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Astrologer Anne Beversdorf joins us for a serious discussion about her own past life visions and what they may tell us about ourselves.

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  1. Thank you Jeremy. This is
    Thank you Jeremy. This is going to be a fabulous late evening after things quiet down.

  2. Hi Jeremy, another
    Hi Jeremy, another fascinating interview, which raises far more questions than it answers….which is a good thing, right?!

    About 15 or so years ago, I had a couple of very brief vivid dreams which I would like to recount…one was where I was running with a group of soldiers through a complex of prefab buildings…I knew what my first name and age was and both details were different to my waking name and age. This felt like it was in the past and the dream only lasted ten seconds or so.

    In the second vivd dream, some time later, I was part of a small group of highly trained military types that were at the culmination of a mission to go into some kind of prefab building (the prefab again) and assassinate several people within it. This one very much had the feel of being in the future, which was a confusing one for me, as I had never heard of future lives before…anyway, as part of this dream, into which I felt fully immersed, I got to experience how it felt to kill someone…which was at the same time thrilling (just bear with me!) and utterly disgusting at the same time…a hideous combination…and I knew in the dream, that although I was following orders, this act had irrevocably tainted my soul. The strange thing about both these dreams was that they had the distinct flavour of another life…this was not just me having a dream…at least that is the way it felt.

    Listening to this interview, started me thinking again about these dreams and something about them struck me…which is that, although the details were different (name, profession, age, etc.), I still felt like the same me…the me looking out of these eyes observing the world, as I am now. Which then started me wondering, did I still feel like me because it was me doing the dreaming?…or is it possible that if these were indeed some of my past and future lives, that in those lives, I would indeed feel the same, because they are my lives? Or to take it one step further, if it were possible for me to experience what it is like to be you…would I still feel like me too?!…and if so, might that be because at our core, we are all the same conscious being?

    So many questions!

  3. Anne Beversdorf, you are a
    Anne Beversdorf, you are a wise woman. The name of that book written about Russian research into the paranormal is, “Psychic Discoveries Behind the Iron Curtain.”

    I too have had glimpses of past life encounters, or at least this is what I think it is OR as Jeremy suggested, I was somehow into the thoughts/mind of other people?????

    I am not going to post the three dreams (they are long) only to say that I was desperate in dreamtime to find the COLLINS PLANTATION. I was trying to find Katie Collins.

    I had three dreams about the Collins plantation, starting with Dorothy Spruill Redford (((Littlejohn))) who was tracing her roots back to North Carolina. I (dreamed her interview) before I actually saw her on television but back then there was no easy way to find or trace her. I did write to KMOV TV for their help but none came. It took several years and a computer to track her down but I did do it and my friend and I found the plantation. To this very day I am not sure how I played into this whole thing but I do know that the plantation was not happy to see me. I have a photo of a picture that Dorothy gave to me of a Katie Collins (?) as well as a book titled SOMERSET HOMECOMING with an introduction by ALEX HALEY. (She told me that this was the last copy of the book with this introduction because of family legalities.)

    Today is August 29th 1986 and I have just watched the 5:30 news. An African American lady was interviewed and she has been involved with tracing her family roots. She found them in North Carolina. This is where her family was enslaved on the plantation. It was the COLLINS house and these plantation owners went back three generations. There is a family reunion planned and they expect over a thousand people. She also talked about THE GHOSTS OF THE PAST and how proud those plantation workers would be of the family now.

    This is interesting and just happened within the last few days and especially since the last dream occurred between September 13-18 1992. I was at the A.R.E. in Virginia Beach at a conference titled…..MYSTICISM: KNOWING GOD DIRECTLY.

    Current/December 2015…..
    A few days ago I pulled up a new video from the A.R.E. The woman giving the presentation is a Rev. Ruth Littlejohn. I was dumbfounded since I remembered the surname from the plantation history. I sent her an e-mail just to give her information regarding the history of the plantation. She wrote back to tell me that Dorothy is her cousin. I didn’t go into my Collins connection, only wanted to make sure she knew the history. So, I am thinking, is there still something I need to work through at Somerset Place? Unfinished business?

