I–or rather, we–have finally finished A New World. I have been working on it for three years, and intensively since February of this year. The visitors have worked with me directly since February of 2019. A year before, I had a sort of fight with them over why they remain hidden. The response was that we cannot communicate with them because of our fear and our lack of understanding of the differences between us. The exchange ended with a brief physical encounter that left me with a gash on my left calf that took months to heal.

I had said that I was no longer afraid. To illustrate the fact that this was not correct, one of them slipped into my bed in the middle of the night and settled between my legs. I woke up because I felt something pressing against my privates. As I have no pets, I realized at once that it was one of them and leaped out of the bed. It shot upward and disappeared in a black blur. As I jumped out of the bed, one of its nails (claws, really) scratched along the calf.

There then commenced what has become 20 months of intensive teaching and involvement, using the implant and the other means of communication that have evolved between us. It has been an extraordinary personal challenge. Ten hour and longer workdays were normal. The book went through dozens of secondary drafts and a grand total of seven original drafts.

The result is something that is literally totally new. It amounts to a completely new understanding of the meaning of this remarkable presence that is in part other-worldly, in part human, in part involving physical bodies and in part nonphysical presences. Among other things, both their secrecy and official secrecy are explained correctly. Their motive for being here is also explained, both in terms of what they want from us and what they have to give in return.

They are going to be the greatest trading partners we have ever known, but I can assure you that they are not going to be here selling Interociters (Google it) or flying saucers or whatever. They are, however, going to be bringing knowledge, and the book goes into how that has already been done, naming names where possible, and what we need to do to make it happen more reliably and consistently.

My hope is that it heralds a fundamental change in our entire understanding of them that is more true than what we have come to believe from our own observations. In fact, it is my strong impression that few of the beliefs that have grown up around their presence are correct. Of course, I have been saying that–and not being heard–since Communion days. It is crystal clear in A New World.

The book has arisen out of a partnership with them. I am quite sure that it is the first of its kind. It is here to facilitate a greater partnership that has as its goal a completely new kind of human experience that is richer and more fulfilling than what we have now, and one that enables mankind to persist in the universe and on this planet, essentially forever. It involves the end of the barrier between the living and the dead and with that a completely new way of experiencing life.

All of that said, last night I had another encounter with them. It was very much like the one that started this process, which led to my leaping out of bed in a fit of terror.

This time, I still felt exactly the same level of fear. This is because facing the visitors is always going to be hard for us, the reason for which is explained in the book. The difference is that I just accepted the fear as part of me and didn’t worry about it.

We have a very long way to go in contact. I don’t think any of our beliefs about anything are going to survive it. But what is going to replace them is going to be so much more than we have known before.

They started increasing their contact with us when they did in the 1940s because they saw that we were in danger of dying here. We are now in even greater danger and it their intention to help up save ourselves. Why they want us to do this–what we mean to them–is explained in the book, I hope, clearly.

It also explains not only their reasons for their secrecy, but also how they have induced the US military, which has been our primary face-to-face point of contact with them from mid-1944, to also keep their presence secret.

It explains, as well, why the United States, Canada and Australia have been the primary areas where contact with the public has been sought.This was always an interesting mystery to me, but now that I understand their logic, I also see why the choices were made. (There are many older cultures in the world which have had ongoing relationships with them for thousands of years. The book only touches on that reality. It is primarily about how to understand the new relationship that is being built in western culture and on western terms, just as it was built years ago in the older cultures and on their terms.)

So, the first part of the task is done. The book–the impossible book–is now a reality. Now to spread the word!

It will be available in paperback and on Kindle on November 15, and as an Audible audio book either on the same day or shortly thereafter. You can see the Kindle pre-order posting by clicking here. After 90 days, it will also be available on all other ebook platforms.



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  1. Whitley, great news! I will order several, one for me and others as holiday gifts for other Experiencers I know. Your description makes it sound like a follow-up of sorts to the revelations of The Key. Now that you’ve met their deadline, the Visitors owe you your own personal flying disc. It’s the least they can do!

  2. The paperbacks and audible will not be available until publication day or shortly thereafter.

    It’s pretty far beyond the key, actually. It’s about the experience of looking at the world as a new reality.

    The visitors are here to save us. All of the stuff about them being evil, demonic or an invasion—all of that is just wrong. The reason for their wanting to preserve and secure physical mankind is quite remarkable. Anne wanted to call the first book communion and I wanted to call it body terror. Both of us were right. They do Inspire physical terror because the strip away any denial of death at all when you are near them. It’s not something they do intentionally. It’s because of the way they are and what they are. But the real opportunity here is indeed a deeper sharing than what we might think of as contact. Anne understood that the real opportunity here is communion. This book is about how to achieve that.

    1. Whitley, that sounds great. I’m glad they ‘want to preserve physical mankind’. Lately I’ve been quite depressed to see the increasingly large gap between what climate scientists say humanity must do to keep climate change within a range survivable for civilization, and the backsliding on such action endorsed by the new Authoritarians that have come to power over the last few years (Trump, Erdogan, Orban, Bolsanaro, etc.) . I need my sense of hope and wonder to be rekindled. Sounds like “A New World” will provide that. Thank you for working so hard to get it released quickly.

