More and more US Navy pilots are reporting UFOs, to the point that the events have become a minor part of the news cycle. The reason for this is that nobody knows what significance they have, so, beyond the reports, there would appear to be little to say.

There have been a few analytical commentaries here and there. One in Popular Science which offers the suggestion that they must be classified devices that the Navy Department hasn’t been told about is typical of the reactions. The possibility that they may be alien craft is described as “infinitesimal,” and the idea that they might be neither thing never comes up. Most commentary has been nervous and inconclusive. Some has attempted to draw attention by describing the sightings as terrifying.

So, what is really going on?

Actually, a lot.

This is likely the beginning of a process of contact that I have been expecting for many years. A long time ago, I got the idea, I think from the visitors, that they would arrive in our midst when there was no longer any doubt in anybody’s mind that the planetary environment was collapsing and we were all facing extraordinary jeopardy.

I don’t think that we are very far from such an event. I don’t know what form it will take, but leading contenders in my mind are a combination of floods and droughts that so damage world agriculture that food prices soar and famines begin to take place.

All of the world’s breadbaskets are vulnerable. Right now, food prices in North America will rise in the fall because flooding retarded development of US and Canadian grain crops. An extraordinary heat wave in Europe is likely to result in reduced crop yields there, also. If the monsoon should fail, rice production will drop, with immediate effect in Asia.

There was a time when surpluses of basic grains were the order of the day. That has not been true for some years, as population growth has steadily increased demand.

Whether I’m right about the cause or not, I do think that there is going to be some kind of extraordinary environmental crisis soon, or we would not suddenly be seeing so much officially generated UFO video. I see this as the start of a process that leads exactly where I was led to believe years ago that it was going to lead.

In fact, the visitors put me under extreme pressure to finish a book that would describe my own experience of communicating with them over the past 30 years. It was a very difficult book to write, but it is now finished. I doubt that any major publisher will touch it, not only because they don’t like the subject, but also because UFO books don’t sell well and Whitley Strieber, in particular, is not a desirable author.

There’s nothing I can do about this except publish it myself and hope that, if something happens to draw interest to it, people will read it and use it in their own lives.

Most people assume that the visitors are beings from other planets in this universe. That could be partly true, I suppose, but it is not the whole truth. We are looking into the face of the most complex, strangest and most extraordinary manifestation of consciousness that has ever been known. The physical aspect is only a small part of it. Beyond that is a vast, ancient and complex consciousness that is entered into myriad forms and has seemingly endless ways of manifesting itself. To really engage with it, one has to look past all assumptions and simply open one’s mind to the impossible possible. There is no other way to put it.

Back in February of 2018, I had an argument with the visitors about communication. I wanted them to just spend 5 minutes in plain sight of everyone on Earth, which they can do easily. But they refused, saying that the result would be total confusion and chaos.

They were right. Every religious group on the planet would announce that they understood what this was. UFO people would weigh in with their theories. Every researcher who seeks the spotlight would rush to the internet and the media to offer leadership. The government, itself deeply confused, would claim that they were dangerous, lest people try to bypass its authority and come into direct contact. And, I am sure, other things would happen that would be equally useless.

Contact is possible, but if my own experience is any example, it is radically different from any sort of communication that we have ever known before. It is extremely challenging and I firmly believe that it can be dangerous. But it can also be rewarding beyond measure, and if enough of us do it right, there will be a lifeline thrown to us.

It will not be anything like anybody expects, but it will be effective. Given a lot of upheaval and a lot of difficulty, we can find our way out of the crisis that is unfolding all around us right now. Even the people who are so deluded or frightened as to claim that it isn’t happening will eventually join what will become a general effort to save ourselves.

The visitors will never hand us our future on a plate. If we can successfully engage with them, though, and give them a reason to help us, then that will happen. How? I cannot say. They are so inventive that I just can’t imagine. It will be effective, though.

But what do they want from us? My best guess, after all these years of living with them, is that they are so knowledgeable that they can no longer be surprised. They have lost access to the sense of wonder that is central to the human experience. When I open myself to them, they are able to share not my knowledge, but my innocence. They are able to reconnect with wonder.

For them, that is as precious an experience as can be.

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  1. Thanks for asking them, that was a selfless act. I understand their objection as did you. Then we continue the gradual acceptance of their presence until they are no longer invisible.

    I talked to a farmer today. I live in a very agriculture based state. Yes, they are hurting. The gentleman I talked to said they are just breaking even, at best. This year is particularly hard. They are having a hard time getting into the fields. The corn and soybean planting is behind schedule. Now today, the heat and wind showed up to greet seedlings that may not be mature enough to survive it.

