Grant Cameron has been researching UFOs since 1975, and his ideas about the mystery behind them have transformed over the decades. A few years ago his focus was on what the US Presidents might know, and this abruptly changed after a profound download experience in 2012. He was hit with a deep knowing that consciousness was at the core of the phenomena. 

This new avenue of thought has generated some remarkable personal experiences, as well as some unorthodox ideas about what it all might mean—could the entire UFO experience be generated by a oneness of consciousness, where each experiencer is creating their own involvement?Are we participating in a conscious shared event, and is UFO contact a spark of “WOW” that can eventually change how we see reality? This is a fast paced rollercoaster ride of an interview, and a profound message emerges from the dialog.

Grant’s website is BeyondPresidentialUFO, his Youtube page is WhitehouseUFO, and you can find his books HERE

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  1. Some of that is pure Nanci Danison. I could have listened to this for hours more as it reached something (or somewhere) in me that rarely gets touched. Thanks you so much from Australia.

  2. That was fun.
    The story i tell, life is being Yoshi while playing mario Kart.
    when youre done, you can choose another toon to play in mario kart.
    You ARE the toon you play. As in, you in reality and Higher self with the controller.
    funny. Its a game… thats what Anne Strieber said to Whitley isnt it?

    1. After reading the posts after my original….
      (and since we are quoting…)
      “There are more things in heaven and earth Horatio, than are dreamt of in your philosophy.” Hamlet
      I think it was Jeremy Vaeni that eluded to the “question.”
      Once you’ve about got the answer(or you think you do), the trickster likes to spin it so you really dont. That makes you stretch just a little more.
      so heres a funny: if you can manifest in your reality, are you effecting my reality? If you manifest, does that make you a “maker?” what? a mobius strip?
      do you believe or do you know?

  3. Here’s a WOW experience I had while listening to the show. I was driving to work listening to the show. Mike, right as you were telling your story about the string on the pendulum, it was in the middle of your story and I heard your voice fade and then I heard the gong. I thought that was a very unusual transition. As I continued listening, I heard that you were introducing Terry Lovelace. I was just finishing my drive and I pulled out my phone and checked to see what episode I was listening to. Sure enough, I was listening to last week’s episode. The unusual thing is the Terry Lovelace episode was two files up from this current week’s episode in my music player. How my music player would have switched to that episode is something I can’t explain.

  4. One thing I get sick of hearing from the New Age movement is this idea that we all chose to be here and we co- create our own realities. This is usually told to someone complaning abouth their unhappy life or “playing victim” .
    I have read the book The Gods Of Eden by William Bramely. My understanding is that souls are lured here and are captured in the reincarnational cycle. The lie these souls are told is that they created Karma and must pay for past wrongs and evolve spiritualy. Thus they must keep evolving and keep suffering until they learn the lessons of love.
    I beleive this is just another bold face lie to keep humanity enslaved, dumb down and in servitude to whatever evil beings/ archons rule this world.
    My goal is to transcend and end the prison of reincarnation cycle and go off and live elsewhere. Hopefully my own home world /dimension.

    1. You are referring to the Demiurge, I believe. The thing is, the aliens who are connected to this world have waited much too long to reveal their presence. They are perhaps remaining unobtrusive by design, so they can continue to exploit the relationship we have with them. I feel, due to recent events concerning the destruction of the environment, that humans are being set up for a monumental catastrophe that could be avoided if aliens decided to intervene. It may be that certain persons in the leadership roles have decided that a certain portion of the population must die. Or, maybe the majority of people in the world will die and malevolent Aliens will inherit the world from us. You have to look at the history of the Earth, and how brutal it is, to see that we humans may treat animals in a similar way the Aliens treat us. It is a microcosm of the truth. We enslave animals, manipulate and murder them, all for our selfish gains. The animals are not aware of our intentions (until it is too late). We pull the strings in manners not accessible to them. We operate inscrutably, according to their perceptions. We rationalize our treatment of animals, and that may be because aliens rationalize their awful treatment of humans. Psychologically, we are following in their footsteps, because it is what we are ourselves are accustomed to experiencing. We are desensitized to it.

      I do not heavily believe in the notion that disclosure is slated for release in due time. That may be a fantasy. The aliens may be trying to keep us in the dark as long as possible by using that deception. You have to ask yourself WHY do they not disclose the truth? Is it for our own good, or theirs? I also believe that the government knows PLENTY about the alien presence, and that certain entities are working with them. The aliens and their government liaisons are surreptitiously withholding information, while they mock us and think “foolish, blind humans”. They construe that they are getting away with something, and that they have the power to carry it out.

      I’m not blaming humans (except the ones in power) for what is going on. Many of the humans I know are decent people. We are clearly caught in a prison web of torture and suffering. Much of the food on this planet is designed to kill us. Aliens from long ago may have introduced many of these foods as part of their own agenda.

      I sincerely hope that there are benevolent aliens out there who can intervene. I also hope, past the sense of good reason, that I am wrong about all this and I am simply cynical. However, if aliens do not reveal their presence to the world soon, I may start to consider them my enemy. If there is a Demiurge controlling everything invisibly, behind the scenes, then extrication becomes paramount. We may not have the power or resources to grapple with a faux God (who may have also helped with the writing of organized Religion, another control mechanism). If so, I hope humanity can find its way back to the true creator source.