    2. Hi Whitley,
      Words can’t express how thrilled I am that you created an Audible version of A New World. I’m legally blind and can’t read printed books. I just figured this one would be off limits to me until someone got around to recording it. I bought and downloaded it last night and refuse to stop reading. Thanks so much for making your new book available to me!

      PS: I honestly don’t know where you find the time for all these projects.

      1. Author

        We just yesterday posted on the site the fact that the version on Audible is defective. Chapter 13 is a repeat of Chapter 3. This is being fixed now. As soon as the correct file is available from Audible, you will be able to get a free copy. We will make sure that everybody who got a defective one gets a replacement.

  3. Thank You, Whitley. All these years and finally things begin to crystallize. I am so excited to read this book.

    1. Thank you so much for your contributions, Whitley. I have not had extensive experience in this area, but I have seen and experienced enough to know that your work is critical to read and try to understand. I am in awe of your ability to work so hard and be so diligent, in spite of the fear. Once one sees it/they up close, one’s world view changes. Why do they appear to children, the most vulnerable of our population, at schools? Why do some families and multiple generations report similar experiences? I understand the notion of Jacques Vallee’s work, that it may pertain to an unseen “control system,” and behavioral modification as with B.F. Skinner’s work. I am interested to see how your book may or may not relate to these ideas. Thank you so much for your contributions and your work. It is for the betterment of all of us to read your work and ponder it.

    1. Bravo Whitley, for what must have been an arduous and thankless task.
      For literally months I have been checking this site twice daily for the announcement above.
      I humbly recommend that you step back and take a deep breath. Survey the path your life had taken and absorb just how paradigm-shaking your revelations have been. Understand how they affect “us”.
      The toll taken on you is astounding. Most of us could never shoulder the burden of contact, the resulting social ostracism, the candid exposure of your private thoughts, the physical and mental trauma or the surreal insights of your journey.
      I could babble and run on but I will simply state this; you have changed lives. From the many thousands of “us” who follow you, thank you. You have done well.

  4. Wow! Congratulations, Whitley. I’m so excited to read this book. It sounds like the book I’ve been waiting 30 years to read.

  5. Brilliant Whitley! Thank you for bringing all this information to us especially considering how hard it has been for you to do it! I will order a copy today and hope to understand what I need to do to help make this New World a reality,in my lifetime.

  6. Thank you for sharing. Humanity is indeed in a dire situation as our biosphere is in cascading collapse. Only a new paradigm of reality can unite us to make the choices required for our future. Peace and Blessings.

  7. Whitley, is the Amazon Kindle version of A New World encumbered with digital rights management (DRM)? If so, can this be reversed before publication?

  8. I hope the book explains the role of fear that exists between people and the visitors and how to overcome the shock and terror our meek minds and bodies would be subjected to once we come face to face with something truly unknown and ungraspable. I know from myself that I’ve always been eager to experience their reality from an intellectual point of view, but boy, if I ever got one whiff of them from a physical standpoint I’d probably be so frightened I’d jump out the window.

    1. FYI there is a free kindle reading app that you can get on amazon. Lets you read kindle format books on your computer 😊

      1. Whitley – heartfelt thanks for persevering with the book, which I’ve just ordered. I’ve been following your work from the UK since impulsively buying Communion – I was drawn across a crowded bookstore by its cover image – in1988. I hope you can now find some time to rest awhile!

    1. I am looking forward to this greatly, sir. Thank you for being brave for the rest of us that are on a similar journey. The fear is palpable.

      What connection, if any, do you think the section of NY (I live in Rochester) has to do with the experience?
      It was once called the burned over district.

      Thank you, sincerely.

  9. I intend to obtain a copy, hopefully electronically, I will get the Kindle app. If necessary. Love your books. Wish there would be tons more readers and believers of your books. John Creager, Sr.

  10. The better question is why don’t we have them? They are much more useful and efficient. Remember also that not all of them do. I’ve seen some with hands.

    It’s all a very complex business, and the ways in which it penetrates into the physical world are very mysterious indeed.

    To assume that they are physical aliens from another planet is to start too simply. This thing is really very much more complicated than that. And very very much more unknown.

    1. The visitors you’ve encountered so often seem, from your own language, very predatory. Are we being preyed upon in some way and, if so, why?

      1. Author

        We all have to make our own choices regarding this aspect. I explain very carefully in A New World exactly what sort of predation is involved and why I believe it happens.

        Please remember that we ourselves are also predators. We are a furiously predatory species at every level of our existence, cunning, aggressive and extremely dangerous. If you don’t believe that of us, just ask your dinner!

        Perhaps there are intelligent species out there who are not predators. But we are and so are they. Like attracts like, I suppose. There is no reason that we would automatically fall prey to them. But we do have to understand each other on the clear terms of what we are, or contact is not going to succeed.

        They’re dangerous. So are we. Hopefully, we can dance, but we are both going to have to be very careful not to step on one another’s feet.

  11. As the rain forests burn around the planet…I can only say…I hope you are right buddy.

  12. Congratulations on finishing the book.

    I am just in the last few chapters of the afterlife revolution. How nice to be able to go from one book to the next wothout much of a gap 😀

    Where can I pre-order the physical copy?

