What an astonishing difference a decade makes. Looking back to my journal entries in December of 2010 and January of 2011, I was being lambasted for being an advocate of the danger of climate change and was also looking for some sort of official announcement that UFOs were real.


Halfway through the decade, on August 11, 2015, Anne died. At first, I did not think I could bear the loss, but she proceeded to return in ways that were skillfully orchestrated to be undeniable. We formed a partnership and I had the astonishing experience of co-authoring Afterlife Revolution with her across the barrier between the worlds. To this day, I work with Anne every day of my life and meditate with her whenever we connect. To symbolize the continuation of our union, I wear both wedding rings side by side. We are one body now, but still very much two minds. Occasionally, she transmits a new Anne’s Diary through me. They are marked by her signature brevity and wisdom, and her unique point of view. They do not come often, but I believe them to be authentic when they do. To read them, click here. The most recent is from November 9, 2019. I look forward to there being more!

The Visitors.

Starting in 2017, I had the wonderful experience of welcoming more nonphysical beings into my mind, and found myself writing A New World not only with Anne, but with a whole host of others who acted as research assistants, editors, teachers and muses. The book was written by a team, only one of which has continuous physical presence. It was such fun and so exciting, and perfectly exemplifies the evolution of my relationship with this other level of reality. In 2010, when the visitors approached, I was usually very frightened. Now, even when the approach is totally physical, I don’t feel that fear.

For example, a few nights a gray briefly appeared in my apartment. I knew that it would probably happen because of, for one thing, the completely indescribable odor that filled the place. In the past, I’ve tried to characterize this as cinnamon or sulfur, but now that I have lived with it for longer stretches, I have realized that we don’t really have anything to compare it to. I call it an “active” scent, in the sense that it brings with the presence of these “others.”

On that night, she showed me some domestic objects. The were ordinary things, stuff you might find in a human place, only differently designed, smaller and more elegant. I realized that if I ever went to a world where they were the standard, I’d be huge. If such entities were to spend time here, though, it would work, I am sure.

Will that happen? In A New World, I discuss the conditions under which the visitors might appear. Because their coming is going to engender a lot of fear (again, for organic reasons that I discuss in the book) they won’t show themselves until there is no other choice.

One of the motives behind the book is to draw them into the lives of more of us, including our intellectuals and scientists. This is also the motive of my Christmas/New Year’s Dreamland special, which involves discussions with two scientists who have had them in their lives and benefited from the contact. I want more and there can be more.

Ten years ago, I would never have been able to write anything like that, but now it seems quite ordinary. At the same time, the admission by the US government that there are things flying around in the sky that we do not understand has made many people who would not otherwise have considered for a moment that aliens might be here think more seriously about the issue.

The visitors, as I call them, have worked with me very closely since Anne died in 2015. In fact, I no longer can really recognize a difference between them and us, except for one thing, and it is a truly crucial difference: their living and their dead appear to exist in a state of mutual awareness, and we are separated from our dead.

That is a huge and fundamental difference, and it’s one that, as Anne and I discuss in The Afterlife Revolution, one that is changing. This is not so much a change of mind an heart as it is an organic change. It is happening because more and more people are having things like near death experiences and close encounters. The reason that they are having near death experiences is that medical science routinely brings them back from situation which, even in the very recent past, would have meant death. As far as close encounter is concerned, when this happens to you, it completely upends your life, plunging you into a new vision of reality. In this sense, it is very much like an NDE, a devastatingly powerful restatement of the whole meaning of being alive.

In 2010, I never could have written those words, and going back to 2000 or 1990 seems like a journey to another planet, the planet of the past.

It seems to me that this is a time when mysteries that have lingered for a long time at the edge of reality are emerging into the light of day, and bringing with them a complete change in the meaning of what it is to be human.

What will happen next, and when? If present trends continue, the visitors will slowly become more open and more familiar. Maybe there will even be a moment that makes their presence an irrefutable reality. As to exact dates, I do not hold any sectret cards. I can only say that my own door is wide open, and so are a lot of others.