    New Video: The Universal Laws
    Presented by Rev. Ruth Littlejohn

  4. Another one, whilst I’m at
    Another one, whilst I’m at it…during reading ‘The Key’ by Whitley, I was pondering the unsettling notion of conscious machines and wondered what it would be like to be one…then within a couple of days I had a strange vivid dream, where I was observing this slightly alien-looking guy sitting across from me, just jabbering away to someone outside of my field of view. He then turns and looks at me, dispassionately and says…”Is this thing on?”, reaches out and picks me up, does something I can’t see, then puts me back down on the table in front of him and starts a more structured conversation, as if now on record. The dream then ended, whereupon I realised, that I had just experienced what it would be like to have my conscious awareness used to power some kind of recording device. During the dream there were no emotions or thought, just visuals and sound…the disquieting emotions kicked in afterwards…yeah, that was a creepy one.

    Could that be classed as experiencing another life? I really hope not.

  5. What a mind expanding
    What a mind expanding interview! Your questions and Anne’s comments, story, answers just opened so many doors into so many rooms.
    So agree with you, Sherbet. : )
    Do dreams “addressing our current life” and easily forgotten in the am while dreams that are working on “ongoing issues, developments, etc. through many lives” leave a lasting memory?
    Carollee, you may know: Do most folks have dreams that are clearly about past lives and they know it?
    Also, is it common to have visions and/or memories of past lives while awake and know that is what they are?

    I look forward to a future “part 2” with Anne. Perhaps some questions raised by listeners can be part of it… not to mention all the ones you come up with on your own, Jeremy. I am in awe of your ability to think so fast and move so quickly in an interview. You leave me miles/hours behind, needing to re-listen and think a lot. I like your open-ended questions.

    1. not so much
      not so much dreamer……

      Carollee, you may know: “Do most folks have dreams that are clearly about past lives and they know it?”

      not so much dreamer……All I can say is, at the time of the PLANTATION DREAMS, I felt them body/mind/soul.

      Here are two statements from the (dreams) regarding my presence at the plantation.

      ……Not everyone welcomed me with open arms. At one point, in the back yard, an angry woman told me to get out of the family.

      …… Now I am walking down a road/street and am expecting to see signs in a different language. There IS a sign as I look up and it reads. JULY (my actual birth month), I am hopelessly lost.

      NOTE…… Was this road sign telling me that this would be the birth month of my next incarnation? Perhaps giving another chance to make amends for something I did?

      Dorothy Redford is a beautiful soul. She was so very gracious/kind the day my friend and I were there in June 1999. AND, I have often wondered if Somerset Place is holding strong emotional memories in the landscape; if so the plantation did not want me there.

  6. One of the best resources for
    One of the best resources for finding anything related to communication and experiments involving people from the other side is this website, Jeremy:

    Yes, the Scole Experiment is a great book, with many experiments involving “dead” scientists, who worked from their side to provide proof of existence after death.

  7. While I do dream of other
    While I do dream of other lives, I more often experience them in meditation and spontaneously when something triggers a memory. For instance, back in early 2013 I was reading my newspaper when I came upon a photo, shot from above, of Tibetan Buddhist monks as they created a sand mandala. The accompanying article discussed the mandala being created at the Blanton Museum of Art. I immediately remembered being in prayer at a monastery in Tibet several hundred years ago when the monastery was attacked by the Mongols. As the gates were breached by the invaders, many of my brother monks remained calm and still in prayer and meditation. I watched in fear, horror, and anger as my brothers around me were cut down by the invaders as the Mongols set the monastery on fire. I became enraged and began to fight back, but was cut down quickly myself. After dying into that anger and rage, I felt deep shame at the way I had felt and acted, when others around me had gone into death with equanimity. I reached out to this monk with my thoughts and pointed out to him that he was only human and that he deserved forgiveness for himself, and that he was truly guilty of nothing. I can only say that for him the burden somehow lifted, and at the same time it came off of me and I broke down and cried, feeling the moment on a very deep, personal level. Days later, I attended the closing ceremony at the Blanton Museum where the mandala was taken down. It was beautiful and I will never forget the deep kinship I felt with all of the participants, especially the monks. There was joy that day!

