A routine x-ray found an anomalous bit of something metallic, about the size of a fingernail, in the leg of Terry Lovelace. This discovery gave rise to horrific nightmares, spontaneous recall and intrusive thoughts—all surrounding a 1977 camping trip to Devils Den State Park in Northern Arkansas. Because of his standing in the legal community, he kept his story a secret for 40 years. But the 2012 discovery of this object initiated a flood of memories he couldn’t control. 

This wasn’t an easy conversation with Terry, his experiences are dark and challenging. We examined the most difficult aspects of a lifetime of contact events, and what it means to him personally—a well as what it might mean for all of humanity.

Visit Terry’s site HERE, and order his book HERE.

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  1. very sincere gentleman.great show mike.scotty d from the live free or die state.NH.seen an owl today out on my morning hike.coincidence?

  2. First heard this on coast to coast with Linda Moulton Howe, simply riviting!.

    1. I must have listened to that particular Coast to Coast, because I knew I had heard this story previously, and I could not find a prior reference to it on this site’s search engine. Good interview.

  3. Wonderful show. I remember a remote viewer being shown humans on the moon many years ago also. These podcasts are enlightening.

  4. “Devil’s” designation, to anyplace associated with it, is usually a warning sign of paranormal or UFO activity.
    It may be a place where a portal exists.
    Mike you continue to bat them out of the park.

  5. Hello Mike,
    Your search for understanding is a good one. You are like our “everyman” in the sense that what you find is true for you touches us all and in the sense that we are all one race it is also true for us all. Thank you for being so pains taking about your interview broadcasts …in your efforts at clarification of potential misunderstandings, seeming ambiguities or contradictions, or just offering an explantation of technical glitches….. so that we have some sense that they are/were not an effort on somone’s part to derail your interviews and the quality of your shows.

    I do hope you are continuing with your drawings and are still leading wilderness camping trips as a way to share your love of the outdoors and nature with others who may not have had the desire or inclination to be open to its “deeper levels of communication,” as you are teaching yourself to discover, and learn more about.

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