    I look forward to your book. I assume it will have lots to do with communicating with them. I have been putting off meditation. I will start.

  2. Author

    Be sure to be patient with meditation. It takes time. What happens is that two areas of the brain, the caudate and the putamen, which are collectively responsible for many things including intuition, slowly grow a thicker and thicker nerve bundle between them when you meditate regularly. Eventually you begin to see more deeply into other worlds. In effect, you become psychic. If you’ve started out that way then of course it’s easier. But it does take time.

    People have a tendency to try it for two or three sessions and when nothing happens to give up. Promise yourself a year of 15 minutes a time at a time of day that is consistent. That’s a good, solid start.

    1. is there a particular type of meditation you recommend or simply observation of the present moment and the space between thoughts?

    2. Wonderful. Thank you. I have been trying to restart my practice. You have inspired me.

    3. Hi Whitley,
      I’m just loving the sensing exercise. Tt’s just the kind of thing I’ve been longing for and I’m so grateful for your taking the time to share it. Sometimes when I’m deep in meditation, I see beings who appear alien to me. One is a tall silver, human-ish male standing just behind my right shoulder. The last thing he said to me was, “Stop calling me a spirit guide. I’m a spirit teacher.” Lol. I don’t know why that distinction matters to him, but the sternness of his facial expression indicated that it very much does. Other beings who appear are tan in color and have heads shaped like the old cathode ray television sets. No one has invited me to that university yet. I hope something like that happens at some point. Anyway, thanks again for all your hard work, your books, this fabulous website, and all you do to help us wake up.

      1. Author

        We still cannot be sure who these being are. Are they an aspect of our inner selves, or someone from another dimension, or something entirely different? One thing is sure though, there is a great deal of difference between a guide and a teacher. A guide leads you and instructs you from on high. A teacher helps you acquire new knowledge as a process of discovery.

        1. Wow! Thanks for making that so beautifully clear. Now I’ve really got something to think about.

    4. Hi Whitley,
      I’m just loving the sensing exercise. It’s just the kind of thing I’ve been longing for and I’m so grateful for your taking the time to share it. Sometimes when I’m deep in meditation, I see beings who appear alien. One is a tall silver, human-ish male standing just behind my right shoulder. The last thing he said to me was, “Stop calling me a spirit guide. I’m a spirit teacher.” Lol. I don’t know why that distinction mattered to him, but the sternness of his facial expression indicated that it very much did. Other beings who appear are tan in color and have heads shaped like the old cathode ray television sets. No one has invited me to that round blue university yet. I hope something like that happens at some point. I do spend a lot of time at a school in the dream time, though. Anyway, thanks again for all your hard work, your books, this fabulous website, and all you do to help us wake up.

  3. Does anyone remember the Pain commentary, that extraordinary broadcast from 2013?

    About suffering. The hanged man. So much more. And very relevant right now.

    1. Brinnley,

      Can you provide a summary? I don’t recall that one from 2013. Thanks, Mark

      1. Commentary on Pain – its in Whitleys Room, its a 6 yr old posting. Things might have undoubtedly changed since then.

        March 30, 2013.
        For many years, I have been curious about my story Pain. I have seen that it contained much unconscious knowledge of the close encounter experience. It was the last piece of creative writing I did before I became conscious of what had happened to me on December 26, 1985. In fact, the experience actually happened while I was in the middle of writing the story. On the surface, it is a story about a very difficult, painful relationship, but beneath that, it is about finding freedom from the most basic of all human fears, which is the fear of death.

        Over these past thirty years, I feel that I have become able to see inside the story and shine some light on its secrets. What did my unconscious mind think of the close encounter experience? What did I know that I could not tell myself? I believe that I can now answer those questions, and this discussion contains that answer. The secrets of Pain are secret no more.

        In a sense, my life has taken me through the rigors described in the story, and freed me. I think it ranks among the most useful of all the things I have written, in that it reveals what might be the deepest truth of the close encounter experience, and functions as a blueprint for understanding it in a very clear way.

        This commentary has become possible for me to do only after many years of contact, of thinking about contact, and of exploring the sense and purpose of life. Right now, it is my definitive statement on the experience, what it means, why it is happening now, and how it is unfolding.