  5. Great interview! I love Grant Cameron. But I can not buy into the whole New Age concept of “we chose to be and create our own realities.” That we co-created all the unhappinsess in our lives and to complain is to play victim! It is just in my personal experience and observation. I beleive our world is ruled by very toxic and malevolent forces both human and non-human!

  6. My dog developed spleen cancer and died. Did my dog create this painful horrible “reality” for himself, or am I to blame for some ludicrous New Age reason? I have a challenge for everyone. The next time you get a big zit on your nose, or a bad cold, simply think it away. Come on, if the New Age is true, then think it away. I’ll be waiting. Context: I was in the New Age over 20+ years. After all that time, I realized it was totally bogus and full of excrement for people who were desperately afraid that something bad might happen to them. Therefore, they had to believe that all bad things happen to people because they bring them on themselves, thus absolving the New Ager from the reality that bad things just happen to good people. Christianity came to terms with this 2000 years ago. Denial and repression of natural negative thoughts will not allow you to live the blissful life of a fetus in the womb. Grow a pair and face reality as it is.

  7. No offense, but as a culture aren’t we sort of far along in the paranormal field of podcasts that we don’t need spooky music introductions anymore? Hey Mike. Show some novelty. Start out your podcast with a waltz or Handel or something fun instead of a dicordant tone like I used to hear for Creature Features late night movies in the 70’s. LOL

  8. Speaking of shadow people. I found this to be interesting…….

    Shuyet – The Shadow

    Ancient Egyptians believed the shadow was actually a part of a person’s soul. It was ever present, and they believed it contained a part of what makes each individual unique.

    As in many other cultures, the Egyptians also believed the shadow was linked in some way to death. The Shuyet was believed to be a servant to Anubis, the Egyptian god of death and the afterlife. Physical depictions of the Shuyet were of a human figure shaded entirely black.

    Some people had a ‘Shadow Box’ among their funerary items so that the Shuyet had a place to inhabit. In the Egyptian Book of the Dead the soul is described as leaving the tomb of the deceased during the day in the form of a shadow. This Shuyet is considered only a shadow of the person it represents and not a major or destructive manifestation of the deceased in the physical realm.

  9. My favorite philosopher said, The Universe is but a passing thought of God.
    I can never remember his name. After listening to this show I can only conclude he was me or us.

  10. When you are theorizing about this and that with your beliefs, your conditioning, you are, so to speak, walking away from your-Self.

    In other words, you have moments of insight that you immediately flip a-round back into a belief. You keep saying ”All is One” yet you keep talking as if ”All is two, three four etc”. It {Self} either is or is not, talking will not make it so.

    “What you are looking for is what is looking” – St Francis of Assisi

    “The source of consciousness can-not be an object in consciousness” – Sri Nisargadatta Maharaj

    No self-definition is valid. Any name or shape you give yourself obscures your real nature. Neither your body nor mind can give you what you seek

    Ramana Maharshi – “You want, somehow or other, to maintain that the world is real. What is the standard of reality? That alone is Real which exists by itself, which reveals itself by itself, and which is eternal and unchanging”

    “The Self {Reality} is certainly within the direct experience of everyone, but not as one imagines it to be. It is only as it is” – Ramana Maharshi

    “The reality we can put into words is never reality itself” – Werner Heisenberg

    “The essence of the Original Mind can never be expressed in words” – Ch’an Truth

    “The Tao that can be named is not the True Tao” – Lao Tzu

  11. I have been really enjoying Mike’s new podcast on unknown country. I think that Grant is one of the best in the field, and i do love hearing him speak on the issue. But there are problems with contact and consciousness and both are entwined with each other.

    The stand out point is that when you take what is being said or transmitted to you {or downloaded}. In reality it then comes down to “Who said what to who”. If you’ve ever traded on the stock market or bet on a horse because of what has been said. This is inherently a very risky thing. In my experiance of life, very few people you talk to know what they are talking about. Taking what is said by E.T. or the visitors then comes down to the passage of time and “reality”. What actually comes to pass will be a very small percentage of what was said or downloaded to the masses of experiencers. Most of any communication I’ve had is about my life… my development. But the most headline thing about the future is global warming and pollution. They really just cant help themselves. What this means is the mechanism for our civilisation’s destruction is already built in and ticking away. I look around and see it everywhere. You could call me a glass half full person. People see the Schumann resonances as the raising of consciousness on the planet. I see what it’s based on EM and lightning strikes . Global warming means the lighting strikes will become more and energetic, solar, cyclic and seasonal changes will mean it fluctuates. Is mother nature calling for help ?

  12. Hi Mike!
    Your knot story reminds me of something that happened to me as a kid. I had this fish that i loved. Went to feed him one night and he was missing from the small aquarium. Asked my mom if she had flushed him… did he die, etc? and she said no. we then pulled the the whole aquarium apart… looked through the pebbles at the bottom, checked the light to see if it had jumped up and got wedged. nuthin. Put the aquarium back intending to get a new fish (scratching our heads perplexed).

    The next morning the fish was back.


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