Climate Change

Ten years later, climate change denial is still with us, but a much smaller part of the debate than it was then. This is because the rapid decline of the planet’s biosphere is so dramatic that denial is a hard position to sustain. Instead, people feel helpless and continue to tolerate a worldwide lack of leadership in this area, despite the fact that the situation is obviously getting extremely dangerous. As I write this, vast fires in Australia are changing the face of that continent. It is estimated that half a billion animals have been killed so far in the fires, and an incomprehensible number of trees. Australia, as we have known it, will change forever, but as yet the scale of the transformation and the degree to which it is going to reduce the habitability of the continent is unknown.

There will be a rising cascade of changes that will lead to many different breakdowns and disasters. Will we be ready for them? That I doubt. Will we find our way through them? I have many worries that we will not, but at the same time there is so much innovation going on, and so much grassroots level activity, that we might well prevail. Across the planet, there are thousands of companies and scientific groups that know that whomever solves the problem of how to remove massive amounts of CO2 from the atmosphere will make trillions of dollars, and that there is far more money at this point to be made in climate change remediation than there is to be made profiting from continued denial.

I would think that, within five years, there won’t be any free societies left with climate change deniers in leadership. Only the dictatorships will still be deniers, and not all of those.


In May of 2019, after years of sheer hell, we were finally able to deploy the new version of Unknowncountry.com. The old site was no longer supported by the content management provider and was being entered by a hacker, who specialized in annoyances like causing shows to go offline. The structure of the site made it impossible for this individual to reach any secure data, such as subscriber information of any kind, but the annoyance was continuous.

In March of 2019 the hacker was caught and a stop was put to his activities, and we were finally able to move to the new website without interruption. While no site is entirely secure, we do now have the highest level of security available and have had no trouble since.

The new site has been very popular and it is growing more every day. Our subscriber comments section and free message board are getting more and more active, and subscribers can now gain access to our huge archive via a new and much more powerful search engine.

As the visitors enter more lives, the site is becoming more and more important, as it is the one place in the world where close encounter witnesses can dialogue with one another under conditions of open minded acceptance, and with the assurance of personal privacy and a highly knowledgeable community.

The site does not sell or share user data of any kind with any other site.

A New World

On November 15, I published A New World. It is designed to form a template for communication with the visitors by describing the evolution of my own experiences doing this, primarily since September of 2015, when, after Anne’s death, they exploded back into my life–coming along with her and many others. As a result, I lost the sense of separation between the living and, as Anne puts it, “what we call the dead,” as well as a sense of alien-human separation.

As a result, I am truly living in a new world, communicating on a new level, and look forward to developing and reporting on my relationship for the rest of my time in the physical plane, and beyond.


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  1. Great post! Lots of of changes and I’m so happy you and Anne are still together. Over the last year I’ve come to the conclusion that the “ecology”, as one of your Dreamland guests put it, of the unseen includes lots of phenomena. Brings up the big questions, what is consciousness, death, reality? I emailed you a recent aerial photo from a flight, at 30,000 feet. I asked the phenomenon to show itself after takeoff. Clouds were below us going west to Oregon, at one point there was a huge hole in the clouds with pink light coming up through it. Amazing! Coincidence? Maybe, but I’ve never seen anything like it. Did you get the email, I was wondering what you thought? Great post!

  2. Hi Whitley! I read your journal as often as you take the time to post your innermost thoughts on the issues that I also have an interest in. But I do take issue with your stand on “Climate Change”. That there is a change in our ecosystem and related weather phenomenon, can’t be denied. However, its cause is what I’m in denial with. The pundits would have us believe that it is human activity that’s responsible for what was labelled “Global Warming” instead of the current vernacular. It appears that people around the world have given in to this nonsense that, “it’s our fault”. But few will even do the research and instead listen to the ignorant politicians who know nothing about what they’re talking about. Further, what do children (Greta Thunberg) know about the dynamics behind these changes? They are naive and no better than the parents and their school teachers who condition them. Ice core examination revealed that in the distant past, there was a greater concentration of C02 in the atmosphere when human activity wasn’t a concern. Clearly, other dynamic forces are at work, but it’s easier to blame us and profit (carbon tax) from it. In conclusion, my suggestion is to “question everything” and do the research. There are two sides to every coin, but it seems many are fixated on one side. Richard.