    2. Thank you dear sir you have to he the bravest man in the world,or a least that i know of.been following you and your work since 91,i saw the cover of communion in a used book store,i must have fainted woke up on abench outside store people asking if i was ok.since your books and website have been in my life im fine.thank you for all you do for us.mike t syracuse ny

  4. Whitley, I think your book will be widely read by those in the know, even if self-published. There must be a reason ‘they’ gave you a firm deadline – could they have foreknowledge about a big event coming our way, as in an attack on Iran that triggers WWIII, widespread crop failures as you mention, definitive ‘disclosure’ building on what’s been happening the last few months, etc. I sure hope they offer us ‘silly human race’ some assistance before the Biosphere is beyond the point of no-return. To second GWYLLM above, I am eager to know when the book might be released.

  5. Author

    The heat wave that is now taking place in Europe is absolutely terrifying. 114° in southern France?? I have friends who live in Italy in the countryside and they are terrified that the whole place is going to burst into flames. Plus there’s going to be extensive crop damage all across the European continent.

    I don’t think we have all that much time. I think that Linda Howe’s thought that they might show up in 2020 could be for real, or very close.

    Climate change denial is a sin against humanity, pure and simple. If the visitors do emerge and they are angry at climate change deniers, I would not like to be in their shoes. They’ve been angry at me plenty of times, but nothing like the rage I have sensed about this. It’s not pleasant!!

    1. You confuse “man made” climate change deniers as being overall deniers. It’s clear that the Earth and Sun go through cycles. A recent study stated humanity’s effect on World Weather is negligible. THAT is what deniers have been arguing and no amount of changing lightbulbs or electric cars is going to change the weather cycle.

      1. Gary C., you stated that “A recent study stated humanity’s effect on World Weather is negligible”. Please provide a link or evidence to back that up. Not only is humanity’s influence on world weather considerable, it’s now the primary driver. Are you saying humanity can dump up to 30 billion tons of CO2 and methane, etc., into the atmosphere each year without consequence, when the carbon sinks such as the rainforests and oceanic plankton are being seriously degraded? Though there were certainly natural climate cycles in the past, the rate at which the human forcing is increasing is much greater than any natural process. The science is settled. It’s our fault this time.

        1. people with open minds can disagree about causes. there are many facets to this issue. science by its nature is never settled, thats a 2d talking point we should avoid. science can also be easily politicized on all sides. if people resist a conclusion you think is obvious with data you trust try to think that the mountain of data has many confounding aspects to it and is far from a simple conclusion. also it would be advisable to be somewhat skeptical of the main stream consensus as its always been politicized in the past. there’s a lot of power and money at stake and our society on any side of an issue is represented by deep interests that have mixed values.

          personally i think many things are happening concurrently. changes in our star, human impacts, secret human attempts to mitigate and control weather, the earth herself going through some kind of transition. we must be humble about all this. what i see also is a kind of scientifically promulgated version of original sin being levied on humanity for what some see as just breathing.

          lastly i think anyone here agrees that we need to take care of this planet and so are not our enemy. my personal belief is that we live in a highly populated universe so moving to a new planet my not be allowed or even possible. esp since we arent very peaceful as a civilization.

          much love to you. with respect.

  6. I’m wondering about all this as a timeline. What seems little discussed (puzzling to me) is that the abduction phenomenon seemed to happen in a fairly specific period of history and, as far as I can tell, simply stopped. Back in the midst of it, I mostly suspected we were being trained for something fairly dramatic in the future. Although I don’t remember anything tangible that could normally be called training material, nor do I ever remember being shown anything about catastrophe, ecological or otherwise.

    Then they seemed to leave (somewhere around Y2K) and the passage of time since has left me for the last several years questioning the whole thing. Did plans change? Were people just being used, like for breeding stock? Did I move to a different time stream? Or maybe it was all just a sort of collective hysteria?

    Despite those rational doubts, there’s still a significant part of me that feels like Richard Dreyfuss in CE3K, poking mashed potatoes with a fork and thinking, “this means something; this is important!”

    1. My mom, son and I all experienced visits until the late 1990’s and then they just stopped. I was taught some things. One was with a hand held small silver cylinder. I don’t remember now how to use it now, but hopefully it is still in there. On many occasions I had to breath a blue thick water. I eventually was able to do it without as much fear knowing I would not die. I was shown catastrophic events. Thanks for sharing your thoughts

  7. I still don’t understand the anticipation that the visitors will suddenly show up front and center when possible cataclysmic events start to bear down upon us. Were they there when humanity suffered past catastrophic events such as the cataclysm ten-twelve thousand years ago in the form of a comet/meteor impact that wiped out vast civilizations? Or how about the Black Death that erased more than a third of the human population? I don’t think they will ever show themselves in large measure to intervene on our behalf when a threat to our existence emerges (but I do think they are very involved with us, only in subtle ways that we may not be able to comprehend). We need to evolve collectively based on the choices and actions we take. While climate change projections appear to be extremely dire (and I would argue that nuclear proliferation is a more serious, direct threat …. we’d probably blow ourselves up long before suffering the gravest conditions imposed by climate change) we have a great opportunity to make a giant shift in our collective consciousness to solve these existential threats without needing the help from the visitors, which I think is their objective. We need to seize the opportunity and not become supplicants.

