know that it has something to do with us.

That’s the truth. Now, for the tricky bit–it’s time to start seriously exploring, at every level of society, from the kitchen table to the academy and the laboratory to the halls of congress and the White House, and every other relevant social institution on Earth, our religious authorities included, the reality of this enigma.

Somebody is here. It is not us, at least not as we now understand ourselves. Where they are from we do not know–unless, of course, such knowledge is being hidden. Whether they are aliens or an earthly power that is completely beyond our present understanding, or something even stranger, we do not know at the public level of discourse. If it is known behind the wall of secrecy, then we are due much more than a peek, which is what it looks like we’re going to get in June.

We need to know every single detail that is known behind the scenes. Everything.

And guess what–none of it, not even the darker parts, and they are going to be there, are going to unbalance us. We’ve lived with this, after all, for at least two generations, abductions included.

It is time for the authorities to grow up. In doing so, they would finally catch up with the public: we already have.

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  1. I keep going back to the core tenet that the occupants of those crafts — the Visitors — hold all the cards. I do not put much emphasis on our institutions, for they are at the mercy of the Visitors’ actions and motivations. And what could those be? I think this latest display of aerial phenomena captured by our own military is an attempt to show the world undeniable proof that ‘they’ exist, no matter what our institutions say. But there are most likely many more reasons for what they are doing, some even incomprehensible to our current understanding.

    I suspect they are trying the thread a very fine needle: announcing their presence in such a way where we give a collective shrug and say, “Of course they’re here! We all know that!” without triggering a global panic that would lead to some terrible things. With nuclear weapons, climate change bearing down on us, and democracies around the world showing glimpses of how fragile they can be, we don’t need their help in that department. I think they know this all too well.

    They know us far better than we can imagine. They probably have a lot of experience when it comes to dealing with intelligent species who are as immature as us.

    1. “I keep going back to the core tenet that the occupants of those crafts — the Visitors — hold all the cards.”

      I think it could be extremely useful to keep in mind the key concept from ANW of input strategy versus output strategy.

      This quote above is the hallmark of output strategy perception. (Not that there’s anything wrong with that 🙂 )

      From the input side, with the (about) six-foot diameter spherical objects in the Omaha incident, consider that one sphere may not be “a craft with an occupant”, but a single conscious organism.

      Something that we would perceive as a machine-like organism, perhaps, if we got a more stable, up-close view.

      Or, consider the possibility that the whole fleet of about 14 objects in the USS Omaha incident could all be *one* conscious organism. Or the “different parts” of two or three organisms.

      Or… Consider that there could be a fusion of multiple distinct consciousnesses, within each spherical object.

      Perhaps an “occupant” (or several) and a single “machine” host, for each sphere.

      They themselves – whatever they are – from within their input strategy, may only perceive themselves as energy-forms of consciousness, not as bodies, machines, objects, or anything else “solid” like that.

      Sort of like a locus of conscious energy in what they experience as a lucid dream of a larger conscious field.

      Then, here on our output strategy side, we “look” at all of this, and perceive what may be crafts, occupants, etc. Bodies. Objects.

      This idea of a conscious machine-organism is referenced in the latest Dreamland, with Grant Cameron.

      The whole idea of input strategy versus output strategy is probably IMO the most important concept in this whole unfolding experience. So much amazing insight that this input-output idea is able to describe.

      So key. Endless thanks to Whitley for exploring this idea, as deeply as he did. And giving all of us a way to talk about such things so clearly!

      Two key quotes from ANW,

      “They use an input strategy in order to organize reality in their minds. In other words, they think the same way a machine does. That they may, therefore, be machines doesn’t seem to me impossible, either, nor does the idea that a machine might be conscious.”

      “In fact, just like the input strategy, the truth is that our precious, stable, coherent output strategy also produces outcomes that are real and illusory at the same time. The input strategy starts there, because it must start with indeterminacy.

      But our strategy starts out very definite. As I said, an apple is an apple.”

      I would take this idea a bit further. Our tendency to see a “craft” or a robotic-acting being as a “machine” comes from our output strategy. Labeling specific “things”. “That’s an apple. That’s a machine.”

      But put yourself in their shoes. Their POV.

      If they are using the input strategy on such a deep level that they interface with the “lucid dream” of greater reality so coherently and deeply – down to molecular and atomic detail – then they would be able to operate in ways so perfect we would perceive this as mechanical.

      Not to mention the ability to “manifest reality” as an input strategy being, and travel by “feeling your way” between different regions of spacetime, or from outside of the time streams, and/or across different dimensions of consciousness and reality.

      And, not to mention the way an input strategy would give you an insider perception of countless things on the feeling/emotional level of greater reality, the connections of timing and synchronicity, all kinds of telepathic insight gained from being within “pure thought”, and so on.

