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Andy is a lifelong experiencer of some deeply terrifying phenomena that sounds like it is ripped from the diary of occultists and psychic investigators Ed and Lorraine Warren. So why did he relate it to alien abductions for so long? And where is he now with it? Find out in this chilling episode that takes us beyond the veil between life and death.

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  1. I can relate.

    I can relate.
    Andy articulated a very complicated journey many of us share. I wonder what separates those who undergo ‘hypnosis’ from those that choose not to? By allowing our sub-consciousness to move through the experience untouched by outside interpretation and suggestion we experience honed-in, concentrated focus on Soul development and spiritual evolution. The Experience is our teacher. Indeed, the lesson is great and seemingly unending…

  2. The thing about trying to
    The thing about trying to remember something: I clearly remember, aged about four or five, trying to invent ways of remembering something vitally important: to remember: to remember. To try to retain as much memory of simply being as possible. I forgot for a while, and then re-discovered the idea of self remembering through the work of Whitley, Ouspensky and Gurdjieff.

  3. Jeremy and Andy, at one point
    Jeremy and Andy, at one point in this interview you are both talking about fuzzy things that like to creep (I think one of you said creep) and hide in corners. I want to post a dream that did not feel like an ordinary processing dream. Jeremy you said dark things and Andy you mentioned the creature/thing that bit your finger.

    03/11/2016: (As I sent this dream content on to my dream group). (SPIDER)

    DREAM: I am standing inside my dad’s radio and television repair shop of MANY years ago; my mom is here as well. The door to the shop opens and a black cloth enters, it is crawling on the floor. The cloth is perhaps a foot square; I walk over to it as it stops just inside the doorway. (Strange but at this point I am not at all worried). I peek under the cloth and see a dark spider with two eyes on top of its head. It starts talking to me and my mom and tells us what it is about to do.

    It says, “I am going to bite you, so that you know. It will protect/save you and those in your genetic line.” (NOT these exact words but more the feeling I get). It now bites my mom on her left hip (mom is actually deceased) then moves on to me. It bites me on my right leg, in the front/shin area.

    I ask it, “What are we being protected from, and is it many lines of people being protected?” The spider replies, “It will be a PLAGUE, most people will die, many lines of humankind will NOT, this venom will be the vaccination, the disease will begin in GHANA.” (I cannot be 100% sure of this, but it did start with the letter G).

    I look at my mom and see that her bite looks OK, even healed but my bite has started to weep with a clear fluid. It does not look like a bite, rather, a long scratch about 2 inches long. (Even in this dream it hurts; WAS THIS ONLY A SLIGHT LEG CRAMP THAT TOOK ON THE LIFE AS A REAL EXPERIENCE)??? (When I got out of bed this morning I even checked to see where the scratch appeared in the dream but nothing was there).

    The spider now crawls back under the black cloth and disappears. AT THIS POINT I WAKE UP FROM THE DREAM EXPERIENCE.

    THEN, early today I am greeted with a small spider in my kitchen sink. I realize this is not at all unusual but the timing is pretty synchronistic.

    NOTE…..It feels like this spider had an agenda and for some reason I am now questioning if genetics is actually involved? Might it be more like…….biting an individual gives it an understanding or knowing the circle of family/people involved with each particular person? STILL, SOME SORT OF PROTECTION? Very confused and finding myself over thinking this whole thing.

    I went for a walk so I could try and clear my head/thoughts. I am VERY concerned about the dream/humanity and if it could be true.

    I ask for a sign in the way of finding a penny if indeed there is ANY truth to the dream, it came not as a coin but in the name of a woman MENTIONED a short time later.

    The “Mind Beyond Brain” interview on Dreamland.

    On a closing note……”YES,” I feel there will be a terrible WORLD PLAGUE but when and HOW it comes about is in question.

  4. Carollee,
    Your dream of the

    Your dream of the spider appears to be more of a personal nature, rather than a warning of some world-changing event. The fact that your deceased mother is in the dream and also bitten by the spider is a big clue. This sounds like some kind of emotional wound that you may be carrying around that needs to heal. You mention that the wound looks like a scratch and begins to ooze, so this is a wound that is not healing properly.

    Does this resonate with you?

    1. Cosmic, thank you for
      Cosmic, thank you for this…..This is one of the most stressful dreams I have ever had.

      A good dream interpretation and I have looked at it from many different angles. Seeing it on a personal level, I do not think there are any major issues left undone/unsaid BUT for me, always small things I wish I could change.

      When looking at this on the collective level, and this is what it feels like, I looked around on the internet to see if I could find clear weeping fluids following a vaccination. The only thing that even came close is the following. (Virtually everyone who has a BCG vaccination will develop a raised blister at the site of the injection immediately afterwards).

      A day or so after this dream, there was an article, see below, on cnn news. I do NOT mean to imply that THIS IS IT, ONLY how fast things can transpire if we are not prepared.

      I think you work in the health field? What is your opinion regarding how ready the whole world might be if such a virus did occur? ARE WE ALL PREPARED TO HANDLE AN EVENT SUCH AS THIS?
      Updated 5:56 PM ET, Sun March 13, 2016 | Video Source: WSB

      Lassa fever diagnosis confirmed for Emory patient, CDC says
      By Debra Goldschmidt, CNN ……Togo, Africa

      Mar 18 2016, 7:46 pm ET

  5. Carollee, I have worked in
    Carollee, I have worked in public health, and the vaccine that you describe is Vaccinia (smallpox). BCG is a vaccine used in other countries to prevent TB, specifically in infants and very young children that may get a form of TB that attacks the brain (it is not used in the U.S)

    While WHO and CDC do their best to get ahead of epidemics and pandemics, the simple truth is that there is not a lot of control over many diseases, especially due to the ease of mobility in the modern world, not to mention the spread of certain diseases that were never a problem in the past in the developed world, but are now because of climate change and increased ranges for disease carrying insects like mosquitoes (Zika virus, is a good example.) Also, the Western World likes the idea of freedom, and does not take to setting limits or being told what to do. Vaccines help, and vaccinia is the best example. Smallpox has virtually been eliminated in the world due to this great vaccine. Polio was close to elimination, until wars and politics intervened and the disease began to spread once more, because terrorists began killing aid workers administering polio vaccine in Pakistan.

    Don’t live in fear. Don’t be ignorant of the world past your back yard. Do simple things like keep your hands clean, eat well, and take care of your physical and emotional self, because these things will boost your immune system. Even a simple cold has been known to develop into something worse and kill people.

    As for emergency preparedness, I highly recommend that everyone view ‘Contagion’. While some dramatic license is taken in this movie, it is right on target for what could come down and HOW it could happen. For all its faults, the CDC is a great resource for all kinds of information, including diseases and emergency preparedness. In my dealings with CDC on a local level, they have their problems, but they are also a very committed bunch of people, and many of their researchers and epidemiologists put their lives on the line almost daily (Don’t forget, they actually send teams to sites all over the globe, including those with outbreaks of Ebola. They are true, un-sung heroes.)

    P.S. Be wary of websites about disease, vaccines, and what-have-you. There is a lot of BAD information out there. Your state and local health departments, as well as WHO and CDC are really your best resources for information, despite what is being said by conspiracy types.

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