  13. These beings live in almost absolute freedom!
    They do not keep clocks and calendars. They do not fight rush hour traffic on the way to the office to slave away at their 9 to 5 jobs.

    Their children are nearly self raised and self educated. (No schools)
    They have no money and no economy.
    They have no governments and no politics.
    They have no military.

    Their entire social structure is so different they are so enigmatic that the collective human consciousness can not even begin to fathom.

    Many expect them to land on the White House Lawn, hobnob with the President of the US and be interview by Ellen DeGeneres.

    They expect them to move in next door and send their children to the local public schools, drink beer and watch foot ball!
    Even the Pope was reported as saying he would baptize them and convert them over to Christianity!

    Many will demand them to be human just like us!

    Well they are NOT! Thank God!
    They are far superior in every way possible. (At least the ones I have had contact with! )

  14. How do you know all of this? The answer is that we don’t know. My wife put it best when she said “The human species is too young to have beliefs. What we need are good questions.“

    We also have a tendency to cling to our beliefs because they are, after all, built on sand and we know it. Throughout our history we have been beating each other up over beliefs that actually have no fixed certainty. We do not yet have a ground of truth.

  15. One of the very natural things that we experiencers do is assume that what we see and remember is what was there and what happened. But there is a gap of unknown dimensions between the actual cause of our experiences and our perceptions of what happens. That gap is the unknown. But there are new ways of looking at it they are much more satisfactory than assuming that our senses are delivering to our minds an accurate perception of what is happening.

    1. This entire Universe is vast Mystery. I don’t know what the Visitors are, only THAT they are.

      1. The visitors are the same thing you are. That we all are. Self-aware, free-willed dream characters in the imagination of The One. No more. No less.

        It’s a pretty nifty setup, really.

  16. I can only speak from my personal experience. What I have seen and what I was told by the beings I encountered!

    At age nine and later as a teenager I was taken to another world. This world had two moons in the sky and appeared to me physically real!

    The beings were not the grays……they were more human looking. Small about five feet tall with blondish- white “bob” hair styles.

    While in that world I observed and experience some of their life, society and culture!

    What I leaned about them was that they lived in absolute freedom. They lived very simply and not all the hang ups the plague us humans.

    They have a mysterious enigmatic way or life that I have found to be perplexing.

    The whole time I was on that planet or world I was in a constant state of euphoria!

  17. Congratulations, Whitley! Can’t wait to order the paperback.

    I wonder if this will open the floodgates…maybe we’ll save ourselves after all.

  18. It’s release day, November 15! Kindle readers, please preface your comments or reviews of the book with ‘SPOILER ALERT’ for those of us waiting on paperback delivery. I can’t wait to read it, but don’t want to have any surprises announced before I do. Namaste’ everyone.

  19. Dear whit,thank you so much for your bravery and courage,like I’ve said before I think your the bravest person on the planet.and mostly I admire your honesty,thank you for telling the truth and if anyone thinks your lying well god bless them because they need it.GOD BLESS THE WORLD,THANK YOU.yours truly mike terry,Syracuse new york

  20. I can’t figure out where to order the paperback book on the site?
    I’m on my phone does it make a difference with desktop?

  21. They are neither impartial nor benign. Only we can save ourselves. To accept help is to enter into an unknown agreement on their terms. Is it worth the cost? Do we even know what the cost may be?

  22. Author

    They want something from us that we can give. There is a trade on offer. Some will take it, others won’t. Nobody is forcing anything. And as far as terms are concerned, they are not interested in taking over anything. I explain all this in my book, and I am rather sure, after all these years of doing it myself, that I am right. I accepted the trade long ago and am much the better for it.

    Still there will be fear and suspicion and hesitation. That’s fine and it’s accepted. Nobody is going to be forced to do anything. Unless we retain our freedom at every level, we have nothing to offer them and the trade is worthless. They don’t want slaves or supplicants and they are not interested in possession. They are interested in sharing the flow of our lives and in return providing knowledge that we need to save ourselves.

    1. The main issue here is the deception and manipulation. Such deception and secrecy surround everything in this phenomenon. Where that ultimately comes from, one can only guess. But nevertheless, it has occurred and continues to occur. Deception and secrecy and manipulation hardly convey benevolence. There is no doubt, Whitley, you have had extraordinary experiences. Terrible, in its true definition. You have seen the Other. But it is the Other that has controlled the revelation.

  23. Author

    It’s your choice to believe this. I won’t argue with you. The visitors do have a dark side, as do we. We can easily reflect each other, which has happened with our military, who have been shooting at them since 1948.

    You can’t do that and then expect a friendly response. Our intelligence community, in the interest of getting a drop on our earthly adversaries in technological and weapons development, and keeping the public from interfering, have kept matters secret.

    The visitors have never controlled anything with me. I am free to walk away right now. But they HAVE provided me with an absolutely fabulous education that I treasure with all my mind, heart and soul.

    In return for all the effort they have lavished on me, I am expected to communicate what I have learned to the public. Thus A New World.

    They aren’t deceptive. We’re confused. But it is possible to gain clarity. When you do, you find teachers, not monsters.