    I always question these things that happen to me, and their ‘reality’, but I did get curious to know if there was any shred of reality, historically, of this event. While the history is somewhat murky, the Mongols did invade Tibetan monasteries, slay monks, and also burn at least one monastery to the ground.

    I do agree with Anne in that I feel that everything ripples outward in terms of our lives and experiences, and all up and down reality and ‘timelines’ across the Universe and between various realities.(But am I sure of that? Well, no…). Many of my experiences are very similar to hers (She was run over by a wagon in London, and I was run over by an oxcart in Rome! How weird is that? She lost a child as well, and in my ‘memory’ in Rome I had been the wife of well-respected senator that could not bear children, but had a adopted a boy that was left, again, without a mother!)

    All highly strange, and I bet I could have a great conversation and compare notes with Anne Beversdorf and have a great time too!

  8. GREAT interview, Jeremy and
    GREAT interview, Jeremy and Anne!
    I’m having a bit of trouble reconciling Anne’s ‘other’ life as an Indian, and the fact that she claims that it took place in the year 3120. Are we to believe that, in an apparent Post-Apocalyptic future, that the only humans left are the Native American tribes: no Spaniards, no “civilization” as we know it, just humans and nature once again?

    Or… could Anne’s life have taken place in an alternate timeline, as Starfire Tor has postulated time and again? Could this be another timeline, referenced to our own by our Gregorian calendar, and so taking place in ‘our’ future? Would love to hear thoughts on this.

    Again, thank you Jeremy and Anne! Please have her back on soon; it was most enlightening.

    1. Hi, DaveGarf:
      She was saying

      Hi, DaveGarf:

      She was saying that these particular experiences were of past lives, not future. She was making the point that she believes she could just as easily have experienced future lives, though, because time is not linear.

  9. I have had 2 very vivid past
    I have had 2 very vivid past life memories- one was as a pre-columbian desert dweller in the southwest US. very brief, I was sitting in front of my brush hut weaving a basket, children in the hut playing, I knew their father was out hunting, and life was good. I was very happy and in the moment. The second was a horrifying memory of being burned at the stake in Europe and looking through the flames at the people watching who were laughing and shaking their fists at me- this memory was produced during my only time trying a ouija board. Another possible one, I’m not sure though, is of riding in the back of a gypsy wagon with bare feet swinging and my skirttails wet with dew because I had been gathering herbs in the meadow . That one is a little more hazy because I don’t remember any details visually, just bare feet and damp skirt, more of a physical feeling than anything else. All of the comments are so interesting- and they are little bits of past reality- no claims to be a king or famous person or great artist- just everyday people having human experiences. As always, Jeremy, you ask such great questions and get right to the heart of things !

  10. I always wanted to be a
    I always wanted to be a savant of my soul. What I hear here helps.

  11. Having also had a number of
    Having also had a number of “other lives” experiences, this show was helpful in an ongoing integration process which has been occurring involving them, over the years. Most helpful (and hopeful) was Anne’s comments (and reference to another’s work, Heller I believe she said) that change in one dimension/life will affect the others. This is very relieving and helpful with some lives that are traumatic.
    Thanks for a great interview!

  12. Thinking about this from a
    Thinking about this from a linear time perspective, I can’t make sense of the notion that actions in one life can affect those other physical lives a soul is connected to….as with the ‘Butterfly Effect’ analogy those changes in the past could ripple down massively into the present, making it unimaginably different, maybe even to the extent that the present life was no longer around – which would be a bit of a problem! So from that perspective, connecting to a past/future life would just be as an observer only.

    But if connecting to a past life and changing that life were actually possible, then would that not create a new parallel timeline? I can understand how you might be able to connect to and change that…but not to one that would lead to the present as it currently stands.

