So many hard things have happened in the past couple of weeks, I hardly know where to begin. Terence McKenna lies gravely ill in a Honolulu hospital, Dick Hoagland is recovering from a massive heart attack, Roger Leir had a heart attack a few days ago, and the anguish that Art Bell and his family are undergoing has finally been made public.

In addition, Art has filed some new lawsuits that I hope he wins, against people who appear to have crossed the defamation line.

It is deeply, profoundly wrong to defame others. It hurts terribly, and you could hear the anguish of it in Art’s voice when he talked about it on Thursday night.

What has happened to Roger Leir is equally evil, and involves a direct attack on his career and his professional credibility. I hope that the lawyer working on his case finds a way to sue the people who have tried to destroy his career. (What has happened to him is quite similar to what was done to Dr. John Mack.)

It seems that there is somebody out there who carefully studies each one of us, and then hits us where we are most vulnerable. A few years ago, a lawsuit was filed against me by Chemical Bank over my refusal to acknowledge a debt greater than the amount I owed them. After they won the suit in a case rubber- stamped by the judge despite my showing proof that I was repaying the debut on time and did not owe the additional money, they quietly changed their complaint to reflect the actual amount involved.

Meanwhile, I was so distraught that I lost my ability to write. The result was that I ran out of money and was forced to sell the cabin where all my wonderful experiences happened. I lost everything and have been living from hand to mouth ever since. My career has recovered, and I am hoping to regain my financial health soon.

I don’t want to dwell on my own problems, but I do want to use them to make my point. Chemical Bank knew perfectly well that they were suing me for more than I owed. None of the lawyers on my side had ever seen anything as bizarre as what they were doing. I think that the point of it was to get me out of that cabin and deprive me access to it.

At the same time that the suit was being pursued against me, somebody started appearing at the cabin. They broke in, stole crucial files (as mentioned in Breakthrough), regularly bypassing my alarm system, and made us feel terribly, terribly vulnerable and unsafe. The New York State Police refused to investigate the matter. It was during this time that the implant that is still in my left ear was put there. This was done by human intruders whom I saw and could still recognize today.

I think that all of this stuff has a single origin. I know that each case is different from the others, but the basic principle is the same: find the person’s weakest point and attack them there.

Art Bell has a powerful law firm behind him, and some famous lawyers have volunteered to help Roger Leir. I am hoping that, if a single person or group can be found to be behind all this=97 and I have some ideas about this that I am sharing with all parties=97then a class-action suit can be filed against them by all UFO and other researchers who have been harassed and attacked. I know that some of the people fighting the Pentagon on behalf of Gulf War Syndrome victims received the same sort of treatment.

I am hoping that the Art Bell case against David Oates and Robert Stephens helps to establish standards of publishing behavior on the internet that are identical to those that exist elsewhere. As things stand, any sort of statement is routinely made on the internet, lie or not.

Also, I hope that the people behind all this are caught. Something is deeply, deeply wrong in this country, that this sort of organized persecution would take place. In fact, there is somebody out there who is absolutely obsessed with the UFO issue and desperate to destroy anybody associated with it who thinks freely and speaks openly.

I can scarcely imagine what sort of progress I might have made with the visitors had I been able to keep my cabin. At the time we left, there were more and more protracted contact events talking place, and every indication that some kind of permanent relationship that would have led to open contact being developed.

All that was lost. Now, if Roger Leir is prevented from doing his work, a great deal more will be lost. He is a real pioneer and he needs to be respected and treated like one.

Art Bell’s program is about freedom. He lets anybody with a good story come on and tell it. He doesn’t screen his calls. The people who are attacking him, I believe, are about control. I think that they probably have powerful supporters, which is why at least one of them, Mr. Stephens, has welcomed a lawsuit. He knows that he will be defended, in my opinion.

It is my guess that anybody who wants to think freely, to act openly, and to let the people know the truth, is vulnerable to these attacks. I think that when you find the person who orchestrated the taking of my cabin, the defamation of Art Bell and the attempt to destroy Roger Leir’s career, you will be looking at the same person or group, or the same wing of the government.

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