Stuart Davis is an artist, writer, painter, musician, and recording engineer.  

He recently started a podcast series, titled ARTISTS & ALIENS. He is exploring the connection between art and the contact experience, and he’s doing truly insightful interviews. His first episode is MAN MEETS MANTIS, and it tells his own story, and it’s riveting. I feel that anyone interested in the deeper aspects of the contact experience simply must listen to that podcast. Highly recommended.

Mike and Stuart talk about the challenges of coming to terms with the contact experience, and how these life events force any thoughtful person to confront the most important questions. Why are we here? What does it all mean? This is a remarkably powerful conversation. His site is linked HERE.

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  1. I really enjoyed this interview and liked the idea of setting up certain rules/boundaries of involvement with otherworldly entities. Also, yes to a different type of dream while we have a fever, at least this too has been my experience especially when it is associated with a sinus infection/fever. Here is a dream I had in a fevered state MANY years ago. My daughter-in-law and I were in a lucid dream class and as part of an ongoing exercise I was supposed to dream for Rosemary (our teacher) on this particular night. Here it is.




    I started dreaming for Rosemary on this date. I had the desire to dream fixed in my mind before going to bed. I must admit that this was a fevered sleep accompanied by Nyquil, which by the way did not make me sleep but it did keep me hyper all night. Here goes!!!

    I am passing through two unparalleled sources of energy with swirling clouds around me.

    This song is being sung to me:

    What The World Needs Now Is Love
    From the Movie “Forrest Gump”
    Performed by Jackie DeSannon

    *What the world needs now is love, sweet love
    It’s the only thing that there’s just too little of
    What the world needs now is love, sweet love
    No, not just for some, but for everyone

    Lord we don’t need another mountain
    There are mountains and hillsides enough to climb
    There are oceans and rivers enough to cross
    Enough to last till the end of time

    (Repeat *)

    Lord, we don’t need another meadow
    There are cornfields and wheat fields enough to grow
    There are sunbeams and moonbeams enough to shine
    Oh listen lord, if you wanna know

    (Repeat *)

    CHANGE: I see a COLT being born. There is the physical Colt but I can also see six spiritual bodies forming at the same time that the mother is birthing. A total of SEVEN BODIES can be seen. At the same time of this birth I hear an electrical buzzing in the air.

    CHANGE: I see a black cat walking in circles around its prey.

    CHANGE: I am watching a European man who is greeting a woman with a kiss on each cheek.

    CHANGE: Passing through many realities and I hear a voice say, “I prefer that you take SEVEN days to wake up then I will send you to hear the music.”

    CHANGE: My daughter-in-law is holding a very large WHITE STONE TOTEM. The TOTEM represents sleep and dreaming. It has a sharp bottom and it is ready to be anchored into the earth. The glyphs on the stone look AZTEC or MAYAN. The human features that also include the lips are large. Now again a voice say’s, “For all of those who were associated with artwork in the dark, you were also associated with RA/RE.”

    1. Your shows are jewels.
      Do not get down.
      There are things you have no power to change.
      When yo get down, read and repeat the layer of St. Francis Assissi. It will put your soul on the path you need to be.
      It will put all of us on that path.

  2. Very interesting interview, welcome back Mike! Mr. Davis’ ideas about setting the terms of the encounter remind me of the testing and binding of spiritual entities in ritual magic. The subject animism and the underlying consciousness that encompasses the universe brings up a question/speculation I’ve had since I was fairly young and already into these subjects…what if the unified consciousness that is the wellspring from which we all come from has essentially split itself off into infinite fragments out of a deep sense of loneliness? By that I mean, if this unity consciousness is the only one of its kind perhaps it creates all these various incarnations that are us (and other entities) with a certain amount of forgetfulness so as to give itself the illusion of multiplicity as a way to experience otherness.

    1. Corvinus, are you familiar with the Seth Material,
      channeled by Jane Roberts for about 20 years between the 1960’s and her death in 1984?
      If not, I urge you to listen on YouTube to a reading
      from that material’s creation story, “Jane Roberts What Seth Says About God And Creation.” It is very close to what you are describing. Though as I understand it, the unity consciousness, which Seth calls All That Is, chose to release part of its own essence out of love and an impetus for creativity, rather than out of loneliness; to give experience, being and reality to its creations.

    1. Author

      It’s my understanding that the movie is still in pre-production. And now, with all the virus stuff, I am certain it’s on hold for the foreseeable future.


  3. Having been on this path myself for a long time, I quit trying to keep up with all the synchronicities I had of my own during this broadcast.

    PERFECT! 🙂

  4. I’m enjoying this interview, as always, with Mike’s shows. Having an eight foot tall mantis wearing a purple cape with high collar is a bizarre combination of the absurd and terror. I can’t wait to hear the rest, and go to Stuart’s website and listen to his podcast.