    1. Author

      The whole point of the way this is unfolding is to prevent us from becoming supplicants. That makes us useless to them, and to ourselves. Judging from the few things that have slipped out from behind the scenes, I would think that the people working on this in secret have already put themselves in that position. If so, then broader open contact will proceed all that more carefully.

  8. I’m definitely looking forward to the book and feel indeed an urgency to everything and anticipate huge change soon. Have had several visitor experiences when i was young, one was meeting beings with long blond hair, they had to take me back to my bedroom in a out of body state cause i felt so home sick and wanted to stay. Had a typical visitor being appearing in my bedroom but it wasn’t grey, but had a sand colour and was surprised myself by my own reaction seeing it, cause i said what are you doing here, if i knew it and then it disappeared. Anyhow. always felt from when i was very young that was something big was going to happen in the future. I have been going through a lot of emotional trauma and turmoil during most of my life and that has been leading me to more and more present moment awareness. Maybe all the climate, economical, cultural, turmoil will push humanity into facing its own shadow and thus maybe causing humanities consciousness to shift. but he, i really don’t know. I feel indeed that the visitors are indeed more then just aliens. i feel they or whatever they represent have something to do with consciousness and with the evolution of it. Hopefully the new book will contribute towards it and am grateful for what whitley is doing what he can.

  9. Whitley Strieber you are hardly an author no one wants to read. The only reason I haven’t read your latest works is that I am waiting for the audio versions so I can paint as well as “read”. So many books to read, so much art to make. Thanks for what you do here. When the share links come back I will share the shows on Twitter again.

    1. Author

      Take a look on Audible. A lot are there. I read Afterlife Revolution for audio myself.

      1. The Afterlife Revolution is probably you’re most important book. And, in all sincerity, your wife was an extremely powerful soul, but you already know that. You are as well.

        Whether you realize it yet or not, you not only defeated them, you woke many of them up on how to truly create a soul.

        It’s no coincidence that you’ve had these experiences while also being a follower of Gurdjieff. The fourth way is primarily concerned with how to create, cultivate, and strengthen a soul. And that’s exactly their goal.

        Youve helped some of them (enough of them) learn that the best way to develop their souls once again is to help others nurture their own.

        Sadly, many of them still resist this revelation and still insist on following a misguided program of domination and control through artificial means, which includes the creation of doomed hybrids.

        They thought that simply combining our genes with their own would be enough to create a soul. Once they realized this wasn’t working, they abducted us again to hold and love these hybrids. Which DID work, but not how they expected. The hybrids now have souls of their own which the “grays” cannot download their personalities into.

  10. Civilization is a heat engine.

    The starvation of millions will happen when we lose the ability to grow grains.

    We cannot simply move further North with the weather, as the soil is different for grains.
    There is a band around the earth that is perfect for grain growing- most of it is in Russia & The Mid west ,USA. We will hold our grains back when shortages appear. (This is what Russia did and caused the Arab Spring; NOT a desire for “freedoms”)

    Our world is dying and “they” cannot intervene…

  11. What has long puzzled me is why the visitors aren’t targeting and “visiting” people who are in positions of real influence, people who could actually do something to avert disaster, instead of the broad and diverse spectrum of average folks whom they seem to mostly visit — just so many private individuals with little to no significant leverage to make much of a practical difference in shifting dangerously dysfunctional global attitudes and practices. (Perhaps I’m mistaken in my assumption that this isn’t the case, but this is my general impression.) If heads of state and captains of industry were more heavily represented among the abductee population, then we might see more positive progress in turning the current tide toward global self-destruction. A few nocturnal bedroom visitations with the current occupants of the White House’s master bedroom, for instance, might do far more good in this respect than any number of such visits paid to the majority of abductees who have little real power to sway popular opinion or shift official policies.

    1. This has never confused me at all. Why would an advanced civilization give a good goddamn about our petty power structures?

      When we study ants, do we first feel duty bound to introduce ourselves to the colonys queen?