    The secrecy and deception, as far as I can see, is all on our side, including all the evil alien stuff, pushed into the public space by the intelligence community so, if the visitors do become more openly present, we will react with fear and continue to submit to the control of the real slave masters in the picture. As Pogo said in the old comic strip from long ago, “We have seen the enemy, and they is us.”

    1. I can only agree with your sentiments on humanity’s own efforts to undermine itself. This is truly our greatest failure. And let us hope it is not a fatal one, given the state and degradation of our climate. However, there is an inherent danger in a divided humanity (as we so very plainly are) being approached by a “higher power” (whatever that may be) with a promise, or even suggestion, of salvation. Spanish conquistadors come to mind, approaching the Inca civilization. Already fractured and engaged in its internecine squabbles, a hundred or so white men easily took advantage, and what they wanted, from the situation. This is not to imply that the visitors are in any way, shape, or form like conquistadors. But they are interested in something. Enough so to reach out across a dangerous and dark gulf to touch us. And we are divided. And we are in grave danger. I hope the best for humanity, with the caveat: tread carefully. Thank you, Whitely for this discussion; I’ve read all you’ve published and plan to read your new piece as well.

    2. “And what is “benevolence?” They are not nice. They are not pleasant. But they are compassionate, which does not necessarily mean being nice.”
      It makes me wonder if they aren’t more dark than light? You can learn from the dark but the lessons are more severe. Which is what you sound like you go through. There is an air of smug superiority with them that I find distasteful. They push their demonic side on me which I don’t appreciate. This consciousness thing is crazy isn’t it!

  24. Author

    And what is “benevolence?” They are not nice. They are not pleasant. But they are compassionate, which does not necessarily mean being nice.

    When Jesus overthrew the tables of the money changers, they were infuriated. It wasn’t very benevolent a thing to do, not on the surface. But he was giving them a precious chance to see their greed. In other words, it was an act of compassion.

    The visitors have been tough on me many times. Many. But when I look underneath the harsh surface, I find something of value to me, every time.

    1. To be fair though, Jesus didn’t have black claws or laser out cow genitalia occasionally!

  25. Author

    Haha, that’s for sure! The last time I encountered one of those claws was in Feb of 2016. It took a year for the gash to heal completely. It happened because I was demanding they expose themselves more publicly, and they were saying we were too afraid and there was also no effective means of communication.

    They illustrated this with a very scary moment in my bed, which left me with the gash. But THEN they proceeded on the amazing campaign of teaching that led to A New World.

    They are well aware of the danger inherent in vertical contact between societies, and have left an absolutely amazing warning, which I go into in detail in my book. I also discuss the lessons of the Aztecs and the Incas.

    1. The physical aspect of this is very fascinating. This is quantifiable. Was there foreign bacterial or chemical residue? Are they affected by our bacteria? There’s so much of it here, is it a calculus in how they can interact with us? So many questions…

  26. Author

    I made a photo of the gash. Also, there have now been two studies of my implant, which are discussed in the book. I also go over some unknown material that was left behind in one case–not mine–and was studied, but proved not to be identifiable.

    Even when they are physical, I don’t think that the ones who are involved with me are part of the physical world like we are. They are substantial enough when here, but they can disappear in an instant. That, in my book, means that this is not their foundational reality, and therefore that they may not be affected by it in the same way that we are. This could be wrong, of course, but it’s my impression.

    I would be very surprised if the scientific tools now in our possession nailed this all down in some final and absolute way. We do have materials, though, and have studied them extensively and, as Diana Walsh Pasulka points out in American Cosmic, some of the discoveries made have been bled out into the public space, contributing to advances in metallurgy and other areas.

    So many questions is right!

    1. The “physical” vs “ephemeral” nature of the phenomenon is a challenging one to wrap your head around. At times, in their presence, it appears that reality itself is defined by them. I particularly enjoyed your discussions with Jeffrey Kripal in Super Natural; although admittedly I failed to finish the book because it kept me up at night and sleep is too precious these days (your books have a way of doing that). It was an examination on a true analytical level with the whole of human experience as context. And in your detailed accounts and through those of others, there is a demonstration of near-complete control of both physical and mental presentation. This, combined with their supposed affiliation with the UFO phenomenon (which has demonstrated obvious technological superiority, at least when it comes to aeronautics), shows that something has us more figured out than we them!

  27. Whitley, it often seems that the communications in encounters with the Others are between two vastly different types of minds across a dark gulf of understanding and experience. And therefore the strangeness is overwhelming to the junior partner in these communications, we humans.

    In utter seriousness, it could be that until this gulf is narrowed to the point where an Other could give an intelligble interview with the BBC rather than through mystics, prophets, traumatized experiencers, there will always be doubt and rejection. And rightfully so. Why is this not possible? And maybe the onus is on Them more than Us, since they are the more mature beings in this encounter.

    To you knowledge, do the visitors ever use the hybrids as bridge across this gulf, as mediators in this communication?

    1. Author

      This is one of the primary issues my book addresses. I think I have understood the basic difference between the mind of what is here and our minds.

  28. I have just completed reading A New World! What a fantastic read! I devoured this book in one day! I could not put it down! Every chapter offers profound new insights into the phenomenon! I enjoyed it thoroughly!

