Ron Johnson has had a lifetime of ongoing contact events, and it’s been a struggle to make sense of what has happened, and his journey of understanding has been difficult. He has spent most of his life in rural Utah, and this lonely landscape is the backdrop for most of his unusual experiences.

Beyond his personal memories of contact, he is also a paranormal investigator and Bigfoot researcher. Ron tells a powerful story with a set of overlapping events that surround his personal Bigfoot sighting—and a lot more.

This is Part 2 in a series of interviews. It will take more than one hour to cover the full expanse of Ron’s experiences.

His site is Utah Bigfoot Files, linked HERE.

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  1. WOW….what an amazing life he has….can’t wait for the next episode. 🙏🏾

  2. Now THIS is why I subscribe.

    Thank you both immensely… I’m almost speechless… that was just simply wonderful.

      1. My exact reaction after finishing listening was ‘WOW’… Then I saw your comment and thought I would have to put it some other way! But ‘WOW’ does some it up perfectly.

        1. Fascinating! He sounds like such a good, good, human being. Looking forward to more.

  3. I have heard so many of these kinds of stories. This one just astounded me. One could not have chosen a better person to have these experiences. I hope to hear more soon.

  4. Great interview! Full of interesting stuff.

    Terry (your housemate in Wasta)

  5. A few weeks ago, it just came to my mind that it would be a good idea to listen to some Sasquatch vocalisations on YouTube…which I did… Anyway, this evening a 108 min video documentary fell on my lap, in the form of a recommendation from YT and I have to say it has left me truly slack-jawed.

    Here is the link…
    SPEAKING OF SASQUATCH – Sasquatch Ontario:

    This slow-paced jem of a video, contains amongst other things, photos of greasy hand prints on a car, casts of foot prints, vocalisations, marbles that have been left, wood stick weavings of human shapes and crude drawings on paper of humans, Sasquatch, flowers, trees, one has a cat face and two, interestingly have a diamond shaped face, with a pointy chin and forehead… Hmmm. Then it starts to get into seriously interesting details of images that have been ‘imprinted’ on a digital camera, and even a short video clip… Which was more recently been done whilst the camera was inside the land owner’s house… And those marble gifts, I mentioned… some of those have been witnessed to materialise out of thin air.

    It really does seem that these creatures are far more advanced than us on many important levels and that they seem to inhabit multiple dimensions at once and maybe even multiple times… I won’t say any more now, but PLEASE watch this.

    The link again:

  6. Most extraordinary! Too extraordinary not to be believable. This is the language from which the Phenomena will speak to us.

  7. This life story telling It’s just stunning. And he is so calm and approachable. These stories, his story , is wonderful., so much that I eard both Part 1 and 2 three times… It says a lot about him as a person as much about them , gentle souls. And regrettably, it says as well so much about how we as humans treat other living entities and I include in that, all living things! – Trees, water, air, animals…

    Just a marvelous story that should be known by all those that try to get a glimpse of them in a disrespectful or noisy way. I cannot wait for more and I hope that I can enjoy them soon. Next Friday or earlier… It has been a learning experience. I’m thrilled. I was one that had doubted their existence; like I was giving them 50% chance of existing, 50% imagination of the hopeful. Now I do believe. I don’t fail also to recall a reference of the Master of the key about the times that will come where we the living in this dimensions, would be tormented by souls that would commune with us, because certainly there must be souls on the other side(shape shifters and dimensional travelers that may be undeveloped or blind to kindness and can do harm. These are gentle beings! I feel they are here to populate earth in the future, Maybe? If we are vanished by our own making, they could be the new seeds and a new beginning for this earth. I’m Just letting my imagination fly. Hope you understand the excitement and be lenient if some of this offend you.

  8. Thank you Mike and Ron for the wonderful interview. Yes, please, keep them coming! I could listen to Ron (and Chris Bledsoe) for hours, days… I love a good story and these are some of the best. I prefer the Theatre of the Mind, over more screen time spent on videos. (Haven’t had TV since 2011).

    ‘A dream that wasn’t a dream’; we can all relate to that, yes?
    I’m especially intrigued by Ron’s bigfoot encounters. Since moving to Oregon, I’ve been hoping for an encounter of my own.

    There was one time, when hiking some straight up/straight down deep forest trails, that I went off trail for a foto, and seeing some trash, I packed it up, as I usually do whenever I walk anywhere. Later, coming back down that same trail, I suddenly experienced a very visceral feeling of time sort of slowing down, and what felt like a warm cloak of peace and comfort wrapped around me; never felt anything like it before. It was then that I realized, hey, this was where I picked up the trash! I said a hello and thank you to the spirits of the place, (being part Cherokee, I feel most at home with Nature-based spirituality), and walked on. The feeling only lasted as long as I was in that area. Sort of a ‘spirit hug’. I wonder if Sasquatch might have had something to do with it?

    There’s an interesting book by Jack Kewaunee Lapseritis: the Psychic Sasquatch & their UFO Connection, 1998. He was living in Oregon at the time of this writing. I believe I saw him at a UFO convention in San Jose around then. Has he been on Dreamland before, I wonder?

    He has a very different take on Sasquatch than the usual ‘hunters’ who seek footprints and hair samples. And Sasquatch responds.
    Also have both your Owl bks, Mike; happened to be sitting on shelf beside Sasquatch bk. Recommend them all to interested contacts.

    Considering making this my last wildfire season here, probably move come spring. Really need to breathe air, not smoke. Don’t have Sasquatch’s extradimensinal travel powers. (–Yet).
    I noticed this year, our Fire Marshal Public Safety announcements feature Bigfoot with his dog on leash, rolling his suitcase to safety in our Evacuation: Be Ready! notices.

    Keep up the good works, Mike! And Ron, we’d love to hear more from you.
    Your outreach is appreciated.

  9. Did I hear correctly that Bigfoot believe in Jesus Christ and prays to him?

  10. What kind of guy goes to research Bigfoot with no cameras or audio????

    What year was that?

  11. What kind of guy goes to research Bigfoot with no cameras or audio????

    What year was that?

    But I am done going all the stories and sincerely of Ronnie

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