  12. This is of great interest to me as it fits VERY closely to what I to have been experiencing.

    I also got into an argument with them at about the same time, about the exact same thing. I kept insisting that they just quit being “cowards” and just show themselves. I feel I was guided to read this as a response from them.

    I’ve received the same information as you. They are about to reveal themselves, out of necessity. The “other side” (the 4th Reich) are stepping up their plan of destruction.

    (Read the works of Michael Salla and Steven M. Greer.)

    They will fail.

    Those of us who have been previously visited will now be experiencing it even more now. The training must begin. We will be tasked with helping others communicate with them, but first must learn to do so ourselves.

    This is happening now.

    2020 IS the pivotal year.

    They are coming. Finally.

      1. The recent unveiling of an American “space force” is a pretense to a fake invasion, by which governments around the world (most likely headed by Russia) will claim they’ve been resisting them all along, they just couldn’t tell us sooner for our own safety.

        Which, of course, is a total lie.

  13. Hi Whitley,
    I’m curious, The Master of The Key said the following: “There will come a time when your planet is dying and you are dying, and you will see these aliens all around you. But they will not help you, no matter how hard you beg… Their inaction, however, is their help… ”

    I’m curious how do you reconcile that statement of his in light of what you write in this journal:
    “..if enough of us do (the work of contact) right, there will be a lifeline thrown to us.”
    “The visitors will never hand us our future on a plate. If we can successfully engage with them, though, and give them a reason to help us, then that will happen.”

    Perhaps, is it a case where the MOTK is laying out a scenario where they won’t help us by begging to be handed salvation and rescue, and it will be this way as he sees it (he’s generally right it seems), but you’re saying if we engage with them by standing on our two feet (as opposed to being simply handed something) they would help?

    Or maybe you’re disagreeing with the MOTK on this?

    Anyway, I sincerely look forward to reading your new book.

    I hope you and your family have a good 4th of July!

    Best Regards,

  14. Author

    They are not acting now, and as a result have put me in the position of asking them if there was anything we could to to change that. The answer was that they could not communicate with us. So I have written a book about my own experiences doing that in the hope that it will somehow help. I am well aware of the MOTK’s comment.

    1. They’re lying. I mean seriously, they’ve been here for nearly a century, but they still don’t know how to talk to us without traumatizing abductions and blatant exploitation? Bullshit.

      They are NOT our saviours. They are what we must resist and overcome in order to achieve salvation.

      They’re the rapist that forces the raped to become stronger.

    2. The master of the key himself told you exactly who they are. The prison keepers. The “intelligent machine” that’s lying to you.

    3. How long have they been talking about “saving” us, and how much of it has ever actually come true? What becomes of those contacted by them besides obscurity and insanity and ruin?

      THEY LIE. Beware the barer of false gifts.

  15. I’m reminded of something Gabor Maté said when interviewed by Russell Brand on Brand’s podcast.

    About an hour into the interview, which Maté spent meaningfully diagnosing in practical terms why our world is besot with so many social ills, Brand basically asked him then so how do we go about changing the world?

    Maté said we utilize whatever platform we have, whoever’s ear we have, keep refining yourself, keep purifying yourself.

    The rest is not up to you, the rest happens, or it doesn’t happen.

    He referenced Rabbi Tarfon who lived in the century before Jesus who said in regards to transforming the world, “The task is not yours to finish, but neither are you free to not take part in it.”

    And if not now, when?

    Maté compared the inhumanity of today as not being that much different than what Jesus and Buddha tried to heal the world from. Given that we’re now thousands of years removed from when they lived and they’ve managed to acquire a platform to their messages that puts them among the most famous persons to ever have lived, and yet, still things are the same, you could say that they were failures in their efforts to lift humanity from its greed and violence. But was their work in vain? Absolutely not.

  16. I truly believe thoughts are things. Emotions are vehicles of consciousness. Bringing the two together may be the bridge required for communications by allowing the Others to live through our experiences as their perceived existence in this dimension must be anchored in some way to allow for our understanding of their presence. That anchor may very well be the aforementioned thoughts (prayers if you like, meditation, etc.) and emotions (feelings that transcend existing consciousness, such as love.

  17. I’m not sure what to think. I’ve followed this years. I read and reread MOTK until it fell apart trying to find clues along with the books. I’ve studied the occult and magic. I’ve had my own experiences since age 3. I’m almost to the conclusion they are entities that are beyond ancient. Most of my art conveys that. As to communication through art. Yes. What we all experience seems to unique to all. Maybe they like it that way. But I ask the question. Do we deserve to be saved? Obviously this world is breaking apart as we speak on many levels. What of the earth and nature. Who speaks for that? Is our sense of “wonder” worth salvation?

