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Private conversations, listener comments, and Jeremy Vaeni’s latest personal experience are the ingredients to this week’s super natural stew. The taste is out of this world!

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  1. Is it Omni-fresh? I’ll give
    Is it Omni-fresh? I’ll give it a listen.

  2. Me too.
    Me too.

  3. Jeremy, you really had me
    Jeremy, you really had me guffawing at your examination of my post. I think you picked up on my generally derisive tone, my “should I come or should I go” mock indecision. While I don’t consider the psychic girl, OA series or youtube to be something one should outright dismiss, I don’t consider them a wealth of illuminating wisdom either. It’s good to avoid superficiality and cul-de-sacs. I am willing to entertain ideas, series, people or videos for purposes of discussion, that’s what I was trying to accomplish with that post. My experience with the coincidence was real, which was the main reason I related the story. I saw the coincidence as a hook, something which a person might latch unto that would further convince them that everything a guru might say was true. I guess that’s how people get involved in cults, etc. I don’t believe in being judgmental, I suppose that I am saying that something, (who knows what) could be gained from watching the OA. In fact, I probably learned more from you, with your analysis of the hand movements, than I would subjecting myself to the entire series. It might be diverting to watch the OA, watch videos with the psychic girl (whose name I won’t disclose) or watch youtube videos on Reptilian Aliens from beyond our Galaxy. Depends on how one perceives it, I surely gleaned a decent coincidence from it. However, Unknown Country is certainly a more credible source of paranormal information, and that is why I spend most of my time here. Wasting time is not something I want to do frequently. I agree with your appraisals that “deep waters lead to deeper understandings”, and that comprehensive transformation will change a person in novel ways, and these cannot be gained by “academic” study.

  4. “I think you picked up on my
    “I think you picked up on my generally derisive tone….”

    Yes, I suspected as much, especially given your short follow-up post that, “The girl is 24 and pretty. Talk about being fantasy prone….” But juuuust in case I misread, I was going to come here and say, “Please don’t hate me, Mace. Please. Don’t. Hate.”

    Glad I called that one right!

  5. Yes, that was also a joke.
    Yes, that was also a joke. Your call was superb. Still haven’t watched the OA.

  6. With regard to Science, I
    With regard to Science, I think that E=MC2 must be wrong. “Space-time” is wrong. But there is a reason this is true: Entropy as a separation factor. Our Universe incurs separation, due to the force of entropy, on a regular basis. Galaxies are flying apart from each other, the Universe is expanding rapidly. This, along with the factor of separation of objects (having clear boundaries) keeps energy in scattered or subdivided packages. Fear of death is a psychological factor that may also involve entropy boundaries, since being eaten will tend to spread one out farther than usual, as one is devoured. Fear keeps one expecting attack, on the defensive, and interested in the needs of ego and individual. The discrete nature of the individual is thus strengthened by animal instincts.

    Can Science’s notions of space-time be the consequence of entropy as a separatist force? The opposite of separation is unification, and, like Jeremy pointed out, there are confluences in nature where energies come together to form unity. Why don’t we see this? Is it because we have a propensity to move away from unity, away from balance? Is the force of entropy pulling us away from unity, as we struggle to find it? Can we prove that E=MC2 is due to entropy alone? And that the equation applies to many Scientific concepts, like Math and Chemistry, but not to quantum entanglement, where unity occurs? Unity may be here now, but we are blind to it because of entropy, which is a force that divides us from unity. Space-time, if solely dependent on entropy, is a construct of entropy, not of the underlying unity. Just because Relativity works does not mean it is the final word on reality. Why is entropy here? Good point. Maybe to get us to realize our circumstance, to drive us into healing and understanding.

    Entropy may be distorting our consciousness, making us believe particular notions. It creates fragmentation.

    Regarding KrishnaMurti, I think while there is an innocence that accompanies getting truly involved with the paranormal, there may also be an unwillingness at first. I myself used to be a skeptic, an Atheist, and non-believer in anything besides Science at the age of 12. Experiences changed me, ones that I did not expect at all. Like the unwilling hero of Nirvana, Kurt Cobain, who did not want the fame of a rock star, I was thrust into the light. From the “picked him out of the crowd scenario” KrishnaMurti endured, it sounds like he went through something similar. Whitley also seems to have been taken unwillingly, in many situations. Again, it’s the things one does not expect that constitute the arrival of an external intelligence. A controlled question and answer session is not going to apply.

