Christopher Knowles is an author, blogger, comic book artist… and synchromystic! He talks about his recent work of fiction, He Will Live Up In The Sky. This is a mystery thrill ride about UFOs, renegade intelligence organizations, psychics, and our rampant conspiracy culture. The plot of the book mirrors today’s unsettling headlines. And Chris talks about his own real-life experiences and how these shaped the strangeness of the story. 

How much of the mystery in the pages of this book might be true? 

His other books include Our Gods Wear Spandex, and The Complete X-Files. His long-running blog, The Secret Sun, explores the synchronicities and undercurrents of strangeness that are all tangled up in our frenetic pop culture.

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  1. Savoring two of my favs in one place.
    I’ve been a follower of Christopher Knowles since I first stumbled onto his blog The Secret Sun back in 2009 (not long after I found Mike’s blog : hiddenexperience) when I was researching the Orange Orb close encounter I had in November of 2008.
    The death=paranormal connection feels right.. because that year I was neck deep in a “changeling” journey, when the UFO sightings and visitor encounters jerked me around at the most inopportune time.. or… perhaps it was a planned, chaotic, time?
    Thank you Christopher, for always sharing this wisdom with us in your humble & heart-full way.

  2. Are there no *positive* “highly charged human experiences” in your thinking (either Clelland or Knowles)? Are they all exclusively death-oriented? I hear Pollyanna vaguely cheering from around the corner somewhere, quite ineffectual, totally out of touch — would you two agree in telling her she’s all wrong? Knowles intends to give up on paranormal research, Clelland has spent years in agony…strange that anyone continues down that path.

  3. @LOQUMUR Eleanor Porter never listened to Cocteau Twins and hung out with owls. Glad you two guys finally connected. Mac Tonies is in a cryproterrestrial Starbucks somewhere just delighted

  4. Very insiteful podcast as always. Highly agree with Knowles about treading carefully with UFOs. I am always amazed how abductees that come back with physical problems later say that their experiences have been ‘positive.” Their knots and bolts may be more advanced but If you want to ascend, better try for the direct route. Sages that have experienced enlightenment, did not have need to ask them for the meaning of life.

  5. It’s a pity that Knowles has chosen the path of fear.
    I used to be a fan—but now I would rather keep to myself than be exposed to the barely hidden hatred of one’s fellow citizens of the multiverse.
    Physical pain has never been a problem in obstructing divine love or celestial joy among the saints.

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