      All of this would feel to them as just normal behavior for beings that essentially are free to operate purely on an input strategy level and intersect (occasionally) with our material and solid output strategy world of perception.

      To us, it looks like impossibly high-tech, magical and miraculous, and essentially god-like behavior.

      But step deeply – all the way – into your own inner consciousness, jump into the world of total freedom on the input strategy level, and you’d find it’s just “normal”.

      Really different. But normal.

  2. Author

    I hope that they are patient with our authorities! The public has actually dealt with this far better than they have at any level, from the academy to the official world.

    I’m especially worried that the military will start shooting without us knowing it, and we the people will pay the price.

    1. Whitley, imho yours is the best article so far on this subject. As a sad aside, the military are already shooting them down in S. America.. see the Mage incident in Rio de Janeiro last year.. Linda M. Howe has described it very thoroughly in her site – see the June 1 2020 entry there (“Part 1: Mage, Brazil Mystery”). Best, MC.

  3. This looks like an attempt to announce a/the/their presence in a calculated way. And that the military is making these data known, with the blessing of the federal government, implies that they’re in control of SOME of the message. We are being treated like toddlers, because in many ways we are as recent political events have made clear.

    As far as the US government’s pattern of lies and deception is concerned, I wish there was more transparency. But humanity can be an ugly mess, and maybe the easy road of deception is simply the most effective option. Not the best.

    I’m not a government apologist, because we should have been told many years ago. But it’s easy for me to take the high road after nearly 5-decades of experiencing and studying this phenomenon, and maybe that’s what’s going on now. Maybe now the reveal(ers) are taking the high road, recognizing the futility of our government’s ability to deal with this knowledge. They’re going straight to “we the people” with an unambiguous and clear message: we’re here, now deal with it.

  4. Whitley thank you. You saved me from telling the exact same story…statement you have written so well. I doubt I could have written with such precision. And it was too. My next movie we are in production now has the same message in almost everyway. I’m sure it will be very controversial. Good. I’m growing tired of this battle. “There’s still hope, don’t give up” is what the Visitors said to me 3 years ago while we were on the phone together that night. I won’t give up and either will you.

  5. “The reason that it is wrong to hide it is that this knowledge so profoundly changes our understanding of our world that nobody has a reason compelling enough to conceal it. It belongs to every single human being in the most fundamental possible way: because we are human.”

    That is it. Plain and simple. The right to know the true extent and nature of this contact is a right no government should deny us. No human should deny another human this knowledge because it defines us at such a fundamental level. But the government of the most free nation on earth has done just that, apparently.

    I’m slightly heartened that the report does not affirmatively excude the alien hypothesis as I am by Senator Rubio’s statement yesterday that the report is the first, but not the last, step in the examination of UAPs. The incoming NASA director also has promised to set up a working group to study UAPs. But 74 years is a long time to wait for nothing.

  6. I have always eagerly awaited your comments, Whitley. You are the most expressive and impressive commentator around. I love your writing. That said, what you say now on this issue is spot on. Totally spot on. I have read every single article/book on this topic since I was 17 and that’s a long time ago, being I’m a young boomer.

    The PTB are ridiculous. Humanity can handle it, and if we must face the possibility that they are more powerful than us, then so be it. We and they cannot hold back reality for long. The cat’s out of the bag. Elizondo and Mellon have started the talk, and since they are from the Pentagon and DOD, people tend to pay attention.

    I used to write to a local astronomer at our university here in NC, who used to laugh and mock my serious admonitions that ‘they’ are here, and they (scientists) need to get off the duffs and pay attention. His pat answer was ‘show me the spaceship, then we’ll talk.’

    Sort of like Seth Shostak who has been mocking aliens are here for decades. They are still looking for them through telescopes!

    Thank you, Whitley. I hope to GOD they ask you questions; it was so grossly unfair how they treated you, and I for one, have always believed your story of abduction. As a former librarian, I always read all your fiction books!

    Keep it going, and keep pressing it on out there. We need the good voices, and yours is essential.

  7. The existence of Q hugely clouds and draws line on this issue. My friends are not impressed with the navy released footage. At best their reaction is meh, of course they think Q is BS and so this just another round of that. This is really starting to smack of just another way to divide the American public.

    I’m patiently waiting to see how Skinwalker Ranch ends up. It takes just one person from that cast to say it was all made up reality TV crap, true or not. I really wish Linda Howe hadn’t appeared on that show. Her creditably will be a causality if it turns sour.

    If the visitors are truly in command here that shouldn’t happen unless they are just another fabrication to manipulate the public. I’m growing really weary of this subject. The roller coaster ride has to end sometime!