    1. To the last sentence: YES. We must realize what we are, the “Eyes of the World” (Universe) peeking out of evolved matter. If not, then we may end of ‘hitting the (civilization rise and fall) reset button.

  18. Communication is on us. How do you communicate with a growling, snarling, vicious beast (us to them)? Beat it into submission or put it down (they to us). How do you communicate with a loving animal (them)? Reward (us). When we stop treating them as foreign interlopers (they are neither) and accept the gifts (look, they are there) being given us, we will have a bold, new world – if we can take it.

    1. Oh c’mon. Why nearly always in the middle of the night? Why nearly always the paralysis followed with the redundant horror show? Why the invasive nature of it?

      If you wanted to “communicate” with someone, would you go about it in such a way?

      They get high off of our fear. They have no souls of their own, so they exploit ours just like we breed livestock for meat.

      Who are “they”? The grays? The nordics? The insectoids? The reptilians? The intelligent plasmas (the original forms of life)?

      Who cares at this point?

    2. As the Master of the Key (who is a “secret chief” of the “nine”) said, every time you see a UFO, you’re seeing a prison guard.

  19. Whitley, you said that contact can be dangerous. The potential for social disruption is predictable. And we could also suppose that many people would have psychological difficulties processing such a profound experience, such as PTSD (i.e. Barney Hill) or worse. But are there also biological dangers — cancer, immunological disorders, or other harmful physiological effects of direct contact with these beings or their environments?

  20. Sorry, Whitely. You could concatenate this and the previous comment…
    OR, are the visitors possibly even more varied than humans in terms of what we would see as moral/ethical behavior? In abduction reports, they sometimes seem clinically detached from the immediate suffering they may cause an abductee. Cold clinical regard is one thing, but are there cruel manipulators, sadists, and murderers among them?

  21. “THEY” are not just one benevolent group of beings. From my own experience and that of others – among them, read Ardy Sixkiller Clarke’s latest book: “Space Age Indians”, there are several varieties of beings that have interacted with humans for quite a few centuries. At least one group is shape shifting and not here for our benefit. I believe this group feeds on our spirits and wants our planet. This group knows how to manipulate individual people, by way of our most base desires – greed, sex, power. An earlier post asked if the visitors have interacted with people in powerful positions. I believe they have – but not always the good “THEY”. I believe that the big challenge we, as a species, now face is the battle of good vs evil — I am a Buddhist by the way – I’m quite surprised by my own conclusion. WE must say NO to evil, in all it’s forms (goodbye big hungry bugs). We must all dig deep and rise above whatever past wrongs any of us have done and be our highest soul selves. We must take action to save our selves and our beautiful planet. Plant a garden, love a bee, use your cloth grocery bag, drive less, speak up for others less empowered, call out the dirt bags and demand better government. Be kind. Be kind. Be kind.
    PS – These visitors, all varieties, are more advanced than humans in many ways, but they are not inherently superior to us.

  22. Yes, absolutely true. But which is which and who is who? If they really wanted us to know, then we would already know. We don’t because they don’t want us to.

  23. Interesting discussion. This is my first time visiting, though I have read 2012, which scared the daylights out of me. Anyway, we are due for another “Carrington Event”, a solar eruption, which is supposedly going to destroy the electric grid planet wide. That means all 700 nuclear facilities could melt down, leading to a planet wide cascade of failures resulting in the collapse of civilization. Whew, that’s a mouthful. Do some research on the Carrington Event, and draw your own conclusions. We’ve been close to collapse many times, but we’ve never had the ability to destroy ourselves like we do today. We live in interesting times, as the Chinese curse goes.

  24. I cannot repeat often enough that global warming denial at this point is willful ignorance, and as such is sinful in the sense that it serves denial of the right to thrive, especially the right of the world’s children to do so. It is a crime against humanity, as dreadful a sin to bear as can be.

  25. Dang R. Bryon418, you hit hard. I can’t say I disagree with anything you’ve said. We have reached a certain degree of disclosure and really, not much has happened. Why do we need to be eased into it at this point? The only somewhat civil conclusion regarding the visitors I can come up with is that this existence isn’t that important, and they know that. That said, it seems we are being exploited if our souls are that important. I really do think we are lab rats, with our researches not giving a damn about or ethics or justice or anything. My degree of apathy is growing day by day, why does this subject matter? You never really get anywhere!

