At this website, we get hundreds of links to video of UFOs and aliens, and many actual videos sent to us, usually of UFOs taken at night. Much of this video we do not do anything with, either because it is of a light at night that could really be anything, or because it is obviously a simple computer generated graphic.

In our new “Out There” section, which aggregates without editing, we will usually post links to interesting and unusual video, even without evaluating it. For the main news section of the site, however, we do evaluate any images, video or still, that we might post and comment on.

Yesterday, an astute “Out There” reader noticed that an unusual video from Fresno, California was oddly similar to one we had posted a short time ago from Peru. I had noticed the Peruvian video because the creature in it is so unusual looking. So I was intrigued by the Fresno video, which shows what appears to be the same sort of thing.

It is not possible to determine if these are CGI effects, because the resolution of the available imagery is too low. Even if we are able to get the original footage, it may still be impossible, because modern imaging software is so good.

In a sense, however, in this case, it may not matter, for a number of reasons. First, with the possible exception of a video from Russia, these are the only two videos of something that looks like this. Second, the structure of the creature is so extremely unusual that it seems like it’s the last thing a hoaxer would think to do. Third, this creature displays a number of morphological features that are entirely alien. No animal on earth is structured like this.

Of course it would be possible to fake. Even fairly easy, in this case. However, I think it is worth speculating about what these videos may mean if they are genuine.

First and foremost, I have never seen anything that looks like this and I do not recall anything in all the letters and emails we have received over the years that describes anything like this. Instead of huge heads and staring eyes, these creatures seem to have very narrow heads and vestigial faces, if any face at all. One would think that such a small head must mean a small brain and therefore a simple one, but this may not be the case. We know that many birds are highly intelligent. In fact, the most intelligent land animal besides us may be the African Gray Parrot, which has a tiny brain. And yet, African Grays can learn as much language and use it at least as skillfully as the most highly trained apes.

So it could well be that this is a normally or even highly intelligent creature that is just built along lines that work, but that have not evolved here on earth.

At present, there are probably more UFO sightings taking place than at any time since the early fifties. Some, of course, are mistakes, others fakes. But, in general, the sightings are coming from ordinary folks who really are seeing things that cannot be explained, and some of them, such as the recent air chase over Germany, are really spectacular and undeniable.

So, it’s worth asking, is there some sort of change under way? I think that there well could be. If so, and if aliens are revealing their physical appearance in this way, then we can expect extreme strangeness as matters continue to develop.

I might add, here, that I think that the form that we know as “the grays” is a very real one, and that there probably are a few legitimate images of these creatures. Unfortunately, I cannot put my finger on one that I can prove is real, but the form is described so often, and is so like things I have personally seen, that I have to believe that it is one form that is, indeed, here.

There might be more than one form, though. This is a big universe–really, really big–and it is likely that there are many different forms of creature out there, and it is possible that they interact and have come here in some sort of partnership, or that a number of different forms have discovered us independently of one another, and are now making independent observations.

In any case, there is a distinct probability that these two videos represent authentic images of genuine aliens, and that this does mean that they are going to become more apparent over the near term.

The vast majority of the human species has no idea that this phenomenon exists. The few who do mostly either dismiss it or ignore it because it doesn’t impact their lives. A very tiny number, probably no more than a few million worldwide, have conscious memories of close encounters or have seen an unforgettable UFO, and take an active interest.

By gathering video, comparing experiences and banding together in groups, these people are forming a new human institution, one that is sensitized to contact and aware of the possibility that it could become a much more general human experience than it is now.

When will it happen and what form will it take? Well, if we are not surprised by the way that both of those questions are answered, I will be–well–surprised. But I do think that a change may be under way, and all of us who are part of this new group of people who are aware of this and sensitive to it, should be prepared for what could be a very sudden amplification of the situation. If the visitors should make themselves publicly known, matters could go in a very short time from what they are now, a more-or-less ignored part of the cultural background, to the most important matter in human affairs.

If that happens, we are going to be needed, and also can expect to be stepped on by politicians who want to retain power, pundits who want to retain authority, and researchers who want to dominate the contact process.

In the end, though, it will be our visitors who decide how information about them will emerge into human society. We, all of us, have probably been drawn into this for a reason. They do not intend for the process of contact to flow through our existing institutions. Rather, they have chosen to go another way, which is to appeal directly to people like us–the ordinary man.

Small heads or large, that is probably a very sensible idea.

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