  5. This topic is very important to me, great show. Thank you!

    I can relate to it. And the way you guys honestly relay your experiences makes it easier. I appreciate your honesty and thoroughness.

    An important show for me, thanks again.

  6. I am astounded at the level of confirmation I have just received by your conversation together. Although my own contact experience is very small, especially in comparison to both your stories, I am now wondering how much that small amount has played in forming my point of view toward what we are doing here as humans at this time.

    The perspective I have regarding contact and what is needed for this contact to be a successful endeavor revolves primarily around understanding what will foster healthy relationship. My consciousness gets this through a direct knowledge of understanding the universe through the physical dynamics of geometry and harmonics. I think we have the potential to move from the Static paradigm in which enslaving, hierarchical and parasitic realities can take advantage, to the Ecstatic paradigm, in which all are able to be respected and encouraged toward more and more beautiful expression. Understanding the Ecstatic paradigm means that we must understand how to be in RELATIONSHIP in a way that is utterly respectful and encouraging that outcome. We need to source that configuration with us as sovereign and also be completely integrated in that, from each entity’s (us included) CENTRAL point of view.

    One of the things I was appreciating was the tearing up of any and all old contracts that we now realize are not in alignment with appropriate behavior for a respectful relating. YES. That is an act that takes us out of the Static and opens a portal to the Ecstatic. We have been so traumatized as a species and have so many behaviors culturally that have been developed from a paradigm of massive danger and subsequent over-protectiveness, i.e. from fear, that result in closing down our sensitivity that could be a frequency for contact with the Unknown, and even to each other. It is being played out on the world stage in technicolor and surround sound. Hopefully there is a response being stimulated, in as large a proportion of the population as necessary for some good outcome, of commitment to coming back to center and cultivating some spiritual inner stability that can withstand with flexibility contact with the Unknown without losing sovereignty.

    We can cultivate this by realizing that practically EVERYTHING is mostly UNKNOWN, especially each other! And of course even more so the UNSEEN. But each other is a very good start! May we practice true respect and encouraging healthy, nourishing relationships for the benefit of ALL. I think this could be something of a golden skill that secures the golden ticket.

    To the magical reality of ecstatic communion with …. with …. __________________ !

    1. The problem I have is that someone spiritually attuned like you can envision a truly awakened world and a relationship with The Other. But then I turn on the TV news and see hordes of people with NO masks and NO social distancing applauding a man who illustrates (to anyone vaguely discerning) the very WORST in humanity. A narcissistic sociopath. Yet at least 30% of the American public adore him for these exact qualities. How do you deal with the huge element of prejudiced unawakened humanity that is constantly dragging us back into the mud? I have tried to dialogue with them and it is impossible. They react to everything emotionally instead of with logic and facts. They strike out with malice and hate. If any experiencer visualizes a better world, somehow you have to stay realistic and acknowledge this base of very low consciousness in humanity that is inordinately proud of their bigotry and ignorance and has no plans to go anywhere anytime soon!

      1. In considering your reply, I would caution you and suggest that practicing Respect is foremost an acknowledgement that mostly we don’t see others clearly, that our vision from here as incarnate humans is hyper-limited. We are dealing with the Unknown, even in ourselves, and especially with each other. Blanketing characteristics over a large swath of population is specious. People (from here and elsewhere) are individuals, and bestowing and upholding sovereignty for each other can only be encouraging health and maturity. Respect is a huge practice that is in the vital, present moment. How can we consider each other is a way that leaves the door open to a better future?

        It is important to realize how social engineering creates group think that can be used to dominate us. People assume social posturing that from inner reasoning brings them feelings of safety and/or power. All of us are subject to that impulse because of the massive trauma we have endured as a collective and as individuals over eons. The breaking of those spells requires compassion, and strength in asserting one’s sovereignty, both soul skills that will be necessary for successful contact beyond our world, and beyond the current timeframe.

        1. I think what I am trying to suggest is that we be in conversations with INDIVIDUALS, with spaciousness and hearts as open as possible, being open to the unknown and yet also intending the highest outcome, that is also unknown, and can only be realized in the present unfolding experience. Hindsight and history becomes of service as ballast for navigating into the unknown, as information to continue to be learned from. No one need be denied if respect and intending health for all is nurtured.

  7. What a wonderful, thoughtful, articulate conversation. Resonates with me and no doubt many more. I can sense the integrity you both speak from.
    Thanks to both of you.

  8. What a wonderful interview!

    I’ve just been over to Stuart’s website, where I’ve just watched an interview with him and Jeffrey Kripal, discussing amongst other things, Whitley’s book ‘The Super Natural’. The site is well worth a visit…

    I would definitely like to hear more from Stuart in the future.

