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Before Binnall of America’s Tim Binnall was a successful paranormal talk show host, he was an enthusiastic observer, though never an experiencer of any kind himself. This week, we view the trajectory of ufology and experiencers in it through his eyes and discuss some of the deeper issues surrounding the question, "If it’s not aliens, then what is it?"

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  1. As the old saying goes, there
    As the old saying goes, there are two things that shouldn’t be mentioned at cocktail parties (now three) Religion, Politics, and these days UFOs. If we consider why these subjects make us uncomfortable, I think it is because they are subjective, not objective topics, (beliefs, opinions, and experiences).

    What makes the third subject so disturbing is that apparently UFOs tend to cross the barrier between the subjective and objective. UFOs may be an entirely human phenomenon which serves to remind us — that we really don’t know what it means to be human.

  2. I can echo Cyan Aura’s
    I can echo Cyan Aura’s thoughts on UFOs being one of those topics that, in the company of anyone other than one’s intimates, is very likely to occasion discomfort and long, word-weighing pauses. I recently went out on an experimental limb in mixed company, bringing up the topic, just to see how the waters would flow, how the emotional tone of the conversation might change. Without fail (and I would add, sadly, without surprise), the UFO topic seemed to have the effect of of a large boulder in an otherwise clear and calm stream. Sure, the water continues to flow, but there are now ripples and eddies and disturbances where before, there were none. Folks seemed to self-organize into one of the following groups: 1. The I’ll-believe-it-when-I-see-it skeptics; 2. The mathmatical given-the-sheer-numbers-galaxies-out-there-I-don’t-see-why-aliens-can’t-exist-middle-of-the-roaders; 3. The take-me-aboard-full-on-believers; 4. Those who were completely silent. (It’s always the quiet ones…). This is fun to do every once in a while, but I shall not make a habit of it.

    Thanks for a great site. -S

    1. Hi Sierra,
      I too, in the past

      Hi Sierra,
      I too, in the past have tried to bring up the UFO/Alien subject, but not anymore…

      Sadly I found that among most of the ‘normals’ especially skeptics, there is not only a dismissal of the possibilities, but a deep-seated and unacknowledged fear present. The more the skeptics deny the information, you can see a disturbing look on their faces and I realized that I was frightening them badly. Sadly, not my intention at all.

      Once I was with a small group of friends and I decided to put on ‘The Hidden Hand’ movie from NetFlix. In a few minutes one woman stated, “This is pure BS” and walked out of the room. Later she came back (I suspect she was still listening to the program from the other room). After a bit she returned and sat down and silently watched the rest of the show. At the end she said, “This is really Real, isn’t it?” I felt badly for her and all I could think to say was, “Well, some people think it is.” I could tell she was shaken and decided from then to keep what I knew to myself.

  3. I know that I will come off
    I know that I will come off snarky, but I have cooled a lot in my interest in Tim Binall’s show. I had a link to it in my favorites but there have been many times that all he and his guest do is run down everyone else in the field. The end-of-year reviews are the worst, when they gripe and usually conclude that nobody is doing a good job anymore and maybe the end is near for the field of paranormal research. Tim is a chameleon in his opinions; sometimes he is a total skeptic, and at other times, if his guest is a true believer, he will think maybe there is something to all of this after all. This is not the same as being open-minded. It just seems unconvincing. He lost his excitement for the field years ago, and IMHO he just give it up and move on.

  4. Great show. I must have
    Great show. I must have missed it first time around. Loved the analogy of the talking animals!! Thing he’s got a good point.

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