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When you think of a Ouija Board, do you smirk? This week’s guest did. But not for long.

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  1. At first I rolled my eyes. I
    At first I rolled my eyes. I own a Ouija board myself and I get a tickle when people get a spike of fear when they see it in my house. I don’t have a fear of those on the other side. Why should I? I don’t fear my neighbor. Anyway it turned out to be an entertaining tale. Thanks guys as always.

  2. hey Jeremy, AJ,
    I did a

    hey Jeremy, AJ,
    I did a little Ouija some MANY years ago(mid 80s). it is my opinion(means it isnt necessarily true for anyone else) what ever came through, used the energy of the people touching the indicator. When that happens, “they” know you. I met some interesting folk, saw some interesting folk.
    A girl was using it at work (mid 90s) and was conversing with a little girl. I was on the 2nd floor and she called me to say the little girl was coming up to see me. I remember this. It was like the scene out of the Changeling with George c Scott. She eased up thru the floor creepy as could be. I remember talking to the board user on the phone to describe the little girls dress. That was kookie. My opinion was always that the board was more like a random phone call into the world to any pay phone. You can get all manner of folk coming in.
    One more… not to poo poo AJ’s experience(EVPs and all-voices in the energy current) but there have been times that my pc speakers would pick up a radio station signal. Then again, AM radio maybe. Voices in the white noise… it does happen, probably entities drawn to some energy. They might have been local.

  3. Cool show and great
    Cool show and great discussion. I’ve participated in ouija just enough that I believe it is more than just psychological trickery. I think it’s related to the phenomena at large. And you made some good points about intent. I agree that intent is powerful.

  4. The Ouija is really no
    The Ouija is really no different than any other ‘device’ used as a divination tool ( Tarot, crystal ball, etc.) The main problem with the Quija board is that for years it has been sold as a board ‘game’, rather than sold for what it really is. Besides being sold as a board game, it often ends up in the hands of children and adolescents, and that is where it can become dangerous.

    Harley, your take that the Quija is like a random phone call is spot on, and not unlike a box of chocolates, you may not know what you’re going to get if you go into it with the wrong intentions or an immature mind.

    I was given a Ouija board when I was about 13 years old. It did work, but when I used it for about the 3rd or 4th time, something came through that began calling us names and acting abusive. Since I was already pretty connected (without any tools) I realized right away this was a recipe for disaster, so I shut it down and never used it again. It stayed buried in my closet for many years before I finally got rid of it. I have had many people since then ask me about Ouija boards, and my advice is always to stay away from them. If I had my way, they would not be sold in toy or department stores either. As with the other ‘tools’ it’s best left for the experts who’ve done the work and study (and that includes an understanding and knowledge of one’s self), and that means it should not be used for fun and entertainment.

  5. The acculturation of the
    The acculturation of the Quija board as a toy and game arose due to both the widespread interest in ‘spiritism’ of the late eighteenth and early twentieth centuries in western culture and its almost simultaneous rejection as superstition by the dominating influence of materialism, due both to the latters’ growing account of practical results and the exploitation in the belief in ‘spiritism’ by profiteering charlatans.

    This results in a widespread belief it is a harmless form of ‘entertainment’. This unfortunately leads to its use almost exclusively by those without knowledge or discrimination who are taught by our culture that it need not be taken seriously. This set of circumstances serves as an attractor for those spirits who wish to exploit the ignorance of the user for their own gain. They will attempt to deceive the user and get them into a position to accept possession, for what they want is enjoyment of the earth-plane without having to go through the trouble of incarnating themselves.

  6. Stuff like this really freaks
    Stuff like this really freaks me out. I had sisters much older than me when I was growing up. One of them and her mates thought they would try contacting this person and that person with a Ouija board.

    I remember the not very nice thing that did happen, that she claims the board told her and her friends. She claims that the board predicted the death of one of the people in the room. They thought nothing of it, and within a few days, the girl in question died in a car accident. Chance? Can somebody invite their own death courtesy of being told it?

    I remember ever since they had their ‘sessions’, it was like that big house I grew up in was haunted or something. Maybe it was the kid that broke his neck, riding a bicycle, on the block, before the house was built? I recall seeing some of the wierd stuff that did happen. Like the day that I was one of the lounge rooms. All the windows and doors were shut, and the posters, blu-tacked to the brick walls, started flapping about violently like some big gust of wind was blowing through the room.

    I recall my sister saying that whatever it was- in the board, followed her to several other houses she rented, six hundred kilometres away. Wierd- huh?

