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Executive Director for the New Energy Movement and experiencer, Susan Kornacki, joins us to talk about her time behind the scenes with John Mack and his group, PEER. She also brings us back, back, way back to the moment before she was born and then shuttles us forward for a peek into the rare-but-there darker side of her experiences with a recounting of her encounter from grade school with someone fitting the description of a Man In Black. This one jumps all over the space-time continuum–and it’s just the beginning!

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  1. I believe the Fibonacci
    I believe the Fibonacci series (0,1,1,2,3,5,8,13,21,34,55…) to be a form of quantum entanglement, with subsequent interconnection in the number series stretching to infinity. The power lies in the derivation of the series, which occurs at 0 and 1. 0 marks the inception, then 1 is the opening number, which moves with a forward momentum. To determine the second number (also 1), one must backtrack back to zero, then add 1 to derive the second 1. This creates a kind of inverse 1, the second one is the inverse of the first, because of its inherent momentum (the backtracking, which imbues it with that attribute). The series thus begins with an initial forward momentum 1 and a backwards momentum 1. Quantum entanglement involves two particles whose momentum are aligned in opposing momentums as well, one could be thought of as a + (plus) and the other a – (minus). Together, they form a perfect symmetry that is balanced. Each 1 is the doppelganger of the other. The Yin and Yang also form a similar doppelganger relationship, with the energy of the Earth opposing the energy of the Sky. Interconnection is the result of an entanglement, and instantaneous communication.
    Fibonacci’s original derivation (1,1,2…. omitting the initial 0) also makes one backtrack, to refer to the first one, in order to reproduce the second 1.Since the second space is originally empty before it is filled (with the second 1) the perceiver must remember the first one. The first and second 1’s are quantum doppelgangers of each other. The first 1 a Yang, the second 1 a Yin.

    The Fibonacci series is found a multitude of times in nature, probably because of the interconnection aspect of quantum mechanics. Nature is finely balanced, with the energy of the Earth dovetailing and merging with the energy of the Sky on the quantum level.

    1. Hi Mace,
      That got me

      Hi Mace,

      That got me thinking…if you start at the right and keep on going back past zero, you get the following sequence…


      …almost a reverse Fibonacci…which suggests a diminishing oscillation towards zero, or maybe two waves coming into sync? No idea if that would describe itself in nature anywhere, or whether it always has to start from zero. Just a thought.

      Now back to listening to the interview!

      1. Yes, you can go in reverse,
        Yes, you can go in reverse, into the negative numbers, thanks for demonstrating that. 🙂

        The idea with the 1’s is a conjecture of mine, but I am hoping it is correct. I noticed that the 1’s started out this series a while ago, and I wondered why that was and if it was related to quantum Physics. I think it is an original idea I had regarding the series. The doppelganger idea may relate to quantum entanglement or superposition, the second one is a compatible mate of the 1st, or the second one may be “born” out of the first. I’m fairly sure the position of numbers can be disembodied, spreading out like entities inhabiting the quantum realm. Reproductions of a number may in fact be the same number.

        So, quantum elements apply to numbers, as well as particles and photons.

      2. The Fibonacci series
        The Fibonacci series (0,1,1,2,3,5,8,13,21,34,55….) could be imagined as a “sheet” of interconnection, where later numbers are synchronized with the initial conception of the series (0,1,1) and each other. They all inhabit this sheet of interconnection, and are synchronized with each other and in communication. The 1’s create the synchronization, (could be called the doppelganger effect) which is carried over into subsequent numbers.

        Like in quantum cryptography (quantum key distribution), the Fibonacci series is an enclosed entity.

  2. Crystal Geyser is an active
    Crystal Geyser is an active brand of water. I’ve also had energized waters that are high on the Bovis scale, they make me feel pneumatic.

  3. Excellent, articulate
    Excellent, articulate interview with Susan Kornacki! I also appreciated that she is apparently a great listener, giving real thought to your questions, Jeremy. I would love to have a conversation with Susan myself!

  4. I used to believe that all
    I used to believe that all the dreamlike experiences I had fit the profile of the encounters discussed here – but now I’m sure they don’t, and that here in later years, my mental suggestability is at work. Nothing as clear or vivid as what you guys have experienced has ever happened to me. I’m settling into my natural state of “ordinary” and kind of liking the lack of drama.

    1. I truly appreciate this.
      I truly appreciate this. These are brave things to admit to oneself.


  5. This was really an excellent
    This was really an excellent interview- thank you. I met John Mack and found him to be a deeply compassionate person and I agree that he might have changed our discourse had he lived longer. However, I worked with a therapist recommended by his organization because I was looking for a place to process my encounters, and found the experience unfortunate. I don’t think therapy is the place for this conversation unless you have additional issues to sort out. In any case I truly enjoyed this interview and I am so happy that you are going to pursue the round table on childhood experiences! I think that the nature of our response and interaction as children may inform our adult selves in very important ways.

  6. Re: Water…Referencing
    Re: Water…Referencing astrology here…

    Right now, Mercury, Venus,and the Sun are in Cancer. Neptune is in Pisces (Pisces is also ruled by Neptune), and Mars is in Scorpio. So, that is quite a few planets in water signs!

    Last week I was discussing with my boyfriend the large number of water-related deaths locally over the last few months. While summer bumps up the numbers due to more water sports, this year is turning out to have higher numbers, and factor in the flood-related deaths here in Texas this year (and that includes the disaster at Ft. Hood) , and water-related deaths and incidents are above the norm. My boyfriend is also an astrologer, and he pointed out the planets sitting in water signs the last few months. Of course, it isn’t just here in Texas, but we’ve seen catastrophic flooding over much the USA this year.

  7. wonderful interview….I hope
    wonderful interview….I hope to hear more from her.

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