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Can a rational case be made that ufological high strangeness experiences add up to aliens? “Buddy” from Alien Protocols says yes. Further, he has set out to communicate with them and document his steps. In this episode, we walk with him. Where will we end up?

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  1. For a while now, I’ve
    For a while now, I’ve experienced problems in posting on this site, but I’ll give it a go one more time:

    Thanks for having Buddy on The Experience! He is the ‘real deal’, and I have had some interactions with him, as well as shared meetings in some of Grant Cameron’s ‘Rabbit Hole’ gatherings. Buddy is intelligent, open-minded, creative, and always gracious. He has also moderated ‘Rabbit Hole’ meetings, and is very mindful of others, and is also fair. I do recommend viewing his videos on YouTube to get a bigger picture of his ‘Alien Protocols’ as well. (And I am glad that he dispensed with the disguise! While I realize that it was his way of protecting his home and family, I confess that it helped me to take him on a more serious level once he dropped the mask.)

    Buddy’s journey and the way he uses science and his own personal research into a wide-variety of interests are much like my own. He would be a great guest as part of a roundtable discussion, Jeremy. Make it so! ( If you invite me, so much the better! 🙂

  2. So glad you took my advice
    So glad you took my advice and interviewed Buddy, great show!

  3. Thank you Cosmic Librarian
    Thank you Cosmic Librarian for recommending this science-minded
    researcher! I have to admit that I am excited to be living in these times.
    We are evolving, even if we dont feel it that much.

    I was born in Cuba and I am also heartened that Spanish speaking countries are contributing through social media. They have such richness to offer!!

    Although Cubans are usually perceived as either practicing Catholicism or Santeria, there has always been a long tradition of the spiritual and paranormal. My grandfather was a Rosicrucian. As a kid I attended a seance (50 years ago) where the medium described an alien. I remember thinking,” Boy these people are sure fakes.. an alien indeed!” Ha, life had something to teach me…

    So, yes, we need all the help we can get from every country to start figuring out this wonderful puzzle. This is what we are here for. It is what will make us strong. If they just land on the lawn, then what do we learn from that?

    As I write this, i just remembered watching an experiencer from Brazil, Nanci Trivellato in youtube.

    The Brazilian scientist admits to the world she has had OBE experiences. Scientists that would never know or read “Journey’s Out of the Body” or “Communion,” are watching . How wonderful is that!
    Social media is bringing it more into the mainstream.

    Nanci Trivellato:

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