  7. On the point about did that
    On the point about did that girl, somehow ‘allow’ her own death- I recall the interesting story my rather marxist, high school history teacher told, that I have never been able to verify.

    He claimed that at some point, during the Russian equivalent of MK Ultra, that experiments were done, where a subject would be placed behing the cutrain, at a theatre and the audience rattled-off some story about the criminality of the individual. I.e. child rapist and murderer….blah. Supposedly when the curtain was raised, the audience focused their hate on the subject, who spontaneously died of heart attack a second or so later.

  8. One of the oddest dream
    One of the oddest dream experience I’ve ever had is having a dream in which I not only remember that I’ve had this dream before, but that the dream was a recurring dream that would occur most every night of my life as a child, and that my waking self had completely blocked out or forgotten it. The feeling of familiarity was so uncanny. I woke up from that dream wondering if there was a some part of my life that I was thoroughly unaware of. The tricky part, though, is that I’m not certain if I was remembering a dream that I used to often have, or if I just had a dream about having a dream that used to recur. Because both are dreams, it’s almost impossible to distinguish one from the other.

  9. Yeah, well, I thought I’d
    Yeah, well, I thought I’d make an addititonal comment, given my old mum called earlier. Could I come and lay some new irrigation piping and drippers. she has planted some new pine trees. The ones that go straight up with no side branching, typical Roman driveway as per the film Gladiator.

    Unpromted- ” do you remember when your sisters’ were having seances, and all the posters on the walls were flapping around”.


    Yeah, I do mum.

    I recall now, it was thirty-one years ago. Yes, the local Catholic former senior parish priest, came to issue holy water on the old house.

    I never understood the fear of the adults at that time. Still don’t now.


  10. Thanks, Jeremy and AJ, for
    Thanks, Jeremy and AJ, for this interesting, evocative Experience. I agree with Harley Gaus and Cosmic Librarian that there are real risks in “messing around” with a Ouija Board. Not just a random phone call; more like leaving your front door not only unlocked but wide open. Not exactly an invitation, but anyone can come in. I remember using a Ouija Board with my grandmother when I was very young. She was into spiritualism. I have no clear memories about it though. I normally have detailed memories of Highly Strange experiences, so it concerns me that I don’t remember what transpired with the Ouija board. I have a feeling something did happen and that I blocked the memory. I would only have done that if I had been deeply traumatized. I don’t think we used the board much…maybe only once. I wouldn’t go near a Ouija board now. I don’t have a clue about who or what these spirits or entities are. I don’t leave my front door wide open, either.

    I can’t help feeling that AJ has Experienced much more than he was ready to talk about…that he has been deeply affected…that he’s still afraid. Fear is the only reasonable reaction to some things.,I agree with him that human will is an effective defense against energies or entities that feel threatening to us. But I would discourage throwing out the Divine Child with the Catholic bath water. Prayer is an effective defense too. Those of us who are endowed (or afflicted!) with insatiable curiosity – probably most of us here – might be well served to finds a spirituality that resonates with us. Not necessarily organized religion, or even theism…to me all religion is metaphor and myth…because the language of metaphor and myth has historically been the only tool human cultures have had to express, describe, or talk about the ineffable. I use the word spirituality to convey a sense of the ineffable and of connection to it, and to all sentient beings in the universe. For me that sense of connection is home, my safe place, my refuge when I wander far and scare the s**t out of myself. A life punctuated with Highly Strange Experiences is bound to evoke some fear. Sometimes that’s a healthy reaction. I trust my experience, but I do question everything, including my own perceptions. I don’t have Whitley’s courage. But I’ve learned to live with uncertainty and paradox. I won’t hide behind belief systems that make my BS alarms go off. I truly want to know and to Experience what I need to grow my soul. The Visitors seem not to understand why humans have such visceral fear, or to understand our concept of trust. If they’re a hive species with essentially a single mind, that would explain their lack of understanding. Maybe we can learn from them to realize our inter connectedness…and they from us about the possibility of individuation. As I said, this was a highly evocative Experience. I wish you well, AJ, on your journey.

  11. Fear begets fear. Intent, as
    Fear begets fear. Intent, as well as your makeup psychologically will determine what you attract. But I don’t sense it’s random at all when you understand that you will attract what you are. Knowing that, the board is a tool like any other. Most just don’t go forward with much forethought about how this works. So maybe a disclaimer is needed to guide people. That said, people communicate all the time with the “dead” in their thoughts often without ever realizing it….but when we say “dead” it’s a term that evinces fear. What a way to get started, right?

