Ron Johnson has had a lifetime of ongoing contact events, and it’s been a struggle to make sense of what has happened, and his journey of understanding has been difficult. He has spent most of his life in rural Utah, and this lonely landscape is the backdrop for most of his unusual experiences.

Beyond his personal memories of contact, Ron is also a paranormal investigator with a focus on EVP (Electronic Voice Phenomenon), as well as a Bigfoot researcher—and witness!

It will take more than one hour to cover the full expanse of Ron’s experiences, this will be the first of a series of interviews.

His site is Utah Bigfoot Files, linked HERE.


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  1. The book of Yvonne Smith that Mike referred to was “Coronado”.

  2. Great Show.
    I’ve often wondered about the visitors and their interactions with us. Is it percentage of people that undergo this strange reality, before they incarnate on earth. Dose a soul choose to have this form of communion with the visitors over their lifetime, so they consciously grow and evolve? Is this what the visitors do? Is this why for some people the phenomenon just simply wont happen for them?

    I just don’t think its random.

  3. Thanks for a great interview! I really connected with Ron. He seems like a real decent guy, very genuine. Can’t wait to hear more!

  4. I am here very late and felt compelled by my Reptilian Overlords to correct you, Mike. The Yvonne Smith book is about Coronado Island off San Diego, not Catalina Island off Los Angeles.

    1. Author

      Yes, you are right CORONADO and not CATALINA (named after the Coronado Hotel)… I think you can hear me saying “Uhhhhmmmmm…” before I announce the incorrect title. I read that book, and it is remarkable. Thanks.

  5. Of the 2 uncles and the experience at the ranch: I bet the uncle who ridiculed Ron for years had experiences. I think he was trying to convince himself they didn’t happen by denying Ron’s, because the event should not have been that memorable to him for so long. Why bring it up years later?

  6. Dang.. I wish it was Catalina Island. I’ve been wanting to go there for a weekend getaway. I think the Tic-Tac flew in that area though. And thank you to both you and Ron Johnson. Very enjoyable show.

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