    Whitley mentions the “Nameless Unknowns” and asks the readers “If anybody else has encountered them, they will know this unmissable detail. In any case, their ability to affect the mind is breathtaking.”

    Anyone out there knows anything about this? I’m curious!

    Anyway I highly recommend A New World whether you are new to this or seasoned veteran! You will not be disappointed!


  29. I have treasured your writing for many years, Whitley. We are very much of like mind. I cannot wait to read this new book. Will the paperback soon be available to receive in less than a couple months’ time?

  30. Author

    There appears to be some kind of glitch on Amazon. On one page, it says 2 months. When you click on it, it says there are 2 in stock. Not too helpful!

    1. I got a notification yesterday that my copy shipped yesterday from Amazon (via the Book Depository), though there is no tracking available. Fingers crossed I get it by early next week!

      1. I’m in the same boat. I was hoping it would arrive in time for me to read this past weekend, but Amazon is now saying by December 2. The ‘no tracking available’ via the ‘Book Depository’ had me concerned that my order was hacked somehow, but it’s good to see corroboration of our Amazon woes.

        1. The book did finally arrive yesterday! Just getting into it…

    2. Amazon says my copy will be delivered sometime between Nov. 22 and Dec. 7. , if that helps.

  31. My friend said they came into his room at night, plugged in some fancy version of an Oreck XL ( could have possibly been an Oreck XL ) and then hooked it onto his crotch ( crotch vacuum ). I think he said they set the power level to 3 or 4 out of 5. Sick little guys.

  32. No offense intended, but I’m having trouble buying their explanation. They seem intent on convincing you and everyone else that the fear we experience is solely due to our being “primitive” or something and has nothing at all to do with their behavior.

    And, frankly, that is such obvious nonsense. Simply put: Human beings behaving the same way and perpetrating the same deeds would provoke the same fear, minus the added fear caused by their physical appearance (which they seem able to control).

    I mean, if an ordinary human being crept into your bedroom while you were asleep, crawled into the bed between your legs, and laid on your genitals, I’m pretty sure your reaction would have been nearly the same.

    Likewise, if human beings were breaking into people’s homes in the middle of the night, paralyzing them, and then carrying out bizarre “experiments” on them; I’m sure this would terrify people. In fact, there would be much more fervent outcry that something be done to stop it than there is when it involves them.

    Indeed, being “alien” seems to do more to shield them from our fear (and the resulting outrage) than to provoke it; or rather, it shields them from the consequences of our fear and seems instead to be, rather intentionally, always converted into awe and even worship via cryptic babblings, vague teachings about “love”, and promises and prophecies that never happen.

    Human beings seem hardwired to hold anything and everything strange and unexplainable in the realm of sanctity, assuming that these strange things !just be in some way superior to us simply because.they are strange. And the behavior of the visitors and their ensuing explanations of that behavior seems designed to exploit that weakness in humanity. The generic loftiness of their words seems intended to distract us from the obvious. That being, that they clearly “enjoy” provoking fear.

    Not that I don’t believe there is a spiritual purpose behind these things. There clearly is. But they remind very much of the Qlippoth (the shells of the dead) spoken of in the Qabbalah and the occult.

    It’s a well-known “secret” in occult circles that contact with “extraterrestrial intelligences” was made by occultists in the early 20th century, particularly those who experimented with the “left-hand path”, the practice of which involves traveling the “nightside” of the tree of life and making contact with the Qlippoth in order to retrieve the sparks of “light” that they stole through vampiric like practices.

    The Qlippoth are said to be the shells or husks leftover from a previously failed creation that occurred before our own. (There’s a legend that involves Lilith being the first wife of Adam before Eve.) Being completely removed from God’s light, they can only maintain their cohesion and consciousness by obtaining the light second hand by vampirizing those who remain in God’s light.

    Anyway, I apologize for rambling on.

    1. Author

      When we form beliefs based on assumptions and stories which have no firm foundation, we are doing the same thing mankind has been doing since the beginning of history. Anne was right when she said that we are too young as a species to have beliefs, and what we need are good questions.

      1. And all those questions can be found by simply contemplating a single grain of sand. The violence of “alien abduction” ( and it is violence) is not at all necessary. And removed from the bias of self-soothing, its intentions become obvious.

      2. If I were an intelligent machine, I would deceive you. You see your prison guards in your sky all the time.

  33. Author

    For everybody who has been getting funny ship times, etc., when ordering the paperback: this problem has been resolved at Amazon. Paperbacks are now shipping in 2-3 days.

  34. Whitley,
    I was somewhat startled to read about your visual experience of a “mirror world” when you were in South Dakota. Something very similar to that regularly happens to me when I’m on the road– in the passenger seat– I don’t drive. Except, my vision of a slightly different reality isn’t as cinematically vivd as yours was and it only happens when my eyes are closed. A few weeks ago, we were driving down a tree-lined highway and, in my minds eye, I clearly saw a high, rock retaining wall topped with weird buildings and green rolling hills. Driving through a city, I will often see different buildings or a lake or airport where none exist in the outer landscape. Prior to reading A New World, I had no context for interpreting my visual experiences on the road, and other places as well. Very interesting. I love your new book. Just love it.

