The British Ministry of Defense has released another set of documents, once again revealing provocative sightings and close encounters that are not easily explained. Of course, the media is concentrating on mistaken reports of a blimp advertising cars and more-or-less laughing off close encounter reports because they are so strange.

The general tone of the stories is that there is nothing new here and, whenever a story is really strange, it’s time to laugh. However, should we be laughing? I don’t understand why. Of course, if aliens show up here, they are going to seem very strange to us. Of course they are going to be extremely secretive and careful. Why shouldn’t they be? We shoot at them–another thing that has been documented conclusively in previous Ministry of Defense reports.

If we went to an isolated part of the Amazon rain forest and the local tribe found us terrifying and threw spears at us, we wouldn’t be surprised and we would be careful. That’s exactly what’s happening here.

From the mid forties, the USAF shot at UFOs. As recently as last year, it sent armed fighters up over Stephenville, Texas when UFOs appeared. The German Air Force chased a UFO across the breadth of their country recently.

So, at the official level, we are still acting like primitive, frightened tribesmen, and the result is that even visitors who might conceivably be able to communicate with us must be extremely careful.

When one of our jets is airborne, it can defend itself and use its weapons. When it’s on the ground, it’s helpless. Something like this could be true of UFOs, too. It might be that they are more vulnerable on the ground, so they don’t dare land except in very secretive circumstances.

By shooting first, we have created our unsatisfactory relationship with our visitors. Because the media institutionalized denial and laughter early on, it has a vested interest in continuing the coverup. Revelation of the truth is going to discredit the media in fundamental and perhaps irrecoverable ways, and they know it. They have failed to break the most important story in history, and done so despite plain evidence that has been readily available for years.

So they hope that the status quo can continue. And as long as the public remains passive and allows our governments to keep up their primitive threat displays, that’s exactly what will happen.

I have not read all the new reports yet, largely because opening the files has been difficult due to heavy use of the website involved. However, there is one story among the ones mentioned in the synopsis at the beginning of the file that the media (reading only the synopsis, of course) has picked up on, largely, I suspect, because they hope that it will gather a little laughter.

In November of 1989, a woman walking her dog encountered a Nordic-looking man who told her that crop circles were made by aliens, and that his people were friendly to us. He said that he had been told not to talk to us, but he thought it was important to do so. He also said that he came from a world that was much like our own. A few moments later, she saw a large glowing object take off into the air. She reported all this to the RAF.

Now, this is a perfect ‘silly season’ story for the media. They’re eager to repeat it because of the snickering they hope it will cause. They know that laughter is among the most powerful tools of the propagandist. And that’s what their persistent stance that the visitors are not real and are not here is: propaganda. In part, it is propaganda for the US Air Force, which fears that, if the truth is revealed, it will be accused of destroying contact with its belligerence. They should be so accused, but it is als true that our response to the visitors should never have been left up to the military. This was a stupid mistake, first made by Harry Truman, and repeated by every president who has followed, always for the same reason: to conceal the fact that we had a chance at a grand new life for all mankind, and they ruined it.

It is also good propaganda for the media itself, because people fear being laughed at, and this makes it easy for them to conceal their catastrophic mistake of world-historical proportions–for that’s what it is–behind a comfortable curtain of self-satisfied giggling. The implication is that only unsophisticated and ignorant fools would believe such silly storie. But not them, they’re far too smart.

Oh? Well, I’m pretty well marginalized anyway, so I’ll tell a story of my own contact with just such a being. He appears in my novel “the Grays” as “Mr. Crew,” and his message to me could not have been more clear: he felt that the situation was a disaster for mankind, and that we were going to go through a hell of a hard time because of the pressure we were putting on our environment. He also warned me about the “grays,” saying that they were extremely dangerous.

But this was a complex experience. It was real contact, and much, much deeper than normal human exchanges ever are.

At the time, I was heavily involved with the grays. You have no idea how heavily, because I have never reported the full extent of it. I will, though, and soon. It has taken me this long to understand even how to talk about it.

I was terribly worried by our conversation. What had I gotten myself into?

A few weeks later, two more of these “nordic” people showed up at my apartment in New York. They were very startling, but also kind. They asked me how they could help me, and I blurted out “you could show me one of your children.”

Another month or so passed, and I found myself in the baggage claim area at Stapleton Airport in Denver. Suddenly three people walked in front of me. One was a heavily disguised gray wearing a shabby dress. The other was a man I had met before, whom I believe was a US government operator who ‘interfaced’ with aliens. The third person was a startlingly large little boy. He had a child’s face, but the deep-set eyes of the “nordics,” and he was well over five feet tall.

They were all carrying cheap golf gear.

The boy and the disguised gray proceeded to play patty-cake. In seconds, a loud, rapid-fire clapping filled the air and their hands started going so fast you could hardly see them. And, understand, this was in a public place. There were people all around us. And they reacted. A crowd formed, watching this amazing display. People started clapping.

When they stopped, the giant little boy sort of bopped a couple of times, dropping down off the rhythm. Then he turned and walked toward the wall. In fact, I saw him just clean disappear. So did the man beside me. He said, “Did you see that?” I replied, “I don’t know what I saw.” I turned back, and the other two were gone, too.

The other guy wanted to go for a drink, and I should have, but my ride showed up and I was off on my author tour, to be laughed at by four or five members of the media over the next few hours. In the car, it suddenly hit me: they just showed me one of their children! Then: why in the world did I ask that? What a fool I am! If they really wanted to help me, they could have taken me to their world and never sent me back to this misery.

But there was deeper meaning here. Notice that the same people who had warned me about the grays were leaving one of their children in the charge of a gray. So what did that warning really mean? I’ll tell you what the conflict this contradiction did to me. It made my relationship with the grays, which went on for years, much more mature and multi-dimensional.

So, look at all this–what incredible richness and newness could come from contact. This is just one tiny true story–and it is true, every word of it. Think what it would be like if many more of us were exposed to such rich teaching.

When I was first abducted, one of the grays called me “the luckiest of the lucky.” Since then, I have cursed my luck, and in this level of reality, it has been generally terrible. But in another level, I sense that my soul is growing rich with knowledge and with being, and I am indeed a very lucky man.

How much the media and the military have taken from us.

To read the UK National Archives files, click here.

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