  8. “Another has dismissed the videos as “reflections on cockpit windows.” – this is appalling and so egregiously disingenuous that it demonstrates how desperate the scientific authoritarians have become. Naval aviators are some of the most highly trained professionals on the planet, and to insinuate that they can’t recognize the difference between a window reflection and an external target is preposterous. It’s literally they’re job to know the difference.

    Said science authority must think I’m a goddamn idiot.

    1. Yes, they think us ‘ordinary’ folks are idiots. I was in a long online conversation 20 years ago with a local Ph.D. in astronomy. We went back and forth on this issue, with his insisting that pilots, any pilot, are not ‘trained observers.’ I told him astronomers look through telescopes and therefore are missing half the action. Of course, he had a contempt for those of us who KNEW UFOs were not human oriented. The science community is full of themselves, to say it frankly. They think they have all the knowledge and the old phrase, ‘they can’t get here from there’ is still around.

      Too ‘brilliant’ for their own good.

  9. You couldn’t have argued the case for full disclosure any more eloquently. Thank you for this, and for all that you do and have done on this strange journey.

  10. I have thought for a long time that it is fascinating that people can be lied to numerous times by certain government entities, yet trust them to be truthful about disclosure.

    Jacques Vallee writes in ‘Trinity’:

    “Any Disclosure will be managed by the same groups that have safely managed the dossier for the last 75 years, and they can spin it to their liking, claiming that the military must retain control. They can also re-position it in any shape and context they want through multiple ‘cut-outs’ they can create out of thin air to send us into blind alleys. That’s what they do.”

  11. Thanks for this Whitley. I cannot say enough how perfectly i feel it expresses and summarizes the state of being we find ourselves…the potential for true deep & grand progress, and the potential pitfalls as well…trying to focus my own energy on the former 😉

    again, thanks for sharing your thoughts.

  12. “What you are, basically – deep deep down, far far in – is simply the fabric and structure of existence itself.” ~ Alan Watts

    I don’t think the fabric and structure of existence itself can ever be anything but perfect.

    We’re doing fine, and we’re going to be OK.


    “They know us far better than we can imagine. They probably have a lot of experience when it comes to dealing with intelligent species who are as immature as us.”

    Consider that when you are the fabric and structure of existence itself, you “know yourself” better than you might imagine. 😉

    1. Thanks for that Alan Watts quote, an updated version of ‘Thou art That’.

      1. The extended quote from Alan Watts is one of the most beautiful things I have ever heard.

        And I first heard the quote in a song, called “Dreams”, by Nuages, that is a stunningly perfect accompaniment to the quote.

        “Let’s suppose that you were able every night to dream any dream you wanted to dream,
        And you would naturally as you began on this adventure of dreams, you would fulfill all your wishes.
        You would have every kind of pleasure, you see
        And after several nights you would say, “well that was pretty great.”
        But now let’s have a surprise, let’s have a dream which isn’t under control.
        Where something is going to happen to me that I don’t know what it’s gonna be.
        Then you would get more and more adventurous,
        And you would make further and further out gambles as to what you would dream,
        And finally you would dream where you are now.

        If you awaken from this illusion,
        And you understand that black implies white,
        Self implies other,
        Life implies death,
        You can feel yourself, not as a stranger in the world,
        Not as something here on probation, not as something that has arrived here by fluke,
        But you can begin to feel your own existence as absolutely fundamental.

        What you are basically, deep, deep down, far, far in, is simply the fabric and structure of existence itself.”

  13. If I may be permitted. I think there are two dangerous outcomes of the so-called ‘disclosure’. One is that the government may wish to downplay what is known because it does not dare admit that there are things out there beyond its control and so what is disclosed turns out to be so mundane (reflections in cockpit windows anyone?) that the whole Ufology movement loses credibility and goes into a decline. Too many ‘ufologists’ have hyped up this disclosure so much that anything less than a UFO in a hangar is likely to be a grave disappointment. Don’t believe me, well look at the history of spiritualism after about 1920 it went into a pretty terminal decline from which it has never fully recovered. The second is that disclosure is used by the military industrial complex to demand funds to defend us against these UFOs. This will likely have one of three consequences. One, they may shoot at a UFO. Two if the UFOs feel under attack they may defend themselves or come back with a bigger battle fleet to teach the US (and the rest of us) a lesson. Three it may turn out that UFOs are transdimensional or something and are not susceptible to earthly weapons. So trillions will have been wasted to no benefit except the fat cats at the arms manufacturers.

  14. Author

    I agree with you. I just cannot believe that the government is going to advance this and open the incredible can of worms involved.

    It seems to me that they have manufactured for themselves an almost irresistible opportunity to build up expectations for a letdown.

    The media and the scientific community – both eager to cling to the illusory paradigm by which they now live – will at once laugh and breathe a sigh of relief, and the public along with them.

    At least, that’s what I fear will happen. I hope to be proven wrong.

