Using his latest high strangeness experience as a leaping off point, Jeremy Vaeni takes us into the question of whether or not experiencers are fantasy prone. He concludes that, in large part, they are. But then comes a swerve that turns this conclusion on its ear… and then an insight that shatters them both–and you’ll never see it coming…

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  1. Great show. Very synchronous.
    Great show. Very synchronous. And yes, you made sense. For me, the answer to all of this is the vibrational state. Or maybe any altered but awake state. So I pursue that state. And I think maybe everyone should, I don’t know for sure. My gut tells me we must experience the truth. Physically EXPERIENCE it. And it’s not just a magical gift given to experiencers. I feel anyone can have it. Take time everyday to be still. Be Mentally AND physically absolutely still and wait for a period of time everyday. And in doing that I think anyone can develop a relationship with an altered state. It might take years but I think it’s there for everyone, The Experience. It’s there for anyone to “take.”

  2. ok, wow Jeremy where to
    ok, wow Jeremy where to start. You know, that was a “real”(pun intended) insight.
    Gawd save me from rambling. (and spare you guys)
    – difference/discernment between just dreams & altered states
    It is my opinion(grain of salt) that the imagination is what makes us powerful. i would venture to say alot of us are at a point where that phrase, “it is what it is.” comes into play. MAYBE its ALL an altered state…brainwaves etc. Reading old sci – fi then seeing some it it really come to pass. Is that manifesting? The imagination allows us to be “open” to strangeness where some folks clamp their eyes shut and claim there is no color. Which leads to…
    – folks want to believe… there is a thing about people that they WANT to believe especially if whats presented goes along with/bolsters their own belief system. “I see orbs! It isnt moth wings!” Its easy to “see” something and feel that I am special because it doesnt happen to everybody. I personally feel that way at times. But then, you fall into a category of “crazy.” sometimes its just better to embrace your strangeness as normalcy. Believing….which leads to……
    Interview Questions. The MORE I listen, and particularly this offering, point at something for me. See Jeremy, I think you’ve known something all along albeit maybe not quite seeing it clearly. For instance, did you read about XYZ then experience XYZ later in life? grasping at the possibility that maybe you(in general) planted the seed in yourself somewhere deep down in there leaving it dormant till the right variables come together?
    Here, being all gawds ourselves and manifesting, the seed germinates and grows into XYZ. Then the consciousness that creates grabs that little sapling and runs with it! And what would be the power source? Imagination. Dreaming reality into existence.
    Case in point: i came on the show with this idea, kookie as it is, about spirits removed from folks and used as anchors to traverse time/reality to go do repair work. Recently and thank you, CL posted a comment on the “Insight” tab about a similar event of personal experience. I feel that my kookie idea was vindicated.
    Now, before I stop my prattle, one last thing.
    what IF its like a 3D printer. You have a design in a PC…an electronic pattern. Without electricity, the pattern doesnt exist. Its a “thought.” A 3D printer attached to the PC would be an intent with all the wires connected, the machines plugged in. Then you pass that pattern to the printer from the PC. Bizz Bizz Bizz It starts to create a REAL, thing you can touch, manifested item based on an electronic image. All the pieces and part have to be there. (new-age phrase-ism) The Universe as we know it, powers all this. Its the soup we swim in. Watch out for the carrot chunks!
    Ok, done. Thanks for the deceptively deep thoughts. WELL DONE!

  3. I sometimes rummage through
    I sometimes rummage through the offerings on You Tube, various videos on The Pleiadians, Reptilians, etc. There is a glut of videos available, as many of you know. A lot of it is garbage. I ran across this girl who is about age 24, who is heavily invested in new age material, some of which I believe may be fantasies. Anyhow, I am watching a video presented by her, which she mentions a TV show called the OA on Netflix, which I was considering watching only 5 minutes before I viewed her video. She said the show is dangerous, and that it opens one up to dark forces, which one can feel at nighttime. Not only that, but she also mentions episode 3, which is the very episode I was considering watching first. A very specific coincidence, and I am not sure about the reason. Should I pay attention to her now? The girl is evidently healthy, artistic and even offers phone consultations. In any case, this may be one way how people fall for fantasies, because there is a connection that occurs when one knows the paranormal is real, and that can initiate a belief pattern. This girl may in fact have certain things going for her, but other aspects may be quack. Discernment, as always, involves a bit of skepticism. Her ideas on the multiverse are similar to “The Secret”, and she believes one can maneuver oneself into a particular Universe using mental discipline and volition. Attached to this is the idea that one should shun certain things because they are negative and “bad”.

    Should I watch the OA?

  4. ok, im gonna say(type)
    ok, im gonna say(type) this… Mace! Dude!
    Im under the impression that YOU followed a path to a message. I “believe” it is really possible that the show selection was not coincidence. I think the real message wasnt about the girl’s gifts but your innate ability to get a message you need from a seemingly random resource. They can come from anywhere. If she entertains you, enjoy. Like my comments, take everything with a grain of salt. I hope that came across right. *salt lick not included.

    1. Not sure what the message is
      Not sure what the message is yet. You may be right. What’s up with episode 3? lol

      The girl is 24 and pretty. Talk about being fantasy prone! 🙂

  5. no one can tell you what to
    no one can tell you what to do… other than giving the insights they learned on their own path

    it is up to each to make choices and be who you are

    yet… we share with each other insights and burdens….
    gifts & struggles
    to find out how we can be one with each other….
    Oneness… light?

    but deep and deeply important

    great show, Jeremy. You being you. And the posts: Mace, HG, and Andy…. we are all learning

    Carol, i hope you are feeling better by now….

