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Alexa Blye is a California native, a Baby Boomer, and a family therapist living in Southern California, with her Goldendoodle Penelope. Growing up she was influenced by the social unrest and changes of the Sixties, and has been a social justice advocate beginning when she was in middle school, then high school and college. Alexa went on to become a family therapist and 10 years ago began specializing in working with survivors of narcissistic families – where one member— sometimes a parent, other times a sibling; still other times a spouse, suffers from narcissistic behaviors. The reality-bending gaslighting, manipulations, and isolation leave family members suffering from complex post-traumatic stress – often knowing something isn’t right but they can’t put their finger on just what it is…after time, some members succumb to chronic self-doubt and must find themselves again. Though semi-retired, with a private practice in Southern California, Alexa continues to commit herself to making a positive difference in people’s lives.

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  1. There is something always so full of thought to the work the three of you present. I have already listened several times to this particular segment in it’s entirety. Its a welcome treat when one sees you’ve uploaded something new for the month! Many many thanks!

    1. Thanks! We enjoyed doing this one with her. She casts a different light on gaslighting!

  2. My parents and some of my siblings were/are masters of gaslighting and in total denial about it. I never understood this phenomenon until recently but I remember being very frustrated with it. I left my family behind rather than continue to be victimized. Very interesting and important discussion– thank you!

  3. Glad you enjoyed it. Alexa has dealt with it a lot as a counselor and within her own family. Glad you left your gaslighters behind!

  4. What a great show, absolutely loved it! Reality can be way more mysterious than sci-fi subject matter, and yet here they also overlap. Alexa sounds like a good therapist.

  5. The reality of gaslighting seems to permeate everything these days. Glad you enjoyed the show!

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