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"Incubus." What does your mind conjure when you think of that word? Whatever comes to mind, set it aside, because this week’s show is another example of how the reality of high strangeness experiences don’t follow the cookie-cutter lines of typical books and documentaries.

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  1. Sin is the denial of the
    Sin is the denial of the right to thrive.
    Evil is intention behind entropy.

    I appreciated your conversation it seems you guys were coast just above the surface of deep vision of consciousness. When you were talking about the analogy of the butterfly I thought of a more simple one. I was once a boy, am no longer that boy in so many levels, but that boy is still me.

    As an experienced I look forward to hear others perspectives.

    Thank you for being here.

  2. Absurd Metaphysician, I think
    Absurd Metaphysician, I think I was the poster you referred to in the show. I didn’t mean to come across as calling you out on your assertion that Love and Fear are two sides of the same coin. As I said then, I think that may be a valid perception on the human level but that doesn’t mean it’s a truth that remains valid on all levels of consciousness.

    I think what I was trying to counter with my statement was the potential or the tendency to dismiss evil as something that we really don’t have to take seriously. While I very much don’t believe that, it doesn’t mean I think evil is just as powerful, but opposite, of the light. My own experience seems to indicate that the Light is much more powerful than ‘darkness’ or evil, it’s just that the existence of evil in whatever form has to be taken seriously at its own level in order to be dealt with effectively.

    And I’m not trying to imply you should be worried or dismayed by your experiences. I believe we are shown these things so we can learn how the universe works and ultimately deal with it effectively, because, really, we just can’t define the Universe only on our own human terms, making it the ultimate arbiter of good and evil, that just doesn’t take us far enough.

    1. Steve44, I did not mean to
      Steve44, I did not mean to suggest anything negative by using the phrase “calling me out.” I very much appreciated your comments then and again here. I absolutely agree with you that it is dangerous to dismiss evil as something that we don’t have to take seriously, as if it doesn’t really exist, given the ultimate primacy of love/goodness.

      If I remember correctly, in that earlier string in December, we were discussing what I saw as a necessary coincidence of love and fear – at least at the level of human perception. As we have learned from Whitley and Anne, there is a transcendent level of understanding (or state of being) at which fear falls away, where it is no longer necessary. But is that true of evil? (Evil as the intention behind entropy, as gaucin has reminded us above.) Is there a level of consciousness at which evil falls away, or is it always a necessary aspect of the whole?

      1. Thanks AM. Well, I believe
        Thanks AM. Well, I believe evil does vanish above a certain level of consciousness. I’ve expressed this previously by referring to evil as a ‘derivative phenomena’, sort of like the relationship between a shadow and a light; the shadow depends on the light for its existence, but the light can exist just fine without the shadow.

        At the same time, below a certain level of consciousness evil is necessary and even becomes inevitable, but in neither case can it be said to be as powerful as light nor as fundamental. It is simply a necessary consequence of Light deciding to ‘function on’ or ‘create’ differing levels of consciousness; those levels depend on consciousness deliberately limiting itself, and out of those limitations arises the necessity, and, actually, the utility, of evil, because nothing created by the source consciousness is without purpose, nor can it fail ultimately but to serve that purpose to perfection.

  3. Whilst in my early twenties I
    Whilst in my early twenties I awoke one dark night to the terrible sound of gnarling, snarling sucking right by my face. I didn’t see anything but I knew straight away that it was a succubus or demon vampire or something like that.

    I asked for protection and it has never happened again. Asking for help, guidance and protection does work. Just show the peaceful people who come to help that you want to be peaceful too and they are true to their word.


  4. Hey Jeremy,
    Thanks for the

    Hey Jeremy,
    Thanks for the mention. I think that the regulars here that post are a gold mine of “experience”. Like Absurd & Cosmic, it would be so cool to hear more stuff from them. I get the fact of, “I’m kinda nervous about being on air for everyone to hear.” Its kinda like a therapy circle where we can hear & even relate to some of those things… so many of them. It may be classified as a box of crayons, but man… 64 colors worth. I believe, like Von Hausenberg relating to Absurd’s event, the majority of Unknown Country listeners are rich in experiences. we are all pieces of the same puzzle, so when it comes together……MAGIC.

  5. My experience with something
    My experience with something dark hovering above me pushing on my chest was similar. I was also in transition. What is the connection between those? Are we more fearful during transition so they come to suck up our fear?

  6. That was as powerful as it
    That was as powerful as it was intimate; thanks for sharing all that.
    Re: Good Friday “events”: See: Mike Clelland’s “The Messengers, Owls… “. There is one (perhaps two? (I am going on memory, here!)) women in his book who have very powerful experiences on Good Friday.
    And I cannot help myself (because it is just that good!): Kripal’s “Authors of the Impossible”: A wonderful book; it really helped me.

    Thanks, again.

    1. SierraDelta, I am well
      SierraDelta, I am well acquainted with both of these amazing books. I had forgotten, however, about the other Good Friday events. Thank you for reminding me. I’m going to go and look them up.

  7. Regarding love and fear as
    Regarding love and fear as two sides of the same coin…For those of you who have not listened to ‘Dreamland’ this week with Carl Calleman (Reality–We Know What THAT Is…Or Do We?), it actually dovetails with this episode of ‘The Experience’. I posted a comment there, that I won’t repeat here, but if you are interested, hop over to ‘Dreamland’. It’s all about duality…And transcending it. The incubus was representative ‘yang’ energy, no doubt, and a not so subtle reminder that it would not exist without the feminine ‘yin’. And vice versa. If you have a fear of the yang energy, it is possibly implied that there is fear of the yin as well, since neither can exist without the other. On the other hand, if they both ceased to exist, or they were perceived as true equals in all aspects of life, you might find Nirvana.

    Ain’t reality one big mess to deal with? 🙂

  8. Jeremy and
    Jeremy and AbsurdMetaphysician that was a great conversation. You made a good point about language making it difficult to explain experiences. I have had the weird, unexplainable fear of waking up in the night to a blackness hovering over my bed or, though no pushing from it, or someone sitting in the chair next to my bed only to disappear when I speak, and the experience of waking up in the night to find an intruder in my house intent on raping me. Definitely different “flavored” fear. The intruder I could do something about and most people would understand, but the other left me suspicious of my sanity, something I have had to grapple with most of my life.

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