  26. The turning point for me in my whole time closely following Whitley’s and Anne’s words — ever since Communion was published — was the publication of The Key. That book compelled me to turn away from the questions of who the Visitors are and what their agenda may be to the real question of who WE are and what our rightful place in the universe could be if we only dared to look inside and allow the truth of our real power and greatness to manifest. This requires a shift in consciousness and I think there are two ways to accomplish this: through choice or force. We can choose to raise our collective consciousness by seeking the tools of surrender that enables us to see and feel the greater world that we are embedded within. Or we can allow external forces like climate change to apply enough pressure on us to evolve as a matter of survival. I feel that there is a war going on within ourselves now deciding our fate, one that may indeed end up in our own destruction, but one that must be determined without the Visitors’ direct involvement. If they were to intervene on our behalf without having us climb the next rung on the ladder of consciousness, then we would become their supplicants. But if we were to grow by ourselves then we’d be able to meet and interact with them with an equal amount of freedom, power and wisdom.

  27. I don’t buy their reasoning for not making themselves known. Their claim that “the result would be total confusion and chaos” is just bogus imo.

    I have to ask: so…why should we care so much about that? Humanity has to grow up at some point and with growth there are growing pains. Most people have acclimated to the idea of the visitors’ existence. Besides that, if there’s going to be rioting, looting or general upheaval, just allow it to run its course. But we have to get to the next level of consciousness, otherwise, we’ll stagnate (if we aren’t already there). The “chaos” has to end sometime, history shows that. Let the chips fall where where they may…and after the dust settles, we’ll finally be “ready to move ahead…

  28. Author

    It is not bogus. It is the central problem. The gulf between us is enormous, and what they want from us is going to be extremely difficult for many people to understand, let alone accept. What they have to offer in return, also, is presently almost impossible to understand, but also of extraordinary value.

    I don’t mean to sound coy or mysterious, but this is based on 30 years of living with them in my life. I’m hoping my book will make this very complex and unusual situation more understandable. Believe me, please, when I say that there is hardly a word out there right now that realistically reflects the situation. It’s nobody’s fault. It’s simply because of the novelty of the situation, which involves a complete change in the whole experience of being alive and being human. You can’t have that just appear in people’s lives without some kind of accurate idea of what is happening to them. I am here to do my best to ameliorate the situation by describing what I have experienced. If just a small core of people respond, that will be a beginning, and a beginning is all that is needed. The rest will follow naturally.

    1. The one possibility you would never accept, whether true or not, is the VERY real possibility that you’ve been exploited and used your whole life.

      1. Author

        I cannot beat often enough but my wife said, “the human species is too young to have beliefs. We need are good questions.”

        The moment you bring the old beliefs to this new experience, you fail.

  29. I see your on Coast tonight Whitley. Maybe climate change will come up. I’d love if you’d point out how damaging to humanity his denier message is. I would understand if you shy away considering his ultra right audience. I really don’t like him for various reasons, but the biggest reason is his constant support of deniers and giving them an audience. One name wraps up that it for me and the utter absurdness……Lord Monckton!

  30. Whitley, can you self-publish this book on Amazon? That way we could all buy it tomorrow!

  31. 1. Bravo for your new book … I am looking forward to reading it ASAP. 2. At my co-op natural foods store in July 2019, the bulk food price for organic whole oats has doubled … note that for any grain product, the whole grain form has the longest shelf life. 3. Perhaps Penguin will be your new publisher … the current edition of The Key is published by Penguin. … I just bought six more copies to give to friends. 4) Having worked as a systems analyst and now a writer, where I use skills like pattern recognition, lateral thinking, etc., in the Age of Aquarius (as you discuss in The Key), I have noticed practically on a daily basis that everything happens fast.

  32. Hey kids,think about this i notice when i go to the fair or field days they sell ballons with pretty much the grays face on it as a novelty.i see them every where,my kids loved them when they were younger and pretty much accepted that thats what the star brothers looked this is very clever…..THE BEST ADD CAMPAIN IVE EVER SEEN,very suddle there every where.i think the children will accept them with open. Arms,my kids said they arnt scared they think there cool and they want to meet them,hang out and meet their kids realy took me back ,made me feel excited and unafraid….could this be the way they do it,bypass the stupid adults and let our brilliant children and theres make this happen….makes sense dont the way my nickname to my friends is alien,they call me alien mike because of my background.yes whitly let our brillant children handle this i know they will do a great job

  33. Back in 1995 I was on staff at Omega Institute in upstate NY and attended a “sampler” class Whitley gave in the Pavilion where he predicted Iran would make a nuclear strike on Washington, DC. I always wondered what led Whitley to make such an outlandish prediction at the time, and wonder if he still believes such an event possible.

