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We’ve heard a lot about host Jeremy Vaeni’s trickster-like experiences involving moving into a new home with his new love, Carol. This week, we hear from her for the first time. And then… Jeremy makes an open offer for scientific study of the energy that moves his body when he rests his sense of self, as Carol and he have made a startling discovery about it.
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  1. Was it a “block” that flew
    Was it a “block” that flew out when Jeremy was working on you, Carol?
    Personally, it may have looked like a block, and had more than one aspect in which you were affected by it…
    Great show…. glad to meet you, Carol.
    You two are great together on this show. I really enjoyed it and getting to “know” each of you a little more.

  2. Many middle of the nights at
    Many middle of the nights at 3-4am someone yelling my childhood name “CHIP!”
    in my ear…not james , but chip.. Tells me its a close friend of 20 years ago or relative.

    They stopped for now…

  3. A very warm hello and welcome
    A very warm hello and welcome to you Carol. I am looking forward to hearing about the many adventures that will probably take place in and around your new magical home in Hawaii. Between YOU and JEREMY, you both should achieve balance.

  4. I had one of those
    I had one of those disappearing reappearing experiences this past fall. We have a chihuahua and her favorite purple sweater went missing. I looked all over the house for it and it had just disappeared. About 4-6 weeks later it appeared hanging on the hallway closet door handle. I thought my daughter had found it and she thought that I had found it. By far the strangest physical manifestation experiences I ever had!

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