    Many years ago my sister complained of very real poltergeist activity in our old farm house. I was completely surprised that this was happening. Once we began the process of communicating with the presence, I encountered the phenomenon myself, which I will admit was spooky at first. But as we dug into it, we learned that a young man had died in 1917 or so from diphtheria. We continued to ask why all the activity. It was clear that the presence was bored and got it’s kicks making itself known. Having people who were psychic in the house helped to boost it’s signal, let’s say. And we too also had a demonstration of sounds, however faint, over the speakers of a stereo that was turned off at the time (there is a group who has developed an electronic method using radios and tvs tuned to certain frequencies with some very interesting results. Im sorry, but I cannot recall the particulars on this, but its out there for the curious-minded to find.

    We began to encourage our “ghost” to finish his journey and consider moving into the light. It was into the next day that we saw a sudden and dramatic change take place. I refer to it as a process of reintegration whereby a stuck aspect of a soul was reunited with its larger self. It isn’t that the soul is stuck there as a ghost, it’s that a part of it keeps going back, mostly due to an unresolved trauma. People who have been regressed to past lives have experienced being stuck in just such a way. There is no space for the soul unless it meshes itself in that reality by thought or by incarnating. I sat in on one such session recently quite by accident as a friend and therapist performed an after-dinner regression on a guest that night who described being in a room In a past life and not knowing why. She said she was there and didn’t know how long she had been there. My friend who is intuitive enough to suspect that this was someone stuck in a past life location after she had physically died, had her try to look off in another direction where she keep seeing a round dark spot with a light shining at the end. Unable to move toward it, my friend told her to imagine taking her hand as she helped to pull her through, which our guest did and everything changed. The result was that upon returning to normal awareness, she felt as if a heavy load had been lifted from her. She had successfully reintegrated that aspect into her higher or larger self….with dramatic results.

    My friend explained to me that she had discovered that ghosts aren’t a whole person, but the recursive attention a soul puts on a place where a trauma, like death, occurred, which they weren’t able to get past. She explained that her clients often were the ghost, revisiting a now-unknown location as a recurring dream, resulting in a “bank” of energy accumulating at the physical location. This then gets picked up as images, thoughts, and even sounds there by others (and often most by those who are sensitive…there is a reason for this).The reality is that the soul does not exist in time, but projects itself through time as a vehicle for experience. This can happen with or without a body.

    Finally, one of the most gifted channels was Jane Roberts who began her career writing using a Ouija board, at least in the beginning. It’s more your development, how you approach it, and how you position yourself emotionally to the whole affair. If you go in fear, someone will oblige you in a spooky way.

    1. Telestai,
      What you address


      What you address about your friend’s take that ‘ghosts aren’t a whole person’ is right on the mark.I believe that your friend is referring to is The Binary Soul Doctrine. (For an explanation of the Binary Soul Doctrine, I suggest ‘The Lost Secret of Death-Our Divided Souls and the Afterlife’ by Peter Novak.)

      When I used the Ouija board all those years ago, it was done with others. When the negative experience occurred, I realized that using the board as a game was just wrong. I do interact with those ‘elsewhere’, and I do not need tools other than my own consciousness, although some feel more secure if they have tools to focus on and through for their interactions. It took me a while to figure out that I don’t need Ouija boards, cards, or crystal balls to connect, but that’s just me. (And I see orbs with my most personal tools, my eyes!) Also, when you have more than one person involved, especially on a Ouija Board, you are subject to the whims and fears of others on the board, and with the young or immature minds, this is playing with fire.

  12. Very scary stuff. Had an
    Very scary stuff. Had an experience in my youth that led to me being suffocated in my sleep.

  13. I am actually familiar with
    I am actually familiar with Binary Soul Doctrine, but what you mention here was not that. Instead, this is just an accumulation of energy being focused into one area due to a trauma, and voila! — presence, apparition, etc.

    In my own home, which I recently sold, I identified that the energy there had been attracting a certain pattern, unknowingly, in all of its previous owners. Its an older home and I had people tell me how they had lived in the house over the years. But it was uncanny, really, how without knowing any of the details of the previous owners, that a similar pattern unfolded in my own experience there. The point being here is that when these patterns happen, be they in a house, on the land, or in a person, the process of removing them also makes it possible for the place or person to be completely free from that pattern in the future. This is what happens when prana in abundance (known also as awakening or kundalini) is present; it stirs the self and loosens old knotted or stuck patterns of repressed emotional energy. Over the last two years I began a gentle renovation project in order to ready it for sale. I did the work myself, and in truth, it was energetic as much as it was physical. With each layer of paint that I removed, I in a very mindful way, thought about releasing the pattern in the house and the pattern in me that attracted me there in the first place. You see, there was some kind of energy there that was stuck, not overtly as a ghost presence but I felt it as did my daughter.