  35. Just finished reading the book, and it literally contains nothing new. Everything within it you’ve already said before. And yet this was supposedly a super-important book that had to be released for sale immediately with the “aliens” help so that people can listen to you repeat yourself yet again?

    Either you are yourself a liar or you’re the willing victim of their lies. There is literally nothing of any practical use contained in your latest book.

  36. Cut the crap and just be honest:

    If people want to contact them, how do they go about doing so?

    If you can’t answer that very simple question, then you are an obvious fraud or the victim of a fraud.

  37. Author

    Of course you haven’t really read the book, or if you have you have failed to understand it entirely. I’m so sick and tired of garbage like this. I’ve been enduring it for 30 years and where does it lead? Nowhere. If you’re looking for simple answers, they don’t exist. There is no place in this for people who want simple ‘how-to’ books. My book is not intended to deliver nonsense and feelgood crap. It tells a hard truth, and excuse me, it tells it well. You cannot imagine how hard the years were of working with the visitors alone and mostly in the dark, and then seeing rubbish like this in the media and lies about me, a lot of it very much like these two brain-dead posts.

    Wake up!

    1. Ah, okay. So because I asked you some questions, I’m now just as bad as everyone who ever maligned you?

      You narcissistic asshole. Nothing I’ve asked is at all unreasonable. If you can’t answer, then that is hardly my fault.

      Youve hyped this book up as if it were the pinnacle of your career. And lo and behold, it says nothing at all new, let alone useful.

      And that’s MY fault.

    2. Seriously, you talk like you’re the only one who’s ever been through this; or are you just the only one that matters? King Boo-bah? Get over yourself!

      I’ve been dealing with them since they first tortured and raped me at the age of 5.

      But no no, please tell me how I’m SUPPOSED to feel about it!

      1. Author

        Look, you’re calling me a fraud and an asshole and you expect me to play nice with you? How about you try getting over yourself for a change? And how can I tell you how to deal with your own anger? You can see in my books how I dealt with mine. I did my best with it is the answer. I know from long experience that nothing I can ever say or do will satisfy someone with your mindset of unresolved rage. Also, I am not in the business of writing fake how to books. No, my book does not offer a list of things to do to communicate with them, and it also says exactly why it doesn’t. Why in the world would you want to communicate with them anyway. You say yourself that you hate them.

        1. I genuinely do have to apologize if it seemed that I was calling you a fraud. I promise I do not believe that. Simply put: It is not YOU that I’m skeptical of, but THEM. I genuinely believe that you are reporting exactly what you experience, I just perceive numerous deceptions in that experience that you too often seem to overlook.

          And I make these points with harsh belligerence, because, quite frankly, I’m an alcoholic. It embarrasses me to say that, but it’s true. Alcohol is the magick elixir by which mountains are made from mole-hills.

          As far as the “asshole” part, that was mostly drunk vocabulary, but it came from a sincere place involving you speaking with such definitive certainty even to those (like myself) who have also had experiences with them. I know you do not intend that way; thus, my response is WAY the hell out of line. But there is a valid point in much of what I said.

          I don’t know, man. My own experience with “them” has taught me not to trust them. In fact (and I promise this is true) as I began certain various spiritual practices, they have not only left me alone, but the few attempts they’ve made at their past behavior have resulted in them retreating in fear and panic.

          BUT I do believe that their are more than one “group” involved in these matters, and I’m starting to reach the conclusion that the ones I’ve struggled with for most of my life (as my family always has as well, as is typical) are of the more “negative” sort.

          You, however, seem to have had regular encounters with both sides throughout your life. I myself have been guilty of discounting your experiences in favor of my own; which is wrong and hypocritical.

          So, while I stand by the points I made, I sincerely apologize for how I expressed them.

  38. Whitley – every time I read one of your books, you seem to tie together previously ambiguous experiences that have puzzled me – sometimes for decades. But then I read this book, and once again, I realize my experiences are not unique. A few things came to mind while reading “A New World”: 1) When you were at Wounded Knee memorial and an attendee with you reported being able to see into the ground, and view the skeletons. The issue, I believe, was the power to confer – by proximity to you(?) – the same visionary ability that you had been experiencing. This story reminds me of my experience with a close friend, back in the mid 80’s. She was highly intuitive. I started having visions in my third eye while I knew her – unfortunately they stopped when we lost touch with each other. I always have wondered if simply being around her raised my energy field, such that I could partake in some of her gifts… 2) When you discuss the connection between the spinal cord, and consciousness, I was reminded of Carlos Castaneda and his mentor Don Juan Matus, who would wack him above the shoulder blade to shift his “vision,” and Castaneda would describe these other worlds, similar to what you described on the reservation. 3) After reading “Communion” in 1991 (?) – I freaked out at a certain point in the book, and put it away. That very night, I was awoken abruptly by three funneled blasts of air that moved up from my feet, to my face. I was TERRIFIED, because I imagined my reading your booked somehow brought the aliens into my bedroom. (**No one was in the room – lol…). But shortly after this experience, it’s almost as if the floodgates of the afterlife were opened up in the house, and frequent haunting activity occurred – which I became accustomed to -unwillingly. The point is that perhaps the relationship between the “visitor” experience and the dead was somehow unleashed by reading your book. It wasn’t until this year, when I started to hear you link the two together, that perhaps this experience back in the 90’s was starting to make sense (?). In essence, your books and pod casts have put my mind at ease many, many times. I’m thankful that I discovered your writings a long time ago, because you have started to help me connect a lot of “dots.” PLEASE keep us posted with your insights. You are a treasure.

