It is now clear that a mistaken policy of ‘shoot ’em down’ by the United States Government, pursued with vigor at least through the 1950s by the US Air Force, ruined any chance of meaningful contact with our visitors during that period, and up to the present.

Last year, the British Ministry of Defence released documentation indicating that a pair of American pilots, one of them Milton Torres, had been ordered to fire upon a UFO over the United Kingdom on May 20, 1957. Dr. Torres, still very much alive, then came forward and told the story that he had been ordered to keep secret by the Air Force.

The UFO, he said, was the size of an aircraft carrier. When he and the other pilot involved armed their rockets, it simply disappeared from their radars and they did not fire.

This was not the only time that the Air Force engaged UFOs. The reason that this must be true is that the pilots were scrambled without warning, and immediately ordered to fire. There was no need to obtain prior permission from the Ministry of Defence. The orders were already in place and the policy behind them decided. Otherwise, there could have been no scramble order over a foreign country, let alone an order to fire armed missiles over the territory of an allied country without prior permission. They had permission. This is why they were able to act immediately.

It still goes on. Despite Air Force denials, FAA radar records showed conclusively that jets rose to meet the objects that appeared over Stephenville, Texas in 2008, so it can be assumed that, at the very least, the Air Force continues to defend its “airspace” with all the intelligence and usefulness of a yapping terrier.

This policy caused contact to fail. As such, it is not simply the greatest mistake in recorded history but the greatest mistake in the biological history of the species. Certainly, the United States wishes to continue to conceal this secret at almost any cost.

This is because the blocking of contact has had such dire effects. It has blocked our evolutionary path and left us trapped on a planet that is becoming unable to support us and could, more or less at any time, start malfunctioning in ways that could induce a massive dieback of our species.

The mistake was not made only because people like Harry S. Truman and Curtis LeMay were foolish, belligerent and ill-prepared. They had just come out of the most horrific war in history, only to discover that, in the Soviet Union, they had a new enemy every bit as insane as the old one. And now, suddenly, a bizarre and entirely unpredictable presence appears. Pro-Soviet? Communists from another world, perhaps? Or, simply, a fearful new unknown?

Who knows what went through their minds? But the outcome in policy is clear: they decided to protect their airspace.

And now we have to live with the consequences. But do we, really? Might not there be another chance?

Of course there is another chance. But it does not involve our existing authorities and institutions. In fact, it has nothing to do with institutional authority except insofar as it must stand aside in order for contact to proceed.

As matters now stand, if there was an admission at the highest levels of the US government similar to that already made by numerous other governments, there will follow an effort to manage information flow by directing the media to NASA, the US Air Force and such quasi-governmental groups as the MUFON leadership.

However, these groups probably have little to nothing of any value to offer. From all appearances, they think of the situation as involving intelligent entities from another planet or planets who function according to policy and, in some way, have institutions like ours that formulate and direct their policies.

In reality, the way the visitors function and what happens to people in their proximity suggests that they perceive the world very, very differently from the way we do. For example, when you are face to face with the small gray beings that form such a large part of the presence we see, and figure so extensively in its folklore, there is no sense that you are with people. Rather, it’s like being with animals who are much more intelligent than you are. This is because there is absolutely no cultural familiarity at all. None.

How can officials engage with somebody whose meaning lies beyond a gap far more vast than that between us and, say, dolphins? We haven’t the slightest idea what cetaceans may be saying to each other, or even what language means to them, if anything. And our visitors–even those who appear to engage with us verbally–are far, far more different from us than any earthly species.

No, official control of contact is going to fail just as certainly as the official policy of shoot first has failed. For us to have useful contact, it is going to be necessary to engage directly and personally, and the visitors–thankfully–will regard the end of the final obstacle, which is official denial and belligerent display, as a signal to open themselves to more personal interaction than before.

If, in addition to the end of official denial and the constant scrambling of armed aircraft, there comes a properly constituted and new effort to understand by scientists who work outside of the U.S. government–for example, in the academic community–then there will also be a response. The more accurate the conclusions that enter scientific culture, the richer and more complex the visitors’ reaction to them will become. Useful understanding will lead to the appearance of more information.

The release of the much vaunted “secret knowledge” supposedly in possession of the US government probably doesn’t much matter. It has most likely been obtained, for the most part, by people who lacked any real ability to interact with our visitors, and not only has little value, it might even be tainted by inaccuracies, incorrect conclusions and falsehoods that are designed to make us feel a need to hide behind the authority of the very institutions that would be releasing the supposed ‘bombshells,’ in an effort to terrify us into preserving them.

One of the visitors once said that what was on offer for mankind was ‘a new world, if you can take it,’ meaning both that we must be able to wrest it from their hands, and to bear it when we do.

Certainly, the government and its associated entities have a role to play. It remains up to them to find the courage to disclose the truth, which is that they know that an unknown intelligence is present here. Beyond that, the primary directions contact will take are two. First, and most important, it will be between individuals and the visitors, without any institutional barrier such as some NASA or Air Force officials directing our actions or laws restricting or channeling contact. Second, it will involve scientists working publicly on data that can be readily obtained in dozens of different ways, to make sense of contact in terms that are meaningful to us.

Thus the evolutionary process that was interrupted in the 1940s can resume. The beginning of it is now quite clear: government admits the validity of the phenomenon, then steps aside and lets the people work to forge it into a human reality.

If and when this happens, history will look upon it for what it will prove to be: the end of the first stage of human evolution and the beginning of the second. It is that large a change.

Of course, if they do nothing, then it will proceed anyway, but only when the social order has so broken down that government can no longer offer resistance to the visitors, and the people are sufficiently desperate to turn to them anyway. Under conditions of such chaos and suffering, though, it will be far less effective, and what might take fifty or a hundred years during a period of organized social patterns such as we enjoy now, will take thousands of years, and may even require a whole new cycle of collapse to complete itself.

So, a great deal rides on whether or not a single man has the courage to tell the truth. “Ladies and gentlemen, we have known for some time that a nonhuman intelligence appears to be present here. Beyond that, we have learned little of any value. Our own forces will now stand down, in the hope and expectation that the people and public sector science can learn more, and gain for mankind the value that appears to be available to us.”

That would be the first step in what would become, truly, a journey to a new world.

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