  15. Thank you Whitley, for your words. I concur this is an exceptional commentary. Thanks to everyone for your additional valuable comments. I believe many in the United States are suffering profound collective trauma from the myriad ways we are out of harmony with life. From this pained perspective we look to leaders who – perhaps unconsciously – perpetuate the trauma. We look to them for answers, confirmations, and more. No matter what happens with the report and beyond, I say believe in yourself. Trust your experiences and what you feel and know, remembering that you are not alone. We are here. In every turn of phrase.

  16. So “why now” after all these decades of repression, reprisals, threats, and denials despite overwhelming evidence that has been staring us in the face for all this time? I can only speculate of course. Perhaps it is just a tiny crack, a slow conditioning if you will, a conversation starter, along those lines. I certainly don’t expect any bombshells anytime soon. Because if people knew what the aliens have really been up to all these years… abductions, genetic experimentation, baby-snatching, cattle, and other animal mutilations, human mutilations, hybridization programs, implants, and other nefarious activities? That wouldn’t play well in Peoria. And it really wouldn’t play well when they learned there isn’t a damn thing we can do to stop it.

    I’m also really curious about this whole Space Force thing too. As I said in another post, we’ve been operating in Space for what 70 years now? Why do we suddenly need a new branch of the military exclusively devoted? What’s coming down the pike or am I just being paranoid? This conversation we are all having right now didn’t happen just because a few grainy videos were “leaked.” We’ve been seeing grainy UFO videos for decades and they have always been laughed off. Even though I don’t know the answer to “why now,” I am confident that secrecy is a two-way street and this whole revelation is being “allowed” and there is a reason for it.

  17. One reason for the secrecy may be that certain governments have been playing footsie with the ETs for their narrow benefit, and not for humanity as a whole. For the ETs and their human collaborators, saving us may be a separate thing from saving the ecosystem. What if the ET’s deal is something like: Planets like Earth are too rare and precious to be left to the whims of the natives. We’re taking over, but if you provincial elitists play ball with us, we’ll be nice about it and you can land on your feet in style. We’ll do a slow kill, like constantly diminishing human fertility–heck, you’re doing it to yourselves already with estrogen-mimics, at least in the industrialized nations, we’ll just make the process go a little faster. In the meantime, you elites keep everyone under tight control, citing one Boogie Man emergency after another, you humans keep falling for that ploy, and goodness knows, your world has become, shall we say, very emergency prone lately.

    Would ETs be that callous? Don’t know. One key is to better understand the nature of consciousness, and the extent to which consciousness can be transferred from one body to another body, one body to another object, (like a spaceship) so that all these transfers become more like a change of clothes. From an ET perspective, depopulating the Earth may not be seen as genocide, just cleaning out a crowded closet.

    And consider this: We’ve come a long way technologically in recent centuries, but morally, not so much. The longest journey is from the head to the heart, and knowing how to short cut your way from one star to another doesn’t make the head-to-heart journey any shorter.

    So let’s have some fun with the “footsie” scenario:

    ET’s (let’s call them) are neither “Independence Day” marauders nor Benevolent Space Brothers. They’re somewhere in-between. Perhaps, with apologies to John Perkins, we’re dealing with “ET Economic Hitmen,” looking to make the third rock from the sun a Third World Planet. There may even be competing groups: ET “Russkies,” “Chinese” and “Americans” trying to figure out which local warlord (aka national regime) is most willing to play ball: like allow 2/3 of South America to be dedicated to their version of ET cocaine.
    Why wouldn’t the ETs just muscle their way in? The “Russkies” might get away with it where the Earth is concerned, but the Competing Powers would do a tit-fpr-tat elsewhere in the galaxy. And, like us, the ETs might have a reform-minded group wringing their hands over these imperialist shenanigans. Not that they have the power to actually stop anything, but their moralizing might lead to the observance of certain formalities, like having Earth officially conclude a “treaty of friendship and cooperation.” Then maybe we’d start to see ET bases on open land. No longer a need for them to hide in a mountain or under the sea.
    Trouble is, Earth doesn’t have a one-world government. Yet. So the first order of business for the competing ETs is to try to get their “warlord” to be the nominal ruler of Earth (with the competing ET Economic Hitmen bowing out after negotiating a few concessions). Many Earthers would be angling for a one-world government even if there were no ETs, so the ETs are just taking an existing trend and bending it to their agenda.
    The classic movie “They Live” presented a sketch of this scenario, and Marshall Vian Summers has arguably started a new religious movement based on what he believes to be telepathic warnings about ETs that would turn Earth into a client planet. And let’s not forget Dr. Jacobs’ research that seems to unveil a covert ET/human hybrid program.

  18. The monolith in 2001; a space odyssey speaks volumes about this experience and how far it goes back. some of us touched the monolith. And some clearly did not.

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