    Maybe the solution is to try not to think about it linearly…or not think about it at all 🙂

  13. Sherbet,
    I do not think of


    I do not think of time as linear, really, nor do I think in term of ‘past lives’, more like ‘other’ lives. Are they me or someone else? The answer to that is “yes”. 🙂

    1. Yes, I think ‘other lives’ is
      Yes, I think ‘other lives’ is a much better way to think about it, rather than getting time involved – thanks 🙂

  14. Many questions raised in this
    Many questions raised in this interview, about flashes of past lives and if we could affect a past life with our current one, remind me the revelation experienced by Philip K. Dick later in his life. This experience is reported in his books “Valis” and “The Exegesis”. He claimed to be linked with another man of ancient Rome. He claimed to be able to see and feel what the man saw and felt at that time and inversely.

    1. Hi Morlet27, thanks for the
      Hi Morlet27, thanks for the info about Philip K Dick, I hadn’t realised that. Just doing a search, I came up with this absolutely fascinating interview with him…

      …where he mentions the Rome other life and also his experience with a Spiritual Intelligence, that he called Valis, that has answered questions that had otherwise eluded him, including during an exam!

      Here are a couple of excerpts from the interview, which are off topic from past lives but certainly within the realms of what has been discussed on The Experience…

      “…If Valis is autobiographical, does this mean that Philip K. Dick has been in touch with supernatural beings? “That’s my impression,” he says. “It’s kind of hard to talk about, and work into a casual conversation. ‘What have you been doing, Phil?’ ‘Oh, I’ve been contacted by supernatural beings who are super-advanced and they told me about this savior who…” (blends into chuckles.)…”

      “…Valis is the name Dick has given this supernatural force. It stands for Vast Active Living Intelligence System. It still talks to him occassionally. Dick’s first experience with Valis was in high school, during a final physics exam. “There were eight questions based on a principle I didn’t understand,” he recalls. “The supernatural being took hold of my brain and explained it to me in a way I could understand. I got an “A” and made my college entrance grades as a result. This was in the forties. I was amazed…”


  15. Nice show!
    Nice show!

  16. I highly recommend ‘The
    I highly recommend ‘The Exegesis’. It is not an easy read, but it does give insights into an exceptional mind so highly conscious that perhaps his physical body and brain had not evolved to a high enough level to keep up with them, and society certainly wasn’t there either! He was also suicidal at times and also considered mentally ill during his life, and his inherent loneliness must have been awful.

    1. Definitely one for my
      Definitely one for my ‘Wishlist’ – thanks.

  17. Maybe, the kid just has a
    Maybe, the kid just has a really good Nose ?!?!

  18. Loud green color =
    Loud green color = chartreuse?

    Thanks, Jeremy. I guess that since time appears to be so fluid, there’s little point of assigning a numerical reference to these experiences. That’s all that I was trying to get to.

    “Other” lives, eliminating references to ‘past’ and ‘future’, seems to be the best way to go… unless you have another, far more useful suggestion.

    HAPPY 2016, EVERYONE! (He said, assigning a numerical reference to our time stream).

  19. Thanks so much for the
    Thanks so much for the heartening comments–I was out of computer connection over xmas and then caught a kiddie cold that I’m only beginning to emerge from or I would have been online earlier to thank folks and comment.

    Jeremy is correct about 3120—the Indian life was past, but there was one I didn’t go into that was off planet and could be future or just plain “other”. But the 3120 date was just randomly thrown in as an example.

    I think when we change timelines we do step into parallel timelines. If we do something now that enhances the past, we discover ourselves now in a timeline that depended on that change. Not to say the alternate timeline doesn’t still exist, but we aren’t there anymore. So changing the present AND past AND future all lead to different and [hopefully we’re changing for] better lives.

    Bert Hellinger is a German man who has lived a remarkable life and developed a therapy technique that, IMO, literally allows us to change disordered pasts. You can google him and read a bit more about my experiences at Before I moved to Texas I would tell people (based on literal experience) that participating in this didn’t require known psychic ability–that “even Bubbas from Texas will receive the information they need” Now I live in Texas and still say it 🙂

    Thank you also to those of you who have emailed me privately. And thank you Jeremy for your brilliant questions!

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