  7. **(spoiler: sense of humor
    **(spoiler: sense of humor coming out)
    Ok Jeremy! I am SO offended! I had a cursing tirade from all that nonsense and threw myself to the floor! FACEBOOK is the source of ALL wisdom!!
    My dear wife exuberantly asked, “Are you having a kundalini moment?!”
    I groaned, “NO! I hurt my back on this damn tile floor!!”
    ok, done.————————————————————
    I personally dont believe science is the “end all, be all” that my scientism coworker touts. I am still wrestling with the “just BE” mindset. Im getting the idea that we are all intricate spider webs stretched across the ether. Like you said Jeremy, thought. An energy transending space & time (what i got from Mace’s last post). I hate to put it this way…. a list of 3 of the most useless statements:
    It is what it is…. that being said …. Im just saying.
    I am reaching the point that “just BE” IS the answer to the question. I AM.
    it is what it is. (bleh it tastes bad even typing it). I WARNED YOU TO WATCH OUT FOR THE CARROT CHUNKS!
    I like your introspections.

  8. Babbling is good.
    Babbling is good.

  9. Yes, if one asks a question
    Yes, if one asks a question with an answer “in mind”, one isn’t asking the question… just reinforcing what one already believes, thinks, knows, and doesn’t know.

    How about “Why am i here?” along with “Who am I?” As you say, Jeremy, these are “thought questions”. I think they are perhaps, universally raised because they are doorways inward. Making sense of this life, seeking from within and beyond what we were taught to believe, may be one of the most important processes we give little credit. Doing these can be the beginning of learning how we think and why, and these questions can open our minds. They can challenge us to go further. Interestingly, aren’t they raised while we are growing up… at different stages differently posed and answered or abandoned. These provide a self-reference of meaning? I think they are part of the “inbuilt” stuff of being and becoming human.

    Desire to know being a cover-up of not wanting to know… uh, ok, maybe sometimes. It depends…

    One may dive into the depth of being, underneath all the layers, to that single point of choice. One can immediately abandon the process …only to return to it later (perhaps many years lather) because the choice is made consciously. I suspect that this doesn’t happen for/to everyone for numerous reasons… why they pursue such questions and what is it they are searching for being primary. These are not about being better, more, whole or judgements of oneself. But they can lead to real thinking about our thinking itself, and help us to form and inform ourselves.

    One must determine for oneself, at a real depth of being, what it is all about.
    This process may be ended because it gets uncomfortable… maybe i won’t like what i find? Maybe i’m not so good, after all? etc. Or it may lead bring things up we don’t want to know… like judgements we have been taught and internalized, which do not agree with our found insights from the process.

    There is a reason for the process… fear of the process or the possible results can slow it down. However, in the end, there is truth. That is beyond price.

  10. P.S. love your shows…
    P.S. love your shows… really brings out lots of “stuff”

  11. I’m glad that Jeremy
    I’m glad that Jeremy mentioned the Ariel School and the documentary being completed about the incident. I have been following this story for a very long time, and also keeping up with the documentary in production. I first corresponded with one of the producers, Anne Krzanowski back in 2015, when there was a total of only 3 people working on the project. While i am not into ‘angels’, I pointed out to her that Ariel is considered to be the Archangel of nature, because I felt might be some little clue for their project. She was not aware of that, and acknowledged that it was “and interesting parallel.” Another piece of information that I forwarded to her last year involved a report done by Jim Marrs several years ago that involved a remote viewer for the government that reported a so-called ‘alien base’ in a mountain in Zimbabwe. Interestingly, she noted that Mt. Nyanani in Zimbabwe is reported to be a place where people “disappear”, and she had never heard about the remote view previously, so it will be interesting to see if the production team followed up on this aspect information, or found any connections.

    If you have seen any of the interviews of the children describing what they saw and experienced on September 16, 1994 (the 23rd anniversary was yesterday), you have know doubt that something profound did happen to these children, and the adults at the at the school will attest to it (and so did Dr. John Mack). What really happened? While I know that the documentary will not be able to solve the enigma of that day, I feel that we will get some tantalizing clues, especially in the follow-up with the now-adult children that were part of the incident. I don’t know or care about Dan Ackroyd’s monetary contribution to the documentary, but I did contribute, even though I am far from rolling in dough at this time. I just felt it was worthwhile, and mainly to learn more about those children, what they saw that day, and how it has influenced them all these years later.

    For those who would like to know more about the documentary, go here:

    There are also easily accessible videos on YouTube about the incident, with a simple search.

    The key here is what Jeremy stated in his talk this week about “…being as simple as children.” Oddly enough, that’s a paraphrase of one of Jesus’ teachings from Matthew 18, verses 2-4. I’ll let ya’ll look it up!

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