    On the subject of Mantis beings, I have only one experience of one of them in a short vivid dream. I won’t go into details, as there aren’t many but this one was male, trying to keep out of the way whilst observing me. When I focused on him, he projected a definite sense of protective love towards me. There was no cool purple cape with this one… but a bright white suit, like some kind of additional exoskeleton.

  9. Hi Mike. Your podcast is my very favorite in the universe. You are always so crisp and focused with the guest. There are no juvenile antics or false bravado, just a really nice guy interviewing people about subjects you care about. Thank you. By the way, I am having a really stupid silly situation going on and I can’t determine if it is something paranormal. My car is parked in a very secure garage in my private home. There is only 1 side door but it is always locked with an iron “screen” door in front of it. So there are 2 sets of locks to get through. So, here it is: I have been going out to my car, only to find that all the windows have been lowered and the sun roof is wide open. I never open the sun roof. I do not leave the windows down. Someone suggested that another person might have a device with a very similar frequency that is doing this. But this theory comes into difficulty with the sun roof. The sun roof is manual. There is no frequency that can open it. I have to manually crank it open and then slide a panel back to let the sun in. So how is this happening? This has been happening a lot in June. I felt really creepy about it one night so I went out there and put a crucifix around the rearview mirror and laid a Bible on the dashboard. IT STOPPED AS OF THAT NIGHT. So what the hell is this all about? It makes me sound like an imbecile, but this is the kind of teasing events that seem to happen to experiencers. Such events are clever at getting their point across to us (We are here), but there is often a total element of absurdity built in to discount it to anyone else.

  10. You 2 could share a daily podcast together and never run out of material. You 2 seem to resonate on the exact same frequency. And I found your bonding with each other very sweet. Most straight guys are too defensive to be this open with each other (the old competitor instinct). As a gay man, I am accustomed to gay guys becoming close like this, but seeing 2 straight guys achieve this was inspiring. I am also relieved that neither of you felt the need to say “No Homo” at the end in fear that someone might take your bonding the wrong way. I’ve listened to podcasts elsewhere that actually were that crass. What a world. What a world.

  11. Dylansdad, I would be amazed to see that defensive “old competitor instinct” of which you mentioned, ever exhibit itself in here…Also, I would have thought you would have given the heterosexual males at UC more credit… and although it might sound like I’m insulted… I’m not…I’m just surprised to hear you say that.

    1. Wow, Mike. You shared some memorable moments with some unique and powerful thoughts.
      Great interview, many thanks to you both

  12. Two things about Mantises, when they mate, the male doesn’t make it out alive. He loses his head.
    Also many mantis are eating machines. Who if you take their lower thorax and place it into its claws it will eat itself to death.
    So my question is, do you contemplate asking if these two behaviors have been transferred to the 8 footers?I
    Or just how related to earthly mantises are the big ones?

  13. When you define your experiences with words like animism or pantheism you use derogatory terms that define your experiences by people that do not respect your experiences. They use those terms to put you in a box that does not respect you.
    The greatest sin we have after bearing false witness is categorizing everything we not or believe.
    Also UFOs have flown over the White House quite dramatically over a few days in the 50s.
    I guess the final point I want to get across is your owls and mantises may have no relationship whatsoever with the ones flying UFO craft.
    Finally great show as always.
    If you ever question the effect you have on listeners, just look at all the blogs your show creates.

  14. Mike, I’m glad to hear you say you value dream experiences. It’s so hard to communicate to someone how profound a dream is. I often lucid dream and dream of bridges. The bridges are abstract, decks don’t line up and ramps loop around nonsensically as if to say you can’t get here by simply walking. When I realize I’m dreaming I marvel at my surroundings. I touch concrete amazed at the detail. It’s smooth and cool to the touch. I’ll ponder that my body is asleep in bed. I like to talk to people I encounter. I approached an old lady and asked her “are you me?” She shuddered and said “I don’t want to talk about this.”. On another occasion I touched another old woman’s arm. I can feel the soft fabric of her sweater, even feel her bone. There was someone else behind her. I asked them “who are you?”. She replied “we’re trainees. We have to go back to our reality now.”. I asked “this isn’t your reality?”. She curled her lips and nodded no in a way that say “no, far from it.” Anyway, these are really special dreams to me and not everyone can appreciate them.

  15. The first reference I ever heard to a Mantis being was in the book, “The Reluctant Shaman,” which chronicles the experiences of a white woman who is chosen by South American shamans to receive their teachings. One day, a praying mantis shows up and the shaman casually mentions that the insect looks a lot like his own teachers. The incident is only mentioned in passing, but it really struck me as I read it. Anyway, great show!

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