A massive forest fire is burning the West Kalimantan province of Indonesian Borneo. The fire, outside the provincial capital of Palankaraya, was started during a land-clearing operation. The fire has become huge, and a vast cloud of haze is spreading across the region, causing health problems and complicating air operations in surrounding countries. This firestorm threatens to become as devastating as the storms that erupted in 1998, covering the whole region in a pall of smoke.

Unseasonable Heat Wave in India Extraordinary heat has struck in parts of India, Bangladesh and Pakistan. Temperatures are soaring above 110 degrees Fahrenheit, and forest fires are breaking out in the normally cool and verdant northern Himalayas. This unprecedented situation is expected to continue until the southwest monsoon rains begin in late May or early June. Whether or not post- monsoon temperatures will break records on the subcontinent as they did in 1998 remains to be seen.

Whitley Strieber and Art Bell to Publish Book Whitley Strieber and Art Bell are jointly publishing a book called ?The Coming Superstorm and How to Survive It.? The book is based on Whitley Strieber?s research into sudden climate change and dialoging between him and Art Bell about the possibility that this process is about to happen, and will be accompanied by a storm of unprecedented proportions if it does. The book is to be published in hard and softcover editions by Pocket Books. Publication date is still to be determined, but as the manuscript is finished, an announcement is expected soon.

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