  34. The mindset of “Better to reign over hell than serve in heaven!” is why there will never be disclosure. A new world if we can take it? The elites will never allow it. They need to rule over humanity. If this new world is anything like what I observed at age nine when I taken to a higher world. Then it will mean the end of everything! Our whole way of life and understanding of the univeres,;ife after death and the true nature of God will change! This means an end to the old control systems of the past. Religions, politics, edcational systems, economic monetary banking systems, governmets, ideals on parenting and child rearing all of it will end.
    I can see why no priest or politician is in a hurry to end their way of life.

  35. Author

    When people’s lives are disrupted, they become restless. When their prosperity is taken from them, they become angry. When they begin to starve, they overturn everything.

    When the elites can no longer deliver, they are swept away. Look at the history of revolutions.

  36. Author

    Sometime in October. There is no time to wait for conventional publication. The visitors wanted it out this month, but I just could not make it. Right now, it’s being proofread and we’re working on the cover. As soon as these things are done, it will be out.

    1. Galatic Custodians: The fate of the human race rests in getting this info out!

      Humans: Thats gonna have to wait a few months for proof reading and cover art.

      (I have nothing but love for you Whitley, thank you for all you do, just poking fun at the absurdity of our human existence!)

      1. “just poking fun at the absurdity of our human existence!”

        Absolutely LOL love your comment, Tyler. So true. That cover art better be worth the wait. 🙂

  37. Dear Whitley,
    I have listened to interviews with you on youtube. Thank you for sharing your experiences, it is so interesting. I remember you saying that you are always being waked in the early moring hours for your meditation by somebody gently blowing on your face. I came to think about what I heard the indian guru Sadguru say in one of his videos. He says: “There is something happening in nature between 3:30 AM to 3:40. It is a very significant part of the time. It is called Brahmamuhurtha in yoga, meaning the creators hour” . Its from the youtube video named ” Something very important happens at 03:30 AM- Sadguru shares yogic secrets” ( 9:11 minutes into the film). There is also a wiki-page explaining Brahmamuhurtha. I just wanted to share this information with you. I wish you and your family a nice weekend. Kind regards
    Jenny in Sweden

  38. Looking forward to the release of your latest book. I’m still catching up with the Communion series (finishing up book#3, have #4 & 5 on order). I was drawn to your books after watching a recent episode of Ancient Aliens that you appeared in, and talked about your book and experience. Now I cannot put your books down, and my spiritual readings & study have taken a bit of a backseat. But I feel there is a strong connection that has led me on this current path. Thank you for sharing your experiences, you have definitely touched my life in an unexpected way.

  39. Here’s an offbeat view on the consequences of drastic climate change and other catastrophes that might befall humanity: What if an underlying concern was for the welfare of the “afterlife dimension” that is all around us? What would happen to it should millions and millions of people die awful deaths? Could the spiritual dimension of our world be transformed into an unthinkable nightmare from “material world” disasters? Perhaps the Visitors ponder this question, and perhaps it motivates some of the things they do.

    1. I have come to believe that a “Grand Plan” is…..and has been in the works for an unbelievably long time. I’m sure that those in the spiritual dimension, who are not restricted by time as we are in this 3D world, are aware of how events will “play” out. I read and research a lot, including Whitley’s books, looking for common threads and how they come together. I’m also a follower of David Wilcock and his “Ascension” theories. So I don’t think that a mass die-off is imminent as suggested. What I do believe is that just before conditions become dire, “something” will change……and I believe that it will be a positive outcome in whatever form it may take. It has been suggested that there are benign ETs watching events unfold. They are waiting for an auspicious point in time to help us. It’s my thinking too, that 2020 is when we will start to see things happen. I like to think that a shift in consciousness is coming and a new age of enlightenment will become evident. Richard M.

      1. I’d take Wilcock with a large grain of salt. I read many of his books and his regular, lengthy releases, and have yet to see any of his predictions come true….

    2. I think the effect on the afterlife of a mass of people dying at the same was mentioned in one of the books of Robert Monroe or Bruce Moan. Think it was something that there are believe system territories and a massive influx of new people might cause a shock to the believes of the occupants and as such effecting that realm. Apparently according to the information in those books, a lot of intelligences are gathered now around the planet for what they call the big event or show. something that happens maybe only once in a million years. a influx of new higher energies effecting this reality. Think monore was taken to the future and the astral realms dissapeared dues to a conscious shift.

    3. Author

      That resonates with me, too. Don’t know if it’s true or not, but it sure seems like it could be.

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