    1. We’re at the end of an interglacial, but the idea that we aren’t responsible for excessive CO2 emissions and the rapid atmospheric warming they cause is incorrect. We are responsible. The science is overwhelming and irrefutable, as I am sure this poster knows perfectly well. This article from The New Scientist lays it out very clearly: https://www.newscientist.com/article/dn11638-climate-myths-human-co2-emissions-are-too-tiny-to-matter/
      I would tag Richard645’s post either as propaganda being intentionally spread by somebody who works in the fossil fuel industry or somebody who has drunk that industry’s cool aid.

      1. Spot on secret harmonies. The fact that some of the richest entities ever to exist on the planet couldn’t find the science to refute anthropogenic climate change speaks volumes. Richard645 please name and reference “the other dynamic forces at work”. This coin really has the same sides. Please do your homework before you question the science, particularly if you have nothing to back it up.

    2. You’re taking a shot at Greta Thunberg as “a child” who cannot know about climate change issues? In this forum, no less. I suspect you’ve got some news media bias going on. Too much far right “echo chamber” stuff. Please…try broadening your horizons a bit more. Glad to see you on Unknown Country, but, wondering what got you here.

    3. …what do children (Greta Thunberg) know about the dynamics behind these changes?

      More than yourself, by my observation. As for dragging kids into this, grow the #### up, doing that makes you look like an ignorant prick. You might want to think before you post in the future.

      If you have some evidence that global warming is not due to human-produced carbon emissions, I’d like to see it. But as someone who actively researches these issues and, due to my contrarian nature questions everything, I know for a fact that you’ve been fed a load of propaganda by “ignorant politicians who know nothing about what they’re talking about” who are in the pocket of the fossil fuel industry.

      Ice core examination revealed that in the distant past, there was a greater concentration of C02 in the atmosphere when human activity wasn’t a concern.

      While this is true, at that time human civilization (supposedly) didn’t exist to be toppled by the violent shifts in climate that resulted from those elevated CO2 levels; otherwise, the entirety of our history has existed under a comparatively stable temperature with CO2 @ 280 ppm. History also shows that civilizations caught in regional climate shifts tend t not survive: this time, it’s planet-wide.

      Clearly, other dynamic forces are at work…

      Name them. In case you haven’t been paying attention, I tear these poorly-thought out fairy-tales a new one on a routine basis in the comments sections. And they are just that: fairy tales.

      There are two sides to every coin, but it seems many are fixated on one side.

      That’s because there only is one “side” to a situation like this: it’s impossible for anthropogenic global warming to be both valid and invalid at the same time. The evidence–and I mean ALL of it–points to humans as the cause this time around.

  3. Lots of interesting stuff, but I don’t remember seeing info about the hacker getting caught! Any more to share about that, like any indication if they were working to disrupt UC on behalf of a larger organization?

    Hopefully they are being criminally prosecuted.

  4. For those who feel their lives are drab or meaningless, I submit this: The human species is at one of its most consequential crossroads in its existence and each and every one of us is an active participant in its evolutionary path. Will we take the necessary next step into the fullness of consciousness that is waiting there for us to engage with or will we stumble and fall into the muck of evolutionary dead ends that have befallen virtually every other species to walk the earth? I fear we are capable of destroying ourselves quite easily, especially as we stare down at the threats looming ahead of us, but I remain vigilant that the best of us is yet to come. There may be much suffering and carnage, but in the end we will emerge even more empowered and wiser. I would never bet against the spirit of the collective human soul, as long as it is aligned with its higher self.

  5. Author

    Sometimes they get delayed by the spam filter, then we have to post them manually. It takes a little longer. Nothing has been deleted here.

  6. In both editions of UnknownCountry, I have had no trouble so far with my posts being caught up in the UC spam filters. That may be because when I add a link, it tends to be from a prominent internet news site, or at least a location that can afford to keep its website clear of hacker programs.

    The most hopeful response in the US to the climate crisis may be in young conservative clubs in US colleges and universities: In the last six months, leading US opinion polls are starting to say that a large majority of these young conservatives are saying two things: 1) The climate crisis is real. 2) The US young conservative clubs have begun pressuring the GOP to publish new platform planks on the global climate crisis starting this year for the current and future Republican Presidential campaigns.

  7. Great journal entry and post. Keep up the good work, as always.

    And this: “The site does not sell or share user data of any kind with any other site.” How refreshing! and Thank You!

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