    The great thing was that there were events that showed me energetically that the house was becoming unstuck. But it gets wild from there, because on the day that I was supposed to meet with my realtor to see about signing papers, she called and canceled our meeting and we set up another a few days later. I laid down to rest after working on the house that afternoon and as I did I began to see and feel a scene open up in my mind where I began seeing this woman talking excitedly about the house. I asked my inner guidance what this was about and it “said” that this was the woman from the family who was going to buy my house. At this point, this was “out there” (and I fully expected to have a realtor and a normal process) and I observed and filed it away for later. Then, the next day I received a call from a friend of the family who had heard that I was getting my house on the market and said there was a family who was having a hard time getting in to see houses (its a tight market now) and would I be interested in getting connected to them. The following day the woman in my remote view/vision came walking up the driveway just as she appeared to me only a few days before. A week later they signed a contract. Everything about this family was different from the known pattern I knew existed in the house, so I patted myself on the back for shifting the energy. I was able to sell the house directly to them, no intermediary, which meant they paid less and I got my price without bringing in a realtor’s commission. That is a good outcome, good energy, a great way to exit, and a great way for a new story to be written.

    However, a week before sale, as I was sleeping on the couch, I felt a presence rise up from the floor and seek to enter my body. I have never had such a thing happen to me before, and I have had a lot happen in my life. It was disconcerting at first, and as I began to feel the first edge of fear, my guidance stepped in and said “Do not resist this, let go, and observe….you must hear this out…” So I dutifully followed. What took place was one of the strangest experiences ever, but what I found afterward was that the energy was GONE. It was what I refer to as a “psychic dust bunny.” I could feel the presence of a woman, but it was more in thought, not a full person. I then also noted that there were a number of other emotions that were not a part of this woman, and they were all tied in together. I began feeling my mouth being used to try and speak, but it was not able to really speak. But I opened my mouth and a sound began to come out. Now this might put the fear into people, but by following my guidance I was able to not meet this with fear but compassion and understanding, something I had up until that time not done with entities like this. I let it speak. I let it be heard. A woman had been hurt very badly in that house and it had remained a secret. I let that secret out. Even though my daughter and I had never spoken about how we specifically felt this presence to be, she explained to me that she had always felt it was was tied to a woman, which I found interesting because I had not had an idea either way about it until this experience happened.

    The same friend who spoke about her experiences with “ghosts” was visiting here when we both visited a resort near my home where we both got the “heebee jeebees” and promptly let to go home where an entire scenario unfolded in which we saw someone from the 30’s or 1940’s being drowned in a lake. It was a group of people, all friends, and it involved infidelity, a dance there, cabin rentals, and a night outing on the lake where five went out and only four came back. A year later there was a newspaper article about bones that had been found on the lake floor from the 1940’s of a man who had gone missing. The death was ruled an accident, the story said, but there was a dance that night and the friends were renting cabins. What we did, though, was we helped to release the energy that had been stuck in that location. My friend said that I would likely see the resort begin new projects and seek to bring itself of the last era….which it dutifully did do.

    Our fear puts us in a place, even fear that is pushed deep down within us. This is why an examined life is so important. I am not suggesting that anyone having these experiences does not have an examined life, but I am saying that the self is a very very big container for a whole world of stored material that even the conscious self is not always able to be aware of. Even though I have made remarkable progress in awakening I also know there is still more to go, more to clean, more to let go. What I do not let go serves to bubble up and effect my life by attracting more of the same, be it positive or negative (although repressed emotion or trauma is always repressed because it is so painful to us to even look at). So? I remain open to what might be around the next bend. I was only able to do the kind of work that I did with my house because I had myself done it within myself through making renovation work into a mindful meditation seeking release. The presence went because there was nothing holding it anymore. It had been heard, just as the ghost of the man in the lake had been heard. Both were stuck there in some capacity, or a piece of their emotional energy was due to the sense of injustice and wrong done to them. Sometimes, we just need to be heard, and sometimes we ourselves who participate need to just hear it without bringing fear into the experience.

    And this of course begs the question, if there is one, about why would anyone want to do this? Normally, you wouldn’t. In fact, I do not recommend this kind of work unless you have shown years worth of work that has released repressed emotional blocks. Most of us are unaware of these blocks until a greater level of prana is moving in the body. Until then, there is not enough awareness with which to always see it. I look forward to the day when we don’t fear this stuff.

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