  6. Interesting that I was ‘this’
    Interesting that I was ‘this’ close to watching OA several months ago, as the premise sounded fascinating…but my inner voice suggested otherwise

    1. I originally came across the
      I originally came across the OA on Netflix about 4 months ago, thought about watching it, and procrastinated. Then, a few days ago, I looked at it again and almost turned it on, after browsing the episode list. I’ve found that coincidences can sometimes occur when one stores up energy regarding some subject, then revisits it. 4 months is enough time for energy to accumulate, I expect. Maybe it got stored as an unconscious memory, then came up for re-examination. I suppose this may happen with memories, that they get stored and later are purged or resolved when one dreams. Maybe I have an unfulfilled wish to watch this TV show, which was bothering me on an unconscious level, and this is how it manifested.

  7. I have always had a pretty
    I have always had a pretty active, creative imagination. When I was in 3rd grade, I remember drawing and coloring a picture of a street scene of Paris, France, and labeling it, ‘Paris, 1875.’ My teacher told my mother about the drawing, and also mentioned my other highly imaginative creations. I also remember them being totally puzzled by it all…:-) I did a lot of theater and acting too, in my teens and early 20’s.

    I feel that our imagination and creativity are important to our health and well-being, as well as a strong factor in how we experience life.

    “The true sign of intelligence is not knowledge, but imagination”. Those are the words of Albert Einstein. And when you can combine knowledge and imagination, wow!

    Harley, some of us are simply more aware of being active in other realms, reality, dimensions, what-have-you. One some level, everyone is doing it, but without the awareness. As I have gotten older, my awareness has increased, and I am so thankful that my imagination and creativity are still intact. Yes, things can get really, really strange, but the fear is minimal, because I am starting to really understand that I am creator and observer. (And, YES, wrapping my mind around that concept is also a challenge!).

    Good talk, Jeremy!

  8. Jeremy, Great show! I really
    Jeremy, Great show! I really dig these solo introspections by yourself and Whitley. I listen to about 60% and start checking the time because I don’t want the show to end (and have to go back to the real world). Maybe it’s some form of meditation?

    I think there are subliminal communications occurring as I listen to you (and struggle to convince myself it’s even possible). I think it is.

    While I was enjoying your dissertation, I started to fantasize about the 2D Flatland concept, (rather than insert an old-fashioned annotation here I’ll just say ‘Google it’ (haha)). But, if the latest postulates about multiverses, etc. are valid, how can we come to understand the effects that these ‘higher-dimensions’ have on our experience as 3D creatures. So I came up with the following…

    We can create a good representation of Flatland (2D) with a pencil and a sheet of paper. Draw two creatures, Mr. A and Mr. B by drawing a small circle for Mr. A and a small square for Mr. B.

    They can see each other because the are both in the same plane. How do they interact? Well, they can observe each other because they are on the same plane but they only see each other as individual line segments (due to the fact that they can only observe the dimension below themselves).

    Now Mr. A and Mr. B walk around each other and what do they observe? Mr. A observes that as he walks around Mr. B (who in 3D is a square) he seems to lengthen and shorten depending on the angle. While Mr. B reports that his observation of Mr. A that he never varies in length, because he is a circle, (Duh!).

    Oh. I forgot to mention, Messieurs A and B are both great mathematicians in Flatland and they eventually figure out the hyper-dimensional forms of each other, but they cannot observe their different shapes (they have to take it on faith?).

    Myself (Cyan) decides to play a joke on them (heehee, it’s fun playing god). I take my butane lighter and hold it close to Mr. A (but not touching my creation, the paper) and what does he experience? Something is happening, WTF??? Mr. A has an experience with heat that only he can describe. Of course, nobody believes him.

    Rather than go on with this analogy, I will devolve into fantasy, (yes, I am fantasy-prone), and a bit drunk now. Miss C. comes along (she is a rectangle, but doesn’t know it)and A and B and C go out on-the-town.

    Life is good, in 2D Flatland.

  9. Great show, one of the best!
    Great show, one of the best!

  10. G’day Jeremy.

    G’day Jeremy.
    yes, I started to experience something similar several years ago where I’d be half asleep on the couch, with something on the TV and then the shock of seeing a procession of faces with my eyes closed. Like people looking right at me. I have no idea what that is about. Damn, I don’t think I’m being remote viewed by good looking women as none of the faces are ever female.

    I just don’t understand what that is about. They seem to know you from the look in their eyes. Like when somebody stops at a shop and looks at you like they sort of recognize you.

    On my perception of collective conciousness. I had a job earlier in the year digging an eight storey hole in a couple of hundred tons of mining equipment. You are kind of asleep and thinking about something else by mid-afternoon. There was no/ or poor phone and internet coverage. I’d only go home hundreds of kilometres away when it rained or every so many weeks.

    Now I have no explanation for why whatever Whitley’s shows were about, I was thinking about the same stuff/ concepts undertaking that most exciting work. Before I had a chance to listen to them every few weeks given poor internet.

    I recall a couple of decades ago, at university, the professor I respected the most explained to the lecture theatre, that even scientists commonly understand that if you have a money making idea- you had better get on down the nearest patent office. As if one scientist thinks of something, you can be guaranteed others you have never met or had anything to do with, will think of exactly the same thing, exact same time.

    1. For me, the ‘presence’ (more
      For me, the ‘presence’ (more apt description for me than ‘faces’) has mostly been in my peripheral vision, although I sense them with my eyes closed too. This started in early childhood. If I had any paranoia about it at all, it disappeared a long time ago!:-)

  11. Great show, Jeremy.
    Great show, Jeremy.

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