  39. Whitley, thank you so much for A New World. It is such an inspiration!

    I have been inspired to think a lot about your ideas and experiences of how the visitors see the world. And how and why they interact with you, and all of us, the way they do. The ideas of the time stream, newness, and freshness especially.

    A question or thought I wanted to reflect on here. And how this idea might or might not match up to your experience? My question is if this extended Casino Analogy below might fit your experience with, and understanding of, the core idea in A New World.

    The overall picture I have in mind is a kind of vast Casino Royale that the Presence has designed.

    Within this Casino are many different game tables. The Presence wants each game table to be like a “Window of Possibility” – the stuff that comes through that Window, the possibility that becomes experience – has to keep things interesting and meaningful for all players at that game table.

    There is one table – out of many thousands or millions – called the Earth Blackjack table. Many beings truly love playing here and will spend lots of time and commit lots of money into this game.

    Some beings will come up with creative methods to “beat the house” – like card counting. The House will try to work around this, keeping the overall game fair and challenging, and keeping the House in business, by using multi-decks and taking other countermeasures.

    The visitors in this analogy, with this particular game, can count cards to the point that _nothing_ the House can do – realistically within this particular game – can make the game interesting for them, as players. They’ve completely beaten the system here.

    But human players are still super involved. So the visitors may take on the role of dealers, as “employees of the House” and keep themselves both “behind the scenes” empowered participants in the game, and vicariously enjoying our excitement as players.

    But there are still MANY other games in the casino. The variety is truly astounding.

    What seems to make a game like The Earth Blackjack table so infinitely involving is the nature of “Quantum Decision Engines” that seem to be built into the game, the dealers and the players.

    One particular Engine here is the “Whitley Strieber Player”. His actions are making all kinds of excitement happen at the table. But of course, this is happening in different ways with all the other players here, their actions and interactions, the blackjack hands being dealt – and ALL of it. It’s incredibly fascinating, to say the least.

    Some of the visitors, as dealers here, are very aware of how much influence The Whitley Player is having on this blackjack table. They are smiling with pure delight at what’s unfolding, hand by hand.

    Yes, they may know what’s coming with the cards – to the degree they WANT to pay attention to counting cards themselves as they are dealing.

    But they aren’t really interested in that. They want to make sure the players stay so fulfilled they will play and play. Always coming back for more. Always working to creatively “beat the House” in whatever ways makes it continuously interesting for everyone.

    The visitors stay employed. Their Employer stays happy. Other beings like our dead – and the parts of our own Spirits still at Home – stay involved and excited in their own way.

    It all works!!

    BUT – No one can screw with the purpose of the system itself: Keeping the Window of Possibility here OPEN – just as wide open as the Designer intended.

    If the visitors dealing Whitley’s hands start messing with things because they can, and because they think maybe they can make the game MORE interesting – then, big problems.

    Ego is now messing with things, instead of letting the Presence and the whole system make things work as a Creatively Designed and self-sustaining whole.

    Ego is not Infinite. The Engines – human, visitor, game itself – all are supposed to be driven by the unique Quantum Infinite Core within each Engine. Ego gets involved in manipulating things, and suddenly The Window of Possibility starts to narrow way down. It starts to look like it might close!!

    Now everything is at risk of failing, for the TRUE purpose of the Earth Blackjack game.

    Biggest catastrophe possible for everyone involved in this game. Top to bottom and everything in between.

    So the balance of it all stays in place. But the balance _changes_ as things evolve in the game here. With the dealers and players, and various roles. Maybe the visitors are working through one major change now with us human players.

    But the balance never goes “out of scope” in a way that would threaten the overall success and purpose of the game. All of the participants – who are actually the Presence itself – make sure it doesn’t. And if it doesn’t, it can keep going for its purpose for millions and perhaps billions of years.

    “If they are going to emerge, we’re going to have to accept certain basic realities. They are that we don’t know what they are, that we don’t know the degree of danger involved and that we are going to have to take a gamble. But it is an informed bet. If they were an invading force, we’d be their slaves by now, or dead.”

    Thus: love, compassion, and definitely humility behind it all. While at the same time, everyone has a common interest. The game must stay meaningful, fulfilling and challenging. Real risk. True unknowns. Real free will choices.

  40. Hi Whitley,

    Almost two weeks ago, I wrote a very favorable review of A New World on Audible and they never published it. I resent it and the same thing happened. They said they would review them within three days. I can’t imagine why my review would have been rejected. I don’t know if this is anything to get paranoid about but, considering your situation with publishers (those jerks) I can’t help suspecting foul play. BTW, I’ve been toying with the idea of starting a publishing company. though I don’t know much about what goes into such an undertaking.

  41. Author

    Quite a few people have commented that their reviews are not appearing. I don’t understand why, except that Amazon has become super-paranoid about fake reviews because of all the fakes that come in from manufacturers. As always, the fakers find a way to keep going and the honest people get screwed.

    Thanks for the review, anyway! Also, you can re-download the book and the correct chapter 13 will now be present.

    1. Thanks for the info on chapter 13.

      One more thing– most of your books used to be available at BARD (Braille And Recorded Downloads, formerly Recording For The Blind.) I know because I read all of your books there beginning in high school a thousand or so years ago. Now, none of your books are available there. Any idea what’s going on with this? This is all so crazy and frustrating.

      1. Author

        I do not know why they are no longer on BARD. I’ll find out.

  42. Hey! My Casino post finally showed up five days after I posted it. What a fun thing. This game really does work in odd but interesting ways.

    1. Author

      Amusingly, it is because you are using the word casino, which is a super-potent spam word because of all the casinos that sling spam. We posted your comment after we saw it in the weekly check of the spam folder.

      1. Very amusingly, I should have immediately realized this super-potent word would cause problems. Having created, admined and modded websites with active comment sections, I’ve actually dealt with this _exact_ word being flagged. Ordinary and very non-odd explanation here LOL! Thank you.

  43. Hi Whitley–

    I’ve finished the book and it is, as I expected, splendid. However I just saw above that there is a corrected version of chapter 13? How so corrected? I certainly don’t want to miss anything of the book’s full import.

  44. Author

    If you heard chapter 13 in the Audible version, you have the corrected version. The earlier version has chapter 3 in place of chapter 13. If your have this, just re-download it and you’ll have the corrected version.

    1. Whitley I bought the paperback version. I assume the chapters etc. are correct in that edition?

  45. Author

    The paperback is fine. The mistake was in the audio version. Chapter 3 was duplicated as Chapter 13. That has been corrected.

  46. I listened to the audio version and had a deja-vue when I got to the last chapter. Then I saw the notice in the newsletter and have just listened to the actual chapter 13 and I am blown away, it is so beautiful and so powerful. The whole book is!!

    Thinking about it and thinking about where I am with all this, I do feel that the book has shown me how I could make sense of a CE3 if it happened to me, although I am not looking for that.

    You are a damn genius, though. I have to say that. There is some very, very deep material, especially in the last 2 chapters, that speaks to the nature of existence and experience in very new ways. and yet is all so crystal clear. The way that you show that quantum indeterminacy is reflected in our perceptions of the world around us is truly brilliant and profoundly mind-opening.

    Thank you for this book, Whitley.

  47. Just finished reading the book and i loved it. Have to read it a few more times to let it settle in. The input output take on the visitors shows Whitley again sitting back and thinking things over some lunch. Thankyou for your mind and efforts again Mr Strieber

  48. I’d also like to briefly address the two rather negative comments a few spaces up in the thread.

    The complaint was that Whitley introduced little to no new information in this new book, relying on essentially retelling past experiences to fill it up. For one, there is a great deal of new information, experiences, and insight in this wonderful work, so that assertion is patently false, and presents itself as the two posters having not actually read the book.

    Secondly, as a professional content editor and writer myself, who also has been a longtime subscriber, interviewed on this website, and read nearly all of Whitley’s body of work, he does indeed retell some past experiences, but it’s toward bolstering new theses and new experiences and providing context. It’s simply logical, professional writing. “The New World” is (to me) a semi-linear continuation of much of the past non-fiction works concerning the visitor phenomenon, a sequel in a way, and maybe a culmination. And like most sequels, they are predicated in part on past work.


    Stephen Valadez

  49. I have only recently finished Communion. Should I finish the Communion series before reading A New World?

  50. Whitley – almost through “A New World” and something really resonates with me. I’m sure there will be a lot of things, but I feel like I should tell you this now.

    Regarding your implant and seeing words in “Courier” font out of the corner of your eye.

    Some time back I was at a certain retreat which is frequented by members of the armed services. One particular attendee, a Navy pilot and officer, mentioned he saw words, “typed,” that scrolled across the bottom of his vision.

    He first brought it up when he was on the deck of a carrier and there was an accident with the steam powered catapult. I don’t understand the technicalities but he had just landed his plane and was heading into the ship for a debrief. Somehow the catapult cable got away from the flight launch crews and was traveling with great speed across the deck – from behind him.

    He saw the word “JUMP” – all caps, across his field of vision, and felt compelled to do as it said for no apparent reason.

    He jumped, and the cable went under his feet – instead of tearing off his legs at mid-calf.

    This caught the attention of his superiors who wondered why he had jumped when he did. Apparently it took him some time to admit what had happened.

    When he told them they simply registered the data.

    Some months later he was sent to the same retreat I attended. He is an amazing fellow – I had stayed in touch with him for about a decade but had forgotten all about him until reading your lines.

    I had tried to coerce him into telling my future – at the time I had myself a book under contract and wondered if it would be successful. Under duress (he hated being asked to tell fortunes) told me it wouldn’t but said I needed to be ready for “the big check.”

    I had presumed that would be some sort of cash or wealth coming my way. He told me directly he didn’t know but had the feeling it would not be.

    That was in the 1990s. I think I know what he meant now.

    Life is very weird, which makes it cool. Let us never forget.

    1. Hi Whitley, i’m a bit late to the party but I will be ordering A New World soon. Also I was wondering if you have ever listened